Does Noah Schnapp Looks Like Daniel Radcliffe?

January 22, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp has often been compared with some mainstream actors in terms of his looks. In fact, he almost looks like Finn Wolfhard’s Twin brother in the Season 1 of Stranger Things. But there are also many who think Noah Schnapp looks like Daniel Radcliffe.

    Well, a lot of us might have different views about their resemblance, but at some point during our research, we too pretty much felt like the audience could be right. In fact, if Daniel’s childhood photo is to be compared with Noah’s, they look quite similar.

    Here, we are going to discuss on the matter. Don’t hesitate to share your views.

    Does Noah Schnapp Looks Like Daniel Radcliffe?

    Eversince Stranger Things came out there are a group of people who believe that he looks like Radcliffe in Harry Potter. And that we feel is true to some extent. Going through their photos, we definately came to agreement that Noah and Daniel look like each other.

    Noah Schnapp And Daniel Radcliffe Look Alike In This Photo
    Noah Schnapp (Left) And Daniel Radcliffe (Right)

    Moreover, we came across a photo of Daniel from around 2005 and shockingly he looked very close to Noah apart from the blue eyes and brown hair he is uniquely known for.

    A Few Reddit Member Also Think Noah And Daniel Look Alike

    Further, as we were into our research, we came across a reddit discussion where people were talking about their recemblance. In the reddit question where a user stated Noah will look like the Harry Potter star in 20 years, people came with their opinion. One of the user wrote,

    Wow just watched stranger things season 4 and thought the whole time every time Noah schnapp showed up on tv that how much he looks like Daniel Radcliffe and could very well be harry potter…and then googled to see if other people thought so too, and here we are, two years ago, you had already thought so haha… But many people still haven’t caught or spoken about the resemblance. It needs to become mainstream the resemblance is that close!

    Likewise, another user also shared a similar opinion. He wrote,

    I just noticed it today!! My boyfriend and I are both potterheads and he could’ve sworn it was Daniel Radcliffe so he asked me to look up the cast of season 4 and it was Schnapp……uncanny.

    Here is the screenshot of the reddit discussion.

    Screenshot of a Reddit Discussion
    Screenshot Of A Reddit Discussion

    Having said that, there are still many who are entirely against the rescemblance and that completely okay. Type down your views and share on social platforms so that we can get to what other think about this.