David Spade’s Parents: Judith M. Spade and Wayne M. Spade

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    David Spade, best known for his appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” has talked of his parents’ separation several times. His mom and dad went their separate ways when he was only four. But the trauma of his father leaving the house with no means of possible contact caught up to the actor quite late.

    Despite everything, David found peace in the light of his single mother’s care. After welcoming his own daughter, the actor is also striving to become a present father, unlike his dad.

    Key Takeaways

    • David Spade was born to Judith and Wayne M. Spade.
    • David’s parents divorced when he was only four years of age.
    • Judith was a guest on David’s late-night show, “Lights Out with David Spade.”
    • David has cut off his father, Wayne, from his life.

    David Spade’s Parents: Judith M. Spade and Wayne M. Spade

    David Spade was born to Judith and Wayne M. “Sam” Spade on July 22, 1964. His mother Judith is a writer and magazine editor, whereas his dad Wayne is a sales representative.

    His parents divorced when he was only four years old after the family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. After that, his mother raised him and his brothers, Bryan and Andy, by herself.

    David's family members including his mom and kids.
    David Spade as a little kid with his mother and brothers.

    Who is David’s Mother Judith M. Spade?

    Judith, better known as Judy, was born on December 17, 1937. She is a writer and magazine editor, currently living in Arizona. She also often appears in public with her son David at shows or even in interviews.

    In December 2019, Judith joined David on his late-night talk show, “Lights Out with David Spade,” for a short interview.

    The mother and son had a brief conversation about the show and the episode of that night, with David cracking his awkward jokes and Judy laughing along.

    Judith Spade Has Lupus

    As mentioned several times in interviews by David, his mother, Judith, has Lupus. However, Judy doesn’t let that affect her jolliness. In fact, she has a positive attitude to even make fun of the situation.

    When David came to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2018, he recalled his mom’s awkward introduction to Selena Gomez. The interaction happened at the premiere of “Hotel Transylvania 3” when David brought his mom, daughter, and his brother’s daughter to the venue. The family members wanted to see Selena Gomez since she voiced the character, “Mavis” in the Hotel Transylvania Series.

    David Spade at the premiere of “Hotel Transylvania 3” with his mother, Judith, and daughter Harper in June 2018.

    When they finally found Selena and David introduced his mom to the pop star, Judy literally shouted “Lupus!” to greet Selena since they both have Lupus.

    David’s Estranged Relationship With His Father Wayne

    Unlike his close relationship with his mom, David doesn’t maintain the status quo with his father, Wayne Spade. In his 2018 audiobook, “A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World,” David revealed his estranged relationship with his dad after welcoming his daughter, Harper, in 2008.

    The story of why David has cut off his father dates back to when he was only four. He calls his father someone who never did well when it came to his family.

    David and his father, Wayne don’t have a healthy relationship.

    When his parents divorced, David’s daddy simply disappeared from their lives. Apparently, Spade and his brothers only saw their father two or three times a year.

    “We’d be sitting at the doors with our bags because he would call us and say he wanted to see us,” David recalled, “What I didn’t realize back then was that it was a control thing. We never had his phone number. He would call us when he felt like it.”

    David Cut Off His Father After His Daughter Was Born

    Despite how distant Wayne was to the family, David said that he maintained a steady bond with him, even moving in together in Arizona. However, it didn’t last long after David welcomed his daughter in 2008.

    The actor reflected on his dad’s neglect of him and his brothers and realized that he could never abandon his daughter like that. David welcomed Harper as an unplanned baby, with his then-girlfriend Jillian Grace.

    David Spade and daughter Harper, in May 2022.

    So, when he thought of how his father literally left him and his siblings in the dark and only called when it was convenient for him, David cut Wayne off from his life.

    He further explained that the realization came to him like “a new tidal wave of resentment” as he thought of his father’s “irresponsible behavior and manipulative mean streak.”

    It’s no surprise that David is doing everything to become a father that he never had. He even played one of the lead roles in the 2018 film, “Father of the Year.”

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    His Dad Wayne Has Stayed Hidden From The Spotlight

    Born on August 13, 1934, Wayne Spade has stayed away from the spotlight in recent days – so much so, that the media has not even gotten a glimpse of him after David stopped talking to him.

    Last reported, Wayne was residing in Scottsdale, Arizona.