Conan Gray’s Parents, Ethnicity, Family Background, Nationality

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    Conan Gray has been involved in the music scene since 2013. His increasing popularity and the challenges the artist faced during his early years have drawn attention to his family background and his parents’ traumatic relationship. He is notably candid about his upbringing and there is considerable curiosity surrounding the details of his ethnic heritage.

    Well, if you’re eager to learn more about his personal life, especially his tragic childhood mostly affected by his father and mother’s marriage and divorce.

    Key Takeaways

    • Conan Gray’s father is Irish and his mother is Japanese.
    • His parents divorced when the singer was just three years old, which resulted in him having to move several times during his childhood.
    • Gray grew up with his older sister, Alyssa Gray and they used to make YouTube videos together.
    • Both his mom and maternal grandfather have suffered from cancer.
    • Conan has a mixed ethnicity with Irish and Japanese heritage.

    Who Are Conan Gray’s Parents?

    Conan Gray was born to an Irish father who had a pool business and a Japanese mother. However, the name of his mom and dad are still unavailable on the media radar.

    Conan's parents divorced when he was 3 years old.
    The Gray family.

    In fact, shortly after becoming pregnant with Conan, doctors diagnosed his mom with cancer, but thankfully, she made a full recovery.

    Conan Gray’s Parents Divorced Early

    Despite the initial relief, the family encountered another obstacle as Gray’s father and mother separated when he was only 3 years old. This event deeply affected him, causing emotional turmoil throughout his formative years.

    Conan Had To Move Multiple Times During His Childhood

    As a result of the divorce, Gray’s parents opted for a 50-50 custody arrangement, leading Conan to frequently move between their respective residences. Due to his father’s involvement in the military, the family relocated numerous times, a staggering total of 12 times during his childhood. More so, during sixth grade, he had to move three times in the span of just one year.

    His Father Remarried Two Times

    After his parents’ divorce, Gray’s father eventually found love with a woman from Korea and the two got married in Las Vegas. Initially, this new development posed a challenge for Conan and his sister as they struggled to accept this significant change in their family dynamic.

    Conan had to move many times during his childhood.
    Conan and his sister, Alyssa.

    Over time, however, they grew fond of their stepmother and embraced her as a part of their lives. And they got to have a stepbrother from his stepmom’s previous marriage and a half-brother.

    However, his father divorced again and remarried and had another child.

    His Mother Married For A Second Time

    Just like his father, Conan’s mother also eventually found a guy she liked. The man already had two children from a previous relationship. Further, as their relationship progressed, Conan and his sister played a significant role in influencing their decision to get married. It was the connection and acceptance they had with their mother’s new partner that ultimately led to their marriage.

    Conan’s Father Was Abusive

    Gray’s song ‘Family Line,’ released in 2022 detailed his difficult childhood and his parents’ nasty relationship. He revealed in his song that his dad was physically abusive, whereas his mother was the one who never retaliated.

    “My father never talked a lot He just took a walk around the block ‘Til all his anger took a hold of him And then he’d hit My mother never cried a lot She took the punches, but she never fought ‘Til she said, “I’m leaving and I’ll take the kids”

    Conan Gray’s Maternal Family Were From Hiroshima

    There isn’t much information about Gray’s family background but we know that his grandfather suffered from cancer. His family temporarily relocated to Hiroshima, Japan when he was one and a half years old because his grandfather needed medical care. And after living there for two years, they moved back to California, USA after his grandfather passed away.

    Conan's sister is three to four years older than him.
    Conan and his sister look alike.

    Moreover, during his childhood, Conan shared a special bond with his older sister, Alyssa Gray. While she may not be in the spotlight like her brother, they did collaborate on a fun YouTube video together titled “Things Only Siblings Do,” which was uploaded on October 25, 2014.

    Conan Was Kicked Out Of His Home

    In March 2017, Gray was kicked out of his home, which led him to move in with his high school friends. He didn’t reveal the actual reason for why he was kicked out but in an interview with UpRoxx, he said he found comfort in his friends. He said:

    “I’m not the kind of person who has a ton of friends, I just have a few that I really, really love and I very much value as a family to me. My friends are everything. They’re my entire life. I will go to the ends of the earth to see them for one day.”

    What Is Conan Gray’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

    Conan’s ethnic background reflects a mix of Japanese and Irish heritage. Unfortunately, due to his unique heritage, he faced frequent bullying during his schooling years. Plus, the fact that he was one of only five Asian students at his predominantly white school likely made him stand out even more and subjected him to increased scrutiny and discrimination.

    Gray is American.
    Conan has a mixed ethnic background.

    Moreover, his nationality is American as he was born in Lemon Grove, California, USA. His diverse background has definitely influenced his music, allowing him to share his personal journey and connect with others who have faced similar struggles.


    Is Conan Gray Korean?

    No, Conan is not Korean but is half-Japanese due to his father’s heritage.

    Is He dating Olivia Rodrigo?

    He is not dating Olivia Rodrigo; they are best friends.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Conan Lee Gray
    Popular Name Conan Gray
    Birth Place Lemon Grove, California, USA
    Birthday December 5, 1998
    Age 25 years
    Zodiac Sagittarius
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Japanese and Irish
    Siblings Alyssa Gray
    College University of California, Los Angeles
    Profession Singer, songwriter
    Net Worth $4 million
    Height 5'9"
    Weight 60-65
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Brown
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single