Chad Ehlers Daughter & Children: All the Facts here!

February 22, 2023   | February 22, 2023  | 

    From the beginning, Chad Ehlers has been vocal about his children. His younger daughter Mia suffered from cancer and his older one’s mom reportedly died. While there are a lot of speculations in regard to the identity of his first daughter’s mom, Chad has remained silent on the matter.

    Moreover, eagle-eyed social media users have found that Chad has another child, so is it really true? If yes, then who is his other partner? How many kids does he have in total?

    Here in this article, we are going to discuss all Chad Ehlers’ daughters and children, so stick right until the end.

    Meet Chad Ehlers’s Daughter: Who is the mother of his older child Kyra?

    He has two daughters, as far as we know, Kyra Ehlers and Mia Ehlers. While Kyra is his eldest daughter, Mia is Chad’s youngest one.

    Speaking of Kyra, she is the daughter between Chad and his former partner. From the beginning, the social media influencer has been claiming that he shared Kyra with his late first wife, Lilly Ehlers. Further, his heartfelt journey as a single father to his baby girl Kyra inspired many of us. As time went by his fame also increase and he became this holy epitome of how a single father should be.

    Chad with his daughter Kyra
    Chad with his daughter, Kyra.

    However, sometime later, a news shock came that shocked many of his ardent supporters. Kyra’s mother, who we all thought was dead, came into the media and revealed how Chad have lied about her.

    As shocking as it is to hear from a “supposed” dead person, it told a lot about Chad’s lie and deceit. Eventually, we found out that Kyra’s mother is not Lilly, but instead a woman named, Jennifer Smith. Since then Jennifer has set up a TikTok account where she has vividly talked about her relationship with Chad and her daughter.

    Chad didn’t allow Kyra’s mom to visit her

    It might sound surprising to hear considering how Chad champions father rights, but he himself didn’t allow Kyra’s biological mother to visit her own daughter.

    In one of the TikTok videos made by Jennifer, under the username @jennababyluv, she mentioned how Chad always kept her away from Kyra.

    Well, this is certainly shocking to hear, isn’t it !?

    Meanwhile, Chad has not said anything ever since Jennifer came out in the open with the speculation.

    Chad’s Daughter Kyra is pregnant with a baby girl

    Kyra is pregnant with her first child. Her mom Jennifer announced this news through her TikTok account on 10th October 2022. Then on January 2023, she divulged that it was a girl, which means Kyra will most definitely give birth in March 2023.

    His Daughter Mia Suffers from Cancer

    Chad became incredibly famous after he started journaling his daughter Mia’s journey toward fighting cancer. The poor kid wasn’t even 2 years old when she was diagnosed with life-threatening Leukemia in July 2020.

    Chad with his daughter Mia
    Chad’s Mia suffered from cancer.

    Soon, Chad started a TikTok account where his phrase, ‘I can’t stop cancer,’ went viral. Soon millions of people started pouring into his video, wishing Mia recovery. At the time Chad said,

    “I’ve counted one time 27 different languages in the comment section and I’m translating them with translator app and they’re all praying. And they’re all saying how wonderful and awesome and amazing she is and she’s a super hero.”

    Around the same time, he also started The Chad Change, a movement where all the social media influencers come forward to promote positivity in the community.

    As of now, Mia is in remission. We just hope she recovers fast.

    Who is Mia’s mother?

    Her mom is Ruslana O’Brien. She was married to Mia’s daddy for a couple of years before eventually divorcing.

    Ruslana is the daughter of Taisa Matveeva and her husband. She has one sister Victoria Benach. Besides, she lives in Tennessee and belongs to the Ukrainian ethnicity.

    Ruslana is the mother of Mia and Christian.

    Although there is not a lot of information related to Mia’s parent’s relationship, we do know why they divorce in the first place. Apparently, they separated due to broken vows on Chad’s part. We found out about this from Ruslana’s excerpt on TheKnot. Currently, Ruslana is married to Patrick O’Brian since September 2021.

    How many kids does Chad Ehlers have?

    Well, Mia isn’t the only kid Chad has with his ex-wife Ruslana. . This might shock you a bit but the former flames also have a son named Christian. Yes, that’s right, they have a son.

    On TheKnot website, it was mentioned that Ruslana and Chad became a parent of two kids from their relationship, Mia and Christian.

    Chad has never mentioned anything about his son, let alone share any photos with him. As for why an open guy like Chad hid his son’s identity from the public, well, social media users claim it is because he can’t make any money off his son.

    But wait there is more. You might not believe this but apart from Mia, Kyra, and Christian, he has three more kids. We found out about his other kids through a video posted by TikTok user @xoxospillingit2, wherein there were documents that mentioned he has six kids.



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    This is certainly shocking to know. 

    How many times has he been married?

    As we mentioned above, we clearly know about his two marriages, but wait, there’s something we need to tell you about his first wife Lilly. The beautiful Lilly passed away in 2014 due to suicide. However, one her obituary, there is no mention of her being married to someone named Chad Ehlers. This goes on to say they were not married in the first place.

    So his only confirmed marriage was to Ruslana. That being said, a lot of users on social media have mentioned that he has one wife but four wives.

    Whatever the case may be, these are all speculations so we cannot say with an iron fist that it is true.