Did Bobby Brantley Survive Tumor Surgery? How’s His Life At Present?

September 25, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Bobby Brantley lived a lowkey life after surviving his tumor surgery and leaving the show “Lizard Lick Towing”. However, people have not forgotten him and wonder how he lives his life now. Before starting Lizard Lick Towing, Bobby drove a truck that transported heavy machinery and bricks. Nash, a newborn boy born in 2016, is now Bobby’s youngest child, and he stays at home with him.

    Ever ponder what ultimately became of Bobby from Lizard Lick Towing? If you’re a fan of the well-liked reality TV program, you might be interested in seeing what happens to this cherished character.

    Bobby Brantley Is Thriving After A Tumor Surgery

    Bobby’s fan following was wondering if he survived the surgery. The question was asked since it was a surgery on the brain, a little mistake and a whole lot could go wrong. But, Bobby lived through it all and the doctors did a fantastic job.

    In early 2019, Brantley who you may know from Lizard Lick Towing suffered from pituitary adenoma. Four months later he had to remove a tumor from his brain and was told it would be a very long recovery.

    Bobby Brantley in Blue West Virginia with his Family; wife and kid
    Bobby Brantley Celebrating Father’s Day on July 19 with his Family in Blue West Virginia.

    But it seems like he has made some very good recovery and is back on his work. Brantley may look very different but that just means his recovery and his surgery is treating him very well.

    Bobby Brantley Lives His Normal Day-To-Day Life Now

    After the surgery, The family farm was where he sought comfort. He and a few family members bought cows and donkeys to graze the pastures on the few acres owned by his family. Bobby frequently stops over to feed the animals because he finds it therapeutic.

    Bobby also has been busy with his work and gives his family time.

    He Is A Family Man

    Bobby was born on September 26, 1969, & is also the youngest of 4 children. He grew up working on a tobacco farm and knows very well what hardship is. Even if he does share pictures of his family, he has not shared anything personal about his family’s life.

    Bobby Brantley with his family on Christmas
    Bobby Brantley enjoying his free time with his family in the Bahamas on Christmas.

    Bobby however has had 2 wives and has 5 beautiful girls and a son who was born in 2016. He married his wife Melaney Brantley around 2014. Among his 5 daughters, 2 of them are twins. Bobby likes sharing his daughter’s major accomplishments on his Facebook.

    His daughter Addison is a mother of two from her marriage with Hunter Leanna. Bobby is the grandfather of their two sons Henry and Fischer.

    Bobby Brantley’s Exit From Lizard Lick Towing Shocked his fans

    Brantley, a well-known character on the hit reality series “Lizard Lick Towing,” took fans by surprise when he chose to leave the repossession business after three seasons. His departure shocked many viewers who had become accustomed to his presence on the show, and they inquired about the reasons behind it.

    He had been a vital member of the Lizard Lick Towing crew for many years. In fact, he was well-known for his knowledge of car repossessions and his vivacious demeanor. As he enthralled spectators with his clever quips and reckless attitude to each repossession, he swiftly rose to the top of the fan favorites list.

    The Reason Behind His Exit Was Purely Personal

    However, it is well known that he made his choice mostly due to personal factors. When unforeseen events occur in life, people may feel compelled to put their personal obligations ahead of their work obligations. This meant saying goodbye to the reality television program that had made Bobby a household star in his instance.

    Bobby smiling at the camera
    Bobby Brantley wanted to have a venture of his own.

    There are rumors that Bobby wants to look into other options outside of reality television in addition to personal ones. He may have felt the need to broaden his horizons and try his hand at other endeavors after working for “Lizard Lick Towing” for years.

    Well, following his exit from the show, he even made a post on Facebook explaining his decision to quit the show. He wrote,

    Why did I leave Lizard Lick Towing? You’ve heard the answer from everyone except me! So now it is time you heard the truth! And its also time I set the record straight about me, my family, Cassie, and the path I have chosen! Ive always told you I was as real as it gets. Now you are about to see just how REAL I am! Click the image below to see my TELL ALL video and find out the REAL story, straight from the horses mouth. So get ready and hold on tight!

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