Billy McFarland’s Wife & Marriage Plans: Is He Still Dating Anastasia Eremenko?

October 4, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    You might be thinking who’d love a fraud like Billy McFarland, right? Let us burst your bubble and tell you that the Fyre Fest con man is admired by his supermodel girlfriend. Apparently, it was a “love at first sight” moment for Anastasia Eremenko when she first met Billy.

    But the question stands – is the couple still going strong in 2023? In other words, is Eremenko still with the felon despite him being in jail for over 4 years? Also, do the pair have plans to marry soon?

    Dig into the following article to know more.

    Key Takeaways

    • Billy McFarland met Anastasia Eremenko before he went to prison in 2017. Both of them felt an instant connection and began dating.
    • His girlfriend did not know about the crime he had committed initially.
    • Despite knowing who he actually was, Eremenko stood by his side. The pair sent each other letters when he was in prison – their relationship thus, fostered forward.
    • His girlfriend is a Russian who came to the USA when she was 17. She is a supermodel.
    • In 2023, they are still presumed to be quietly dating each other.
    • They do not have any plans for a wedding in the near future.

    Billy McFarland Met His Partner, Anastasia Eremenko Before He Went To Prison

    In the 2019 documentary, Fyre Fraud, Eremenko revealed the truth behind the rumors of her dating Billy McFarland. She cleared all the confusion by revealing that the two of them were, in fact, together. Moreover, they met right before things went down for the infamous entrepreneur in 2017.

    Anastasia Eremenko met her boyfriend prior to his jail sentence
    Billy and Anastasia having a good time

    Talking about the first time she met him, she said,

    “When Billy and I met, it was destiny. It was love. I don’t know how to explain it. I never had this kind of connection, but he drew my connection just with my energy.”

    Initially, she had no clue about who her boyfriend actually was. As in, she wasn’t aware that he was linked with the chaos of Fyre Fest. It was only after she “Googled him” that she got to know his true essence.

    Furthermore, when she asked him about the whole thing, McFarland was very patient and made her understand the whole situation. Hence, looking at it from his point of view actually helped her to stick with him.

    Anastasia Stood By Billy’s Side Through The Time He Spent In Jail

    Since their relationship only began after Billy was convicted, it was hard; especially for Anastasia. A video of her crying uncontrollably when he went to prison was also viral back in the day. It showed how much in love she was.

    Regardless, she did not give up and vowed to stand by him through the rough times. Additionally, the couple exchanged letters throughout the time he was in prison. Eremenko even shared some of the notes in the documentary.

    From learning about his complaints regarding showering in the sink to obsessing over his doodle of “Billy loves Anastasia” – she fought through the time he was serving his sentence.

    Unlike Her Boyfriend, Eremenko Is Well Read And A Successful Model

    Eremenko is a Russian native born in Rostov-on-Don in 1990. When she was 17, her family moved to the United States and settled down in Delaware. She is a well-educated girl, holding an MBA degree from Goldey-Beacom College.

    McFarland's girlfriend is a Russian who came to USA when she was 17
    The gorgeous model, Eremenko

    Soon after her college graduation, Billy’s girlfriend dived right into modeling. In 2012, she was signed with Silent Models. To this very day, she continues to work with them.

    Moreover, she is recognized worldwide for her appearance on the cover of Elle Bulgaria. Additionally, she has also worked with top-notch brands like Guess and Balmain. Needless to say, she is set to become one of the greatest supermodels in all of America.

    The Odd Couple Is Still Presumed To Be Together

    Despite McFarland spending half the time in prison in his relationship with the model, the pair is still together. Through back-and-forth letter exchanges, Eremenko and Billy stuck through the tough times. They are currently enjoying their 7th year of being together.

    Furthermore, as he was released in March 2022, the duo has been laying low. They have not posted about each other for a long time too. Perhaps, they want to keep their personal business to themselves.

    Rest assured, they’re still dating quietly. The lovers even secretly slipped on a romantic getaway to the Hamptons as soon as Billy got out on bail.

    Is He Scamming His Girlfriend Too?

    Meanwhile, there are a few people concerned about Anastasia. And, why wouldn’t they be? After all, she is head over heels in love with a con artist like Billy McFarland. But, she has accepted him for who he is. Thus, there’s no going back now! She’s with him for the highs as well as the lows.

    Will The Con Artist, Billy Marry Eremenko?

    As far as the media portals reported, Billy and Anastasia do not have plans to marry just yet. They haven’t even spent enough time with each other (in person) because of the whole Fyre Festival debacle. We can guess that, upon his release, they are trying to fix that.

    Billy McFarland and Anastasia Eremenko do not have plans to marry
    The lovely, yet somehow, odd couple, Billy and Anastasia

    Taking this into consideration, it might take a few more years for them to tie the knot. On the other hand, worst-case scenario, they might even break up before they reach that decision.

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