Aunjanue Ellis’ Husband: Isn’t She Getting Married? Her Boyfriend

July 24, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Aunjanue Ellis impressed a large audience with her performance in the biopic King Richards. Despite having great chemistry with her on-screen husband in the movie, Ellis mentioned the actress does not see herself as the marrying type. So, is Ellis currently married to anyone or involved with someone romantically?

    Let’s go through the article to know about her marital status and all her relationships.

    Key Takeaway:

    • As of the latest information available, Anujaue is currently single and doesn’t have a husband.
    • She was in a long-term relationship with a man the actress met in church.
    • Ellis reveals herself to be bisexual in 2022.
    • The pregnancy rumors surrounding Ellis are entirely false, lacking any evidence or confirmation.

    Aunjanue Ellis’ Husband; Is She Married?

    Ellis who is currently at the age of 54 still doesn’t have a husband. Even though The Birth of a Nation star had been in a long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the ex-couple neither got engaged nor married.

    Aunjanue Quotes Her Intention of Not Getting Married

    Aunjanue in an interview with Essence revealed that she has no intention of tying knots with anyone. She further added that even though she is a romantic person, she does not see herself as the marrying type.

    She quoted,

    “I’m not married nor do I want to be. I am the loving kind but not the marrying kind, though I am romantic”

    Aunjanue Ellis Had a Boyfriend in The Past

    Aunjanue has been really secretive about her past relationships. The only time Ellis mentioned her past boyfriend was during an exclusive sit-down with Variety. The actress also mentioned that she had dated a man she met in church for eleven years in her 30s.

    Aunjanue Ellis was in a relationship for 11 years with a mysterious boyfriend.
    The identity of the man Ellis dated remains secret.

    Unfortunately, the couple parted ways after being together for a long time. The date and reason behind their separation is yet to be revealed. Although she did not disclose any further information related to her past partner, her statement confirmed that she has dated at least once in the past.

    Even after an 11-year-long relationship, why is the actress reluctant about getting married? Is it related to her sexual orientation? or is it her personal preference?

    Aunjanue Ellis Comes Cut as Queer in 2022

    At the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards on March 24, Ellis, proudly displayed her honors as she walked the golden-hued carpet. Her outfit choice included a red Dolce & Gabbana suit jacket with the word “Queer” spelled out in rhinestones adorning the left arm.

    Aunjanue at 15th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards
    Ellis comes out as queer in 2022

    However, not a single person from the press or the ballroom asked Elise about the word embedded in her jacket. She thought the reason, it went unnoticed could be because the press might have mistaken it for the word “Queen”. She also mentioned that only one person from her family noticed the embellishment.

    The actress further added that she had been open about her sexuality with her friends and family from her hometown. She also mentioned her family claiming to be “hurt” by her decision to open up to the world about her sexuality. This shows that her family was not happy with her choice.

    Nevertheless, it marked a significant moment for the actress to openly discuss her sexuality with a large audience, even though she had never truly concealed it.

    Ellis’ Journey of Accepting Her Sexuality

    Ellis who currently stars in Justified: City Primeval starring Marin Ireland faced significant challenges on her path to fully accepting her true identity. The actress was 8 years old when she realized she was queer. Aunjanue recalled not understanding certain things about herself, with no one to explain or guide her. Also, Ellis added that she used to train herself to be attracted to boys when she became a teenager, to be accepted by society.

    Even though she was well aware of her own sexuality, Ellis experienced isolation without role models during her early phases of life. Growing up in a God-fearing family as a bisexual was not an easy journey for her and was one of the major reasons she struggled with her identity.

    It took a long time for Aunjanue to accept herself
    Ellis identifies as a bisexual woman

    Moreover, the actress accepted her true sexual identity after many years of struggle, while she walked through Sundance Lab with a fellow female attendee. She also added that she had been waiting to feel what she had felt at that moment.

    Ellis’ Pregnancy Rumors Are False

    Rumors about Ellis being pregnant surfaced after different media reported that she was seen with what some described as a ‘baby bump’. People started questioning about the pregnancy and the unborn child’s father.

    It was also reported that the actress’s representative did not comment on Ellis’s personal life. This fueled additional speculation about her pregnancy. Later in 2023, one of the sites that covered the actress’ pregnancy rumors claimed that the story was false as they lack credible evidence and confirmation.