All About Vince Neil’s Daughter Elizabeth Ashley Wharton: Husband and Kids

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    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is famously recognized as the daughter of musician Vince Neil and his first wife Beth Lynn. Like any other celebrity kid, Elizabeth has also followed in her dad’s footsteps, and currently, she is the bassist of her ex-husband’s band named Loomis and the Lust.

    Here, in this article, let’s unravel every unknown fact about Elizabeth.

    Key Takeaways

    • Elizabeth Ashley is currently 40 years old.
    • She has four siblings, one brother, and three sisters.
    • Wharton reportedly had neck surgery.
    • She loves to ink her body and has a handful of tattoos.
    • Elizabeth was married to her singer husband Will for a couple of years.
    • Her current net worth is around $200,000.

    Elizabeth Ashley Warton’s Early Life

    She was born on April 13, 1985, in California, USA to her musician father Vince Neil, and Beth Lynn.

    Similarly, the famous star kid has American citizenship and belongs to Caucasian ethnical background.

    Elizabeth Has One Brother and Three Sisters

    Elizabeth has four half-siblings. Her oldest half-brother Neil Jason Wharton was born from her father’s past relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Tami.

    Neil is also into the family business. He is a frontman of his own band, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkkies. Although Vince and Eliza are not biological, the brother-sister duo seems to be very close. In an interview with Chronological Crue, Neil said that his half-sister Elle is, “really, really smart. She reads books every day.”

    Additionally, she also had one half-sister Skylar Lynnae Neil (died on August 15, 1995), from her dad’s second marriage with Sharise Ruddell.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton with her half-sister
    Elizabeth with her two half-siblings Tess and Lainy.

    Furthermore, she reportedly has two half-sisters named Lainy and Tess. Though neither of Eliza’s mom and dad has mentioned welcoming any of these two, her husband Will mentioned them both through an Instagram post.

    Elle’s Half-Sister Skylar Died Of Cancer

    Elizabeth’s half-sister was just 4 when she died of cancer on August 15, 1995. Skylar passed away just after undergoing medical treatment for 10 hours. As per People, she had a Wilm’s tumor, a kidney cancer that affects children.

    According to their father, the tumor weighed six and a half pounds. Sometime later, her dad Vince formed an organization Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, where the aim was to spread awareness that helps in protecting children against various illnesses.

    What’s more, Neil and his team collected millions of dollars as a donation. Afterward, they contributed a certain portion of the total donation to The T.J. Martell Foundation.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Reportedly Had A Neck Surgery: What Happened To Her?

    There are some online tabloids that have claimed that Elizabeth has gone through neck surgery. It is believed that Elle was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis, a type of medical disorder. The doctor reportedly suggested she should undergo neck surgery to get rid of the disease.

    However, neither Elizabeth nor any of her family has talked much about the topic, so the news might be falsely claimed. Besides, at one time, Elle made it into the media headline for inking her neck. The news was out after a photo in which she is seen dressing up in a red outfit and making a makeshift necklace that would match her dress.

    Elizabeth Ashley had a neck surgery
    Elizabeth was trying to make a necklace that could match her outfit

    Ultimately, it was just a nail polish that she used to draw a blood-like red necklace. This might have started the rumor of her neck surgery.

    Wharton Is Also Into Music

    Elizabeth and some of Neil’s kids have followed the same path as their famous dad. Currently, Elle is working as the bassist for her former spouse’s band Loomis & the Lust. It’s an independent California pop-rock band formed in 2008, where her ex-husband is the frontman.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and her partner Will shares the same love for music
    Elle and her spouse Loomis are bandmates.

    Till now the former husband-wife duo has released a number of singles. They made their first breakthrough with the record name Bright Red Chords. Later, they also received MTVu’s “Freshman” music video award. Besides, Elle is also a good singer who has sung on various programs. Similarly, she often shares short clips showcasing her singing prowess.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton And Her Ex-Husband Will Loomis Were Married For Around A Decade

    Elizabeth and Will walked down the aisle on October 15, 2014, at the beautiful Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. The happily married couple led a beautiful marital bliss for around a decade before ultimately deciding to split.

    Besides, the exes had an equal passion for music. Hence, their professional and personal life was well-balanced.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and her husband Will Loomis are now married for nearly a decade
    Newlywed Elizabeth and her husband Will.

    Prior to their wedding, the beautiful couple dated for four years. The two first met in 2010. Elle’s husband Will once posted a photo on Instagram celebrating the 10 years anniversary of their first meeting. The singer shared a picture on Insta and wrote the caption,

    “Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Elle and I met!🎈”

    Does She Share Any Children With Her Ex?

    Even after staying in a marital relationship for nearly a decade, the pair never mentioned having a child. But, on April 10, 2023, Will shared a picture where he was with his father and a child side by side.

    In the photo, he wrote, “Three generations”, which somehow depicts that Will the child in the picture must be his son or maybe his nephew.


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    Elizabeth Split from Her Hubby in 2023

    In August 2023, Will took to his Facebook account to announce that he and Elizabeth have decided to get separated. According to Will, the pair took this decision amicably and they will still maintain a good friendship with each other.

    As for the reason behind their split, Loomis mentioned that in the last few years of their marriage, the pair grew up apart from each other.

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton husband split
    Elizabeth’s husband Will shared this status regarding their split.

    Who Is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Mother?

    Elizabeth’s mother Beth is most commonly recognized as the first wife of musician Vince Neil. But, in Elle’s dad’s book, Tattoos And Tequila: To Hell And Back With One Of The Rock’s Most Notorious Frontman, he mentioned that Lynn was a rich girl from San Diego.

    Apart from this, Elizabeth has rarely talked about her mom anywhere. In fact, she has not shared a single picture of her mom through her Instagram account.

    Wharton’s Parents’ Stayed In A Marital Relationship For Only Four Years

    Her parents walked down the aisle in 1981 in a lavish ceremony. The nuptials took place at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California. They dated for a while before getting married.

    Their first encounter was made possible thanks to Nikki Sixx (bassist of Motly Crue). Back then Elle’s father characterized her mom as a groupie type but “was also super hot.”

    Elizabeth Ashley Wharton's parents stayed in a marital relationship for only four years
    Elizabeth’s mom and dad when they were young.

    During their first meet, Beth was hanging out with the guys in Rhatt. At one point, Vince, Beth, and Nikki nearly ended up having a threesome. However, Nikki was too drunk and passed out, but the remaining two standing did it anyway. Since the incident, Neil and Beth started dating.

    After dating for a while, they decided to get married. However, after staying in a marital relationship for just four years, the pair parted ways in 1985.

    How Much Is Elizabeth Ashley Warton’s Net Worth?

    As of 2023, she is reportedly worth $200,000. She earns her dollars thanks to her career as a bassist in the band, Loomis & the Lust. Apart from this, she might also receive some monetary benefits from her multi-millionaire dad.

    On the same token, her dad Vince is currently worth a staggering $50 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
    Birth Place California, The US
    Birthday April 11, 1983
    Age 41 years
    Zodiac Aries
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Vince Neil
    Mother Beth Lynn
    Siblings 4 Half-Siblings (Vince Neil Jr., Skylar, Lainy, Tess)
    Profession Bassist
    Net Worth $200,000
    Height 5ft 4inches
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Will Loomis (m. 2014)