Who Is Zuria Vega? Everything About Her Career, Marriage & Husband

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    Zuria Vega is well known in Mexico. She is an actress who’s been a part of showbiz since she was 17. And, we bet you did not know she’s a celebrity kid, right? Also, did you know she married a Cuban actor?

    We’re aware that your curiosity is at its peak right now. So, if you want to know everything – from her family life, career, love life, and kids – this article is right for you. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

    Zuria Vega Is Of Mexican/Spanish Descent

    Vega, born, Zuria Valeria Vega Sisto, has a Mexican dad and a Spanish mother. Her parents, Gonzalo Vega and Leonora Sisto welcomed her on 10th January 1989. As a little girl, she was raised in her family’s home in Mexico City.

    Young Zuria with her siblings, Marimar and Gonzalo Jr, and their father
    Young Zuria with her siblings, Marimar and Gonzalo Jr, and their father

    Further digging into her family life, we discovered that her father was once an actor. Mr. Vega was known across Mexico as a film, theatre, and TV star. He’s best known for his parts in We Are the Nobles, Le Tregua, The Place Without Limits, and Cyna de Lobos.

    So, it is apparent that Zuria grew up in the embrace of the limelight. This is reflected in her current life as an actress as well.

    She Has An Older Sister, A Brother, And A Half-Sister

    Zuri has two siblings of her own – an elder sister and a brother. Her sister, Marimar Vega is the eldest of them all. She was born on 14th August 1983. Moreover, like her dad, she’s also a renowned Mexican actress. She’s been active in showbiz since 2000.

    Likewise, Gonzalo Vega Jr. is her brother. Born in 1995, he’s the youngest child of his parents. Now, like his sisters, Vega Jr. is also working in the entertainment sector. As a matter of fact, he’s an actor/director. Lucia, Le Desalmada, and Kamikazes are some of his best works so far.

    In addition to this, Zuria Vega also has a half-sibling – her sister, Gabriela Vega Tovar. She’s the product of Gonzalo’s first relationship. Unfortunately, unlike the other Vega siblings, she lives a life in secret.

    Her Father, Gonzalo Vega, Passed Away Because Of Bone Marrow Cancer

    Zuria’s dad died an untimely death at the age of 69 years. Back in 2010, he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, or simply, bone marrow cancer.

    He left his career behind and started to focus on his health immediately. But, as his condition improved, he returned to showbiz in 2014, however, even this was short-lived. Merely two years later, he passed away on 10th October 2016.

    Zuria Vega Is Quite Famous In The Mexican Film Industry

    It goes without saying that she followed her family into showbiz. After playing as an extra in a number of plays, Vega was noticed for the first time when she was 17. In the very beginning, she was gifted the role of Roberta in the Mexican series, S.O.S: Sexo y otros Secretos.

    The late Gonzalo Vega's daughter, Zuria, started acting when she was 17
    Zuria Vega is a talented telenovela star in Mexico

    Furthermore, this was enough for her to kickstart her career. Eventually, she became famous around Mexico for starring in telenovelas like Alma de Hierro and Mar de Amor, and Que pobres tan ricos.Β 

    More than films, Gonzalo’s daughter has been much into telenovelas ever since she began acting. Her last prominent role was in 2017 when she starred in Mi Marido Tiene Familia.

    The Mexican Actress Married Her Long-Term Lover In 2014

    On 22nd November 2014, Zuria walked down the aisle. She married her long-time lover, Alberto Guerra. They’d dated for over a year when they decided to tie the knot; the couple go back to August 2013.

    Zuria Vega and her Cuban actor husband on their wedding day in 2014
    A wedding picture of Zuria and Alberto from 2014

    Moreover, the duo had a lovely wedding in San Francisco, Nayarit in Mexico. Evidently, it was Guerra who chose this place for marriage so it would be easier for her parents to attend – they lived around the area and Gonzalo Vega was fighting bone marrow cancer at the time.

    Talking a little more about her hubby, Alberto Guerra is from Cuba and is an actor too. Just like his life partner, he began his journey by starring in telenovelas. He’s also done marvelous work in the Netflix series, Crime Diaries: The Candidate.

    She And Her Cuban Husband Have Two Kids So Far

    Zuria and Alberto have a daughter and a son together. The pair’s baby girl, Lua Guerra was born on 11th January 2017. Likewise, their boy, Luka Guerra was born on 20th May 2019.

    In 2024, the family of four has a lovely life in Mexico.

    How Much Is Her Net Worth?

    In the current day and age, the celebrity kid/spouse has a net worth of $2 million. Nonetheless, together with her partner, she has a fortune worth $7 million. Not only this, but she also inherited a part of her dad’s $5 million wealth after his passing away.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Zuria Valeria Vega Sisto
    Popular Name Zuria Vega
    Birth Place Mexico
    Birthday January 10, 1989
    Zodiac Capricorn
    Nationality Mexican
    Ethnicity Mexican/Spanish
    Father Gonzalo Vega
    Mother Leonaro Sisto
    Siblings Marimar Vega, Gonzalo Vega Jr., Gabriela Vega Tovar
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $2 million
    Height 5 ft. 4 inches
    Weight 55 kg
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Alberto Guerra
    Children Lua Guerra and Luka Guerra