Zoe Bearse-Facts You Should Know About Amanda Bearse’s Adoptive Daughter

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    Zoe Bearse is the adopted daughter of actress and comedian Amanda Bearse. She adopted her when Zoe was a toddler. In fact, the same year Amanda adopted her daughter, the actress also came out as lesbian, becoming the first openly lesbian actress on a prime-time network.

    As of now, Zoe’s adopted mother Amanda is happily married to her partner Carrie Schenken. The couple who tied the knot in 2010 also adopted another child. 

    Well, here are many interesting facts about Zoe including her age, upbringing, and more. 

    Zoe Bearse Was Adopted By Amanda Bearse As a Toddler

    Amanda, 64, adopted her daughter Zoe in 1993, the same year the celebrity kid was also born in. While her daughter growing up, her career wasn’t refulgent in Los Angeles as the actress still had to struggle to get work. She told ADVOCATE

    “As Zoe grew, my career wasn’t in L.A., but I would still try to get work when I could, but it wasn’t easy.”

    She further said that her career, “took a different trajectory since I chose to move out of Hollywood for my child.”

    Later, Amanda along with her baby girl moved to Washington State so that her daughter could live as much of a normal life as She can. There, the star kid also began her schooling. 

    Amanda revealed after her move to Washington State the actress, “worked when I wanted to and when I was hired, which was mainly behind the camera, and did so on my own terms.”

    In the same interview, the Married… with Children star said proudly, 

    “My daughter is my greatest production.” 

    Amanda Used To Live With Her Girlfriend At The Time of Zoe’s Adoption 

    Although the actress opened up about her sexuality a bit later, Amanda was already in a relationship with her girlfriend before that. Yes, when Zoe was 2 years old, Bearse was in a live-in relationship with her then-girlfriend

    Further, her then-parter was also the mother of her 8-year-old daughter at the time. 

    Zoe Bearse’s Mother Amanda Came Out as a Lesbian in 1993

    Amanda who is popular for her role in the series Married… with Children came out as a lesbian on National Coming Out Day in 1993. As said above, following her announcement, Bears also became the first woman on the network to come out publically. 

    Sources say the former movie and TV star had already been open about her sexuality with most people in her life. The same year, Amanda also adopted her daughter Zoe who made further pressure on her to come out about her sexuality. Explaining how Manda revealed her sexuality, the actress said,

     “I decided that this was too sacred an event in my life, being given the gift to raise this child, so that’s why I made the choice to do it then. And I had the complete support of all the folks at Married … with Children.”

    Needless to say, Bearse shares a very close bond with her adoptive daughter. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the TV star posted a throwback photo of her daughter on her Insta and wrote,

    “Being a mom is the greatest gift I ever receivedđź’•”

    Zoe and her adoptive mother Amanda
    Zoe with her mom Amanda as a child. 

    Adorable! Isn’t it? 

    As of now, Zoe’s mom Amanda is married to his wife Carrie Schenken, a camera technician. The couple first met in 2009 and married in an intimate ceremony in 2010. 

    Soon after their marriage, the couple also adopted their second child (Zoe’s adoptive sibling). However, there is no detail about his name and date of birth. 

    Who Are Zoe Bearse’s Biological Parents? Her Age 

    Unlike her adoptive mother Amanda, the details about her biological father and mother are still out of the media. As for her birth details, Zoe was born in 1993, in the United States. She is 29 years old as of 2023. 

    She is an American by her nationality and has a Caucasian ethnicity. 

    Is a The Evergreen State College Grad

    Moving into her education, Amanda Bearse’s adoptive daughter first attended The Howard School in 2008 and graduated from the school in 2012. The same year, Bearse went to Evergreen State College. She graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts in BA, Arts, Entertainment, and Media. 

    What is Zoe Bearse’s Profession? Her Professional Details 

    With a major in media, Zoe Bearse joined the office named Shamer Associates as an audio editor in July 2017. She is mostly proficient with Apple software, most Windows software, and many writing styles on the company.

    Zoe's profession is an audio editor.
    Zoe is an audio editor.  

    As of now, the star kid is working both as an audio editor and engineer. She resides in Palm Springs, California. 

    About Her Zoe Bearse’s Dating and Boyfriend

    Like many star kids, Zoe is also quite reluctant to reveal anything about her dating and boyfriend. So far, the celebrity child has kept all of her personal details to herself. Thus, it is hard to confirm whether or not Zoe is dating a boyfriend at present. 

    In the meantime, some online tabloids reported Zoe is single now.  

    Her Net Worth 

    Zoe Bearse has an estimated net worth of $300,000 in 2023. She has mostly earned her money from her abovementioned job as an audio editor. 

    On the other hand, her mom Amanda’s fortune is $16 million. 

    Facts About Zoe

    • Zoe is now 29 years of age.
    • She is an audio editor by profession. 
    • Her adoptive mother Amanda is a lesbian.
    • She also has an adoptive sibling. 
    • Zoe is active on Facebook and currently resides in Palm Springs, California. 
    • She doesn’t have a boyfriend at present. 

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Zoe Bearse
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday 1993
    Age 31 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Mother Amanda Bearse
    Profession Audio Editor
    Net Worth $300,000
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status single