Zion Williamson’s Parents Sharonda Sampson & Lateef Williamson

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    Basketball phenom Zion Williamson has dominated the scene since his high school years. He was selected first overall in the 2019 draft and has been having success, even in the NBA. Zion’s parents, who supported him throughout his childhood and helped shape who he is now, are to thank for his successful career.

    We have provided you with this article, which has all the information you need on his parents Lateed Williamson and Sharonda Sampson.

    Key Takeaways

    • Zion was born to his biological parents Sharonda Sampson and Lateef Williamson on the 6th day of July 2000.
    • His mom and dad Sharonda and Lateef got divorced when Zion was just five years old.
    • Sampson is currently married to a former college basketball player Lee Anderson.
    • Anderson had a son prior to his marriage to Zion’s mother.
    • Both his father and mother are Afro-American.

    Who Are Zion Williamson’s Parents?

    Zion was born on  July 6, 2000, in Salisbury, North Carolina to Sharonda Sampson and Lateef Williamson. Both his parents have a history of playing sports, which explains Zion’s physique and athleticism.

    His father Lateef was 6’5” and played American football as a defensive lineman during his high school days and was a high school All-American at Darlington (S.C.) High. His mother Sharonda, was born on January 20, 1979, and she used to run tracks at Salisbury’s Livingstone College.

    What Are Lateef And Sharonda Doing Now?

    His mother, Sampson was a sprinter at Livingstone and went on to become a middle school health and physical education teacher after graduating from college. As for his biological father Lateef, a former defensive lineman, there has not been any update regarding him.

    We have only heard very little about him through Zion and his mother.

    Both Sampson And Lateef Are Afro-American

    Sharonda was born in the United States and is from Ruffin, South Carolina. Similar to Sampson, Zion’s father Lateef is also an American citizen. Talking about their family background, they both appear to be African-American.

    Sharonda Sampson & Lateef Williamson Are No Longer Together

    During their college years, Williamson’s mom and dad crossed paths and love bloomed between them. Eventually, in 1997, they made the decision to exchange vows and start their path to a happy marriage. After three years of marriage, the couple soon became pregnant with Zion and gave birth to him.

    Sampson and Lateef are no longer together
    Zion and his biological father together

    The Williamson family later relocated from Salisbury to Florence, South Carolina when Zion was just 2 years old. Unfortunately, when Zion reached the age of 5, his parents decided to split. Despite the fact that the player’s biological father left him when he was a little child, he does not hate him and is instead grateful to him for bringing him into the world.

    Williamson’s Mother Sharonda Sampson Remarried a Former College Point Guard

    Sampson eventually entered into a new marriage and her new spouse Lee Anderson was a former college basketball player. Anderson who had previously played as a point guard during his college years at Clemson and Columbus State in Georgia started coaching AAU teams after graduating from college.

    Sharonda married a former college basketball player
    Sharonda got married to Lee Anderson after splitting up with Lateef

    Anderson also played a significant role in Zion’s growth as a player. Considering that Williamson didn’t possess significant height at the time, Lee took it upon himself to teach him fundamental skills by initiating his training as a point guard.

    Sharondra’s New Husband Had A Child Prior To Marrying Her

    Sampson’s new husband already had a son named Noah Anderson. The little boy has made several appearances in the past taking the world by storm. Noah was with the rest of the family the night Zion got drafted No.1 overall.

    Williamson and his mother were very close
    Sampson supported and helped Zion achieve his dream

    Moreover, fans were pretty confused because it seemed as if Noah was Zion’s son. The former five-star recruit addressed Noah’s existence in a documentary about him confirming that he was a step-brother.

    Zion’s Mother Sharonda Was His First Coach

    The NBA rising star started his training at a young age. Sampson, his mother also helped him a lot as she provided him with a proper diet for shaping his physique. She and her husband Lee would wake Zion up at 5:30 am every day to start his training. Further, they would take him to a nearby court, where they made him practice for hours until breakfast.

    The NBA star once said that his mother was the hardest coach he has ever had. The star further added,

    “There were times when my stepdad would look at me and say ‘you had a good game’ and my mom would be like ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, you had two or three turnovers.”

    Looks like the harsh training paid off for the player as now he is considered one of the best rookies in the history of the NBA and is compared to the likes of LeBron James.

    The Mother-And-Son Duo Could Not Contain Their Tears After Zion Was Drafted

    The year 2019 was special for both Zion and his mom as he was selected first overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. In the post-interview, the player could not help but tear up as his mother stood beside him. This was a very emotional moment for both him and his mother.

    Further, the player continued to tear up while talking about his mother and everything she did for him. Soon after the interviewer questioned Sampson about what she had seen from her son throughout the process, to which she replied,

    “I’ve seen somebody who believed in the process, who put in the work, who put those naysayers aside and just continued to do what we ask, and continued to believe in the process. Because of that, we’re here today.”

    Williamson Was Named After A Mountain In The Bible

    In an interview with The States, Sampson revealed that her child was named after one of the biggest mountains in Jerusalem. She mentioned that it was her grandmother that told her to think of a special name for her kid when she was still pregnant with Zion.

    Further, she added that she was instantly attracted to the name Zion while going through the bible and mentioned how her son now resembled the big mountain. She said “Flipping through the Bible and Zion just caught me. Now, he is so big he looks like a Mount Zion.”

    Williamson’s Parents Sharonda Sampson & Lateef Williamson Will Soon Be Grandparents

    Their Zion is now expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend Akheema. He revealed her pregnancy through a Youtube video and social media. In the video, he said that although he couldn’t anticipate what will happen, he and the mother both have a great love for the unborn child.

    Zion and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl
    Williamson’s girlfriend Akheema is pregnant

    Zion Williamson’s Step-Dad Anderson Was Suspected Of Taking A Bribe

    In 2018, Zion’s stepfather Anderson was accused of illegally taking $400,000 prior to Williamson’s season with the Duke. Although no information about the marketing agent was disclosed, it was claimed that Lee was paid by them.

    Gina Ford, Williamson’s former marketing representative’s legal team claimed the evidence indicates Williamson’s potential ineligibility for the 2018-2019 Blue Devils season. Furthermore, the allegations involved improper benefits to his stepfather from Canadian agent Slavko Duric.

    The Family Gets Into Legal Trouble

    In mid-2023, a tech company named Ankr sued Zion and his parents for not paying back the money they borrowed from the company. Ankr, in a legal document, stated that it extended a loan to Williamson and his family in September 2021.

    Zion and his parents were sued by a tech company
    Williamson along with his family was sued over a loan

    At that time, the company was aiming to establish a marketing connection with the athlete. The lawsuit also mentioned that Williamson’s stepfather requested an initial payment of $150,000, which he said he would be paid back by August 2022. Nevertheless, after purportedly seeking an extension, Ankr alleged that a $25,000 check provided by Anderson bounced.

    Additionally, Ankr consented to the prolongation under the condition that they would be repaid $500,000 by April 25, 2023. And the remaining amount must be paid by July 6, 2023. However, the technology company claimed that although they received the stipulated $500,000 on time an outstanding amount of $1.8 million still remains unpaid.

    Drake Once Wore Zion’s Jersey

    In 2017, Zion was starting to gain more attention after popular musician Drake posted a photo supporting the rising star on Instagram. In the photo, he was wearing Zion’s Spartanburg Day jersey, showing his support for the rising star.