Why Did Jake Sully Go To Pandora? Why Was He Chosen Specifically?

January 24, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    Directed by James Cameron, the 2009 movie Avatar, which had its sequel released in 2022, basically revolves around a fictional moon named Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system. While the human initially lands on Pandora in order to extract a valuable mineral unobtanium, the story leads to the situation with humans and the native Na’vi fighting for survival.

    Well, one of the lead characters Jake Sully becomes the centerpiece of the story, where he ends up fighting for the inhabitants Na’vi. While this comes later in the story, many are still confused about why did Jake Sully go to Pandora in the first place?

    Moreover, why was he chosen for such a dangerous mission despite the fact that he was completely paralyzed below the waist? Find all the answers here.

    Why Did Jake Sully Go To Pandora?

    A former Marine Jake goes to Pandora as the replacement of his twin-brother Tommy, after he is killed. Since Jake and Tommy are twins and thus share an identical DNA makeup, Jake is chosen as the only option to drive the Avatar built as per Tommy’s DNA in the RDA’s Avatar Program on Pandora.

    Well, the avatar is the human/Na’vi hybrid which is controlled remotely by humans to navigate the planet. Since humans are incapable of fighting the harsh environment on Pandora, an Avatar, which to some extent replicates the Na’vi, is developed to go into the natural environment of Pandora.

    Likewise, his twin brother happens to be a scientist working for The Resources Development Administration’s (RDA) mission on Pandora to extract the valuable mineral unobtanium, who unfortunately dies in the initial stages.

    Jake, who at the time is living a retired life after an accident that has his body paralyzed below the waist, agrees on to take a new challenge and make his life to use.

    How Long Did It Take To Go To Pandora?

    It takes Jake nearly six years long travel to reach Pandora, where he is brought to a human settlement of Hell’s Gate. Confined to a wheelchair, Sully now finds a new body in the form of an avatar, which is a nine feet tall cat-like structure and is blue in color.

    What Was jack Before Going To Pandora?

    Prior to joining the dangerous yet adventurous mission to Pandora, Jake had been a paraplegic former Marine. Following an accident that leads to both his legs being paralyzed, he happens to be living a life of a paralyzed & retired Marine.

    Why Did Humans Go To Pandora In Avatar?

    Avatar shows a story in the year 2154 when the earth is already polluted and humans are midst energy crisis. There is a lack of all kinds of minerals, which leads humans’ attention to Pandora, an inhabitable planet full of valuable minerals.

    Humans eventually lead a mission to mine a mineral named unobtanium, which could be sold for $20 million for a kilogram.