Who Killed Yuriana Castillo Torres? Her Neck Was Broken Brutally

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    Yuriana Castillo Torres was the former romantic partner of the late Mexican drug lord and a professional hitman El Chino Antraz. Having ties to the drug mafia, her life ended tragically following her alleged kidnapping on May 6, 2014. The next day, her corpse was identified and the post-mortem report displayed the cruelty she went through before her death.

    So, what actually happened? How did she meet a tragic death just in her 20s? Let’s scrutinize in detail of her life and death in the following article.

    Who Killed Yuriana Castillo Torres? Was Found Dead In 2014

    On May 6, 2014, Yuriana left the gym in Culiacán, Sinaloa, and headed towards her vehicle to get back to her home. During that time, suddenly two armed individuals interrupted her and forced her to get into their white van, as per the reports obtained by authorities.

    Yuriana Castillo Torres Neck Was Broken And Was Tortured To Death
    Yuriana in the frame

    The following day at 06:45,  Mexican law enforcement discovered a dead body at a vacant lot in the Lomas de Guadalupe, near the Ignacio Allende High School, in Culiacán, Sinaloa. It was wrapped in white sheets and many people of the neighborhoods who were exercising at the time actually saw armed men dropping it at the site. However, all of them thought it was garbage.

    But later, it was identified as a human body and when approached officials, the body went under examination. Her family members discovered it as the body of Yuriana.

    Yuriana Castillo Torres Was Tortured To Extreme And Killed

    The preliminary forensic report specified that Yuriana went through a lot of torture before she was killed. Her body has a mark of several injuries and it was found that her hands and legs were tied with electric cables. She was also hit on her head several times and her neck was fractured.

    However, she died of asphyxiation due to hanging as per attorney general  Marco Antonio Higuera Gómez.

    Torres’ Funeral And Burial Location 

    Her funeral ceremony received very less mourners not more than 20 people including her family members and some official people. At her funeral, when Attorney General Marco revealed the cause of her death, her mom Norma Torres responded by saying,

    But I don’t care what happened anymore, they already took her away from me, they took her away…

    Amidst all the grief, her mother and other family members bid goodbye to her honoring her with some floral ornaments. Her lifeless body was first buried at the San Martín de Montebello Funerary and the next day on May 9, 2014, her body was relocated to Panteon Jardines del Humaya.

    Yuriana Castillo Torres Birth Details; When Was She Born?

    Yuriana was born on 8 January 1988 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. She spent most of her early life in her hometown in the United States before moving to Mexico. She was an American Citizen.

    But sadly, she lost her life at just the age of 26. Before her death, she was residing in La Campiña.

    Was Yuriana Castillo Torres Married To El Chino Ántrax Or In A Relationship?

    While some sources have mentioned Yuriana as Ántrax’s romantic partner, as per the information on Find A Grave, she was not only a partner but his wife as well. They were legally married to each other.

    Well, the information on their marital details and how the couple first met is not available but it seems like Torres shifted to Mexico just to be settled with her husband José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa aka El Chino as he was a Mexican native. Their marital relationship fell apart following the tragic death of Yuriana in 2014.

    Yuriana’s Husband Was Also Murdered Along With His Sister & Her Partner

    Like her, her husband El Chino Ántrax who was one of the prominent members of a criminal organization, Sinaola Cartel also had a tragic end. Around the time of his murder, he was under house arrest for a drug-related crime. But on May 9, 2020, suddenly a Parole officer found him missing.

    Yuriana's husband was killed in 2020
    Yuriana’s late husband

    Five days later, he faced a firefight with Sinaloa Cartel’s hit squad. Following the incident, he tried to escape the home but was kidnapped alongside his sister Ada Jimena Aréchiga Gamboa, and her husband, Juan Guillermo García. The next day, three of them were found dead in a black SUV car with a body wrapped in clothes and their a head in plastic bags.

    As for death cause, Torres’ spouse was shot to death. It was believed that the senior leaders of his own association ordered his abduction and murder.

    Yuriana Castillo Torres Was A Mother

    Together with El Chino, Yuriana welcomed two children, a son, and a daughter.

    Yuriana was a mother
    Yuriana with her daughter. Source: Facebook

    Her son was quite grown up at the time when she passed away. The couple also had a baby daughter. But neither of her children’s names nor their birth details ever surfaced in the media. Their identification is yet under media scrutiny.

    Where Is Castillo’s Children Now?

    Yuriana and her husband died six years of difference. Post their death, their son and daughter are probably under the care of their grandparents. However, concrete information about their current whereabouts is yet to be discovered.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Yuriana Castillo Torres
    Popular Name Yuriana
    Birth Place Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
    Birthday January 8, 1988
    Age 36 years
    Zodiac Capricorns
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Mother Norma Torres
    Height 5 feet 7 inches (reportedly)
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Red
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse El Chino Ántrax
    Children a son and a daughter