Who Is Sky Bri’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Adin Ross? Her Love Life In Detail

August 9, 2023   | August 9, 2023  | 

    Being a public figure, Sky Bri’s dating life has garnered significant attention. As a beautiful young woman who fits the beauty standard, her admirers are curious about her boyfriend.

    Furthermore, she has been associated romantically with multiple individuals such as Adin Ross and Jake Paul. This raises the question: Is she currently in a relationship with any of them?

    Continue reading to find out who Sky’s boyfriend is at the moment.

    Key Takeaways

    • Sky is not dating anyone at the moment and is focused on her career.
    • She tattoed her rumored boyfriend Adin Ross’ name on her inner arm.
    • Bri got matching tattoos with Jake Paul when they were on a trip to make Paul’s ex-girlfriend jealous.
    • She fake married YouTuber, Noah Rojas with a candy ring.
    • Bri was forced by rapper Shy Glizzy to try a drug that she was not familiar with, and he also sexually harassed her.
    • She faced harassment charges when she walked in on her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with another girl.

    Who Is Sky Bri’s Boyfriend?

    Sky Bri is currently not in a romantic relationship. Instead, she appears to be focused on her professional journey as a social media influencer and model.

    Furthermore, she has openly discussed her challenges in finding a boyfriend, citing her role as an adult content creator as a factor. For this, she doesn’t blame anyone for herself.

    Was Adin Ross, Sky Bri’s Boyfriend?

    Sky and Adin Ross never officially confirmed their relationship, but rumors about their romantic involvement began circulating in October 2022.

    In a YouTube video shared on Ross’ channel titled “Adin Live,” he took the initiative to jokingly ask Bri to be his girlfriend. In response, she expressed her agreement by stating, “Yes, I would love to be.”

    During this video interaction, both of them engaged in playful banter regarding kissing and intimacy, although no explicit actions took place on camera.

    Additionally, their exchanges fueled speculation among fans, leading many to believe that they were indeed in a romantic relationship.

    Sky Even Got Her Rumored Bf Adin’s Name Tattooed On Her

    Bri made a significant gesture by getting her alleged bf Adin’s full name tattooed on her inner arm, an action she revealed during a live stream.

    This display sparked curiosity among fans, prompting questions about the nature of her relationship with Ross. In response to these inquiries, he clarified that they were not in a romantic relationship.

    Did Adin Date YouTuber/Boxer Jake Paul?

    In 2021, speculation arose about a potential romantic involvement between Bri and Jake Paul. This speculation gained traction when the two were spotted vacationing together in Puerto Rico, shortly after Jake’s breakup with Julia Rose.

    Sky and Jake were rumored to be dating.
    Sky had a fling with Jake Paul.

    Reports suggested that their time together was more than just a casual encounter, even suggesting that they had gotten matching tattoos during their trip. However, as time unfolded, it became evident that their connection was not a lasting one.

    Moreover, Jake eventually reconciled with Julia in April 2022, indicating that his involvement with Bri was more of a brief fling rather than a serious relationship. Sky opened up about their ‘hookup story’ in a podcast called “No Jumper”. She said:

    “The very first night, the first conversation we had, ‘This is for clout.’ He was like, ‘At the end of this, I want you to post it. Get the clout from it whatever, and I’m probably going to make Julia mad and get the revenge that I need.”

    The Two Got Matching Tattoos

    During their vacation to Puerto Rico, Bri and Jake Paul took their connection a step further by getting matching tattoos. Bri opted for a tattoo on the back of her neck that featured the inscription “JAKEY P.”

    Jake got a tattoo after Sky.
    Jake’s tattoo of Sky Bri.

    On the other hand, Jake chose to get a tattoo on his thigh that read “SKYLER RARA.” This tattoo carries a dual significance, while “Skyler” is the full name of Sky, and “Rara” translates to “pretty girl.”

    List of Sky Bri’s Rumored Boyfriends

    Nick Nayersina

    On 26 April 2023, Nick asked Sky out to be his girlfriend. He flew her to Miami and even made her matching bracelets. Then, he surprised her with an animal petting zoo. At the same time, they also visited Universal Studios.

    Sky was asked out by Nick.
    Sky and her rumored boyfriend, Nick.

    However, this was just a publicity stunt for a YouTube video as they never confirmed their affair.

    Noah Rojas

    Youtuber, Noah Rojas that goes by the name “Simplistic”, asked Sky to marry him in a YouTube video with a candy ring, and Bri said yes! In the same video, they got fake married and joked about having babies next.

    Although the video’s content was intended purely for comedic purposes, the genuine chemistry between Noah and Sky did not go unnoticed by their audience. A fan even commented on the video saying:

    “You guys are so amazing together, glad that you two met cause you both deserve to be happy!! So much love for you both and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

    Mike Majlak

    In a podcast interview by Jeff FM, Sky candidly discussed her experience of sharing a kiss with Mike Majlak. She further added that she would not mind taking their relationship to a more intimate level by sleeping with him.

    Bri Accused Rapper Shy Glizzy Of Forefully Drugging Her

    In early 2023, Sky who has a net worth of $1.5 million revealed that rapper Shy Glizzy drugged her and even attempted to sexually abuse her. According to her, he gave her a pill that she wasn’t familiar with. Despite her multiple refusals, he persisted in urging her to try it. Eventually, Sky gave in and tried the pill.

    Glizzy was accused of sexually harassing Sky.
    Glizzy faced the accusation of drugging and harassing Bri.

    Further, the situation took a distressing turn when Glizzy sexually harassed her, making inappropriate advances by requesting oral sexual activity.

    However, Glizzy denied all allegations against him, asserting that the accusations were false and not based on truth

    Sky Bri Beat Her Ex-Boyfriend and His Side Chick

    When she was back in her hometown of Pennsylvania, Bri and her mom walked in on her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with another girl.

    The discovery understandably triggered intense emotions, and Sky’s reaction escalated to physical confrontation, where she engaged in a physical altercation with both her boyfriend and his mistress.

    As a result of this confrontation, her mother felt compelled to involve law enforcement by calling the police. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the incident led to Sky facing harassment charges.