Who Is Richard Lesnar? Interesting Facts On Brock Lesnar’s Father

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    Richard Lesnar is the father of the legendary WWE wrestler and former mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar (aka Brock Edward Lesner). Considered one of the most prolific athletes in the world, his son Brock is the only wrestler in wrestling history.

    Besides, Richard is an ordinary farmer who runs a farm in a small village in South Dakota. Despite having a poor economic status, he always stood as a strong backup and a great source of motivation to his family. He has always been a loving husband to his wife and a supportive father to his children.

    Well, in this article, let’s explore more on Richard Lesner’s personal and professional life. Also, read about his bonding with his son Brock Lesner.

    Brock Lesner’s Dad, Richard Lesner’s Age, And Early Life

    Richard was born to his father Edward Casper Lesner and his mother Myrtle Dorothy Baule in December 1951 in South Dakota, the United States of America.

    Likewise, he spent most of his early life in his hometown where he later completed his studies and also settled down with his family.

    Besides, the celebrity father belongs to a mixed ethnical background. He is of half-Polish and half-German descent. Further, Richard holds American nationality.

    Richard’s Family Background

    While his father was a South Dakota native, Richard’s grandfather August Lesnar was originally from Poland. Likewise, his grandmother Martha Ann Biczchowski was the daughter of Polish parents, Julius Krzebiatkowski and Anna Burzyńska.

    Richard Lesnar Brock Lesnar dad (1)
    Richard with his wife of many years.

    Similarly, his mother Myrtle was a South Dakota native like his dad. But his grandparents from his mother’s side were German. Lesner’s maternal grandfather John Baule, Jr. was born to German parents in Iowa and his maternal grandmom Minnie L. Pigors was a German citizen.

    Career: Richard Lesnar Owned A Farm In South Dakota

    Talking about his profession, Richard used to run a dairy farm together with his wife in his hometown. Not only his wife assisted him in running a dairy farm but his children did it as well. Regarding this, his famous son Brock talked in his book Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival and wrote,

     “I grew up poor, on a dairy farm in South Dakota, and I had to work for everything I have.”

    As of now, Richard is already in his 70s and probably has taken retirement from his work.

    Richard Lesnar Is Married Life With His Wife Stephanie Lesnar

    The South Dakota native, Richard is happily married to his beloved wife Stephanie. The exact date of their marriage is yet to be explored however, looking at their children, we assume the couple probably tied the knot around 1970. Based on this, it’s been more than five decades since they are enjoying a delightful marriage.

    Since their nuptials, they became companions to each other in every way, from profession to raising their children and operating household activities. Still, their relationship remained strong with each day passing and till today, they can be considered a power couple.

    Richard Lesnar Shares Four Children With His Wife

    From his decades-long marriage, Richard is a father of four, three sons named Troy Lesnar, Chad Lesnar, and Brock Lesnar, and one daughter Brandi Nichol Lesnar.

    Troy and Chad are his first two sons who are in their late 40s at present. He then welcomed Brock on July 12, 1977, in Webster, South Dakota. As of 2024, Brock is 47 years old. Similarly, his youngest child Brandi was born in 1978 which makes her Invalid or missing birthdate. years old.

    Richard’s Son Brock Is a Massive WWE Star

    As we all know, Richard’s son Brock is one of the most celebrated athletes in the world. But the fact is that apart from Brock, all of his other children were also talented in sports.

    Brock is a big WWE star
    Richard’s son Brock is a legendary WWE star.

    Their shared interest in the sports field is discussed by Brock in his book Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival. He has written about his siblings’ skills in sports which said,

    “My two older brothers, Troy and Chad, were standout athletes in their own right, but chose not to pursue sports as a career, “My poor little sister, Brandy, was a very good athlete too, and she excelled at basketball, volleyball, track, and any other sport she decided to play.”

    Though all of his children were talented players, only his son Lesnar chose to be a professional sportsperson and received worldwide acclaim.

    Richard Has Been A Great Support System for his Son Brock

    Like every father in the world, Richard also has been a strong backup to his wrestler son Brock. Regarding this, his son the Beast incarnate has talked about his father’s consistent support for his career. He has written,

    “My dad was no different, “If I won a trophy, he would say, ‘good job.’ If I lost, he would tell me to try harder and win the next time.”

    Not only his son is appreciative of what he did for him. But Richard too is a proud father for what his son has become today. Despite several difficulties, his son Brock makes a name for himself for which he is really proud. Not only Brock’s success but his hardworking nature since he was a baby is what makes Richard happy.

    Richard Lesnar Is A Grandfather

    From his famous son Brock Lesnar’s relationship with Nicole McClain, he has twin grandchildren, a granddaughter Mya Lynn Lesnar, and a grandson Luke Lesnar.

    Richard Lesnar Brock Lesnar (1)
    Richard has numerous grandchildren.

    Further, he is a grandfather to his two other grandsons Turk Lesnar and Duke Lesnar who are born from his son’s marriage with his wife Rena Greek (aka Sable).

    All of his grandchildren are into sports. While his only granddaughter Mya is a Shot Putter, his grandsons Luke, Turk and Duke are ice hockey players.

    Richard Lesnar’s Net Worth

    As a dairy farm owner, he must have earned a decent amount of money. But going through several media outlets, it seems like his net worth is still under the media radar. Meanwhile, his famous son Brock has an estimated fortune of $25 million as of 2024.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Richard Lesnar
    Birth Place South Dakota
    Birthday December 1951
    Age 72 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Edward Casper Lesner
    Mother Myrtle Dorothy Baule
    Profession Dairy Farmer
    Net Worth $200,000
    Eye Color Olive Green
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Stephanie Lesnar (m. 1970s)