Who Is Matt McCusker Wife? His Married Life & Relationship

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    Popular comedian and writer, Matt McCusker lives a happily married life with his loving wife. Mccusker acknowledges the fact among the public that he is a dedicated husband. So, who is Matt Mccusker’s wife?

    Addressing several queries of the fans, here we will talk about Matt’s marriage life. Along with this, we will also look at his past relationships and several other facts about him.

    Key Takeaways

    • Matt is happily married to a Philadelphia-based police officer.
    • Matt McCusker’s wife is a former cheerleader and a forensic science expert.
    • Matt shares two daughters with his spouse.
    • McCusker was previously married to someone else and faced a traumatic divorce.
    • The McCusker family today lives in a decent house located in Philadelphia.

    Who is Matt McCusker’s Wife?

    Matt’s wife is Britanny McCusker, a Police Officer in the City of Philadelphia. Unlike her husband, Britanny lives a pretty private life.

    Matt is married to wife Britanny.
    Comedian Matt married Britanny around 5 years ago. Source: Facebook

    Despite her secrecy, she was the one who made their relationship public. Britanny first posted a picture along with her then-boyfriend and now-husband, Matt and it continued forever.

    McCusker’s Partner, Britanny is in Police

    According to her LinkedIn account, Britanny has been serving as a police officer since joining in September 2017. She primarily works as a forensic expert having graduated with a degree in Forensic Science.

    Matt McCusker spouse
    Matt’s wife is a graduate in Forensic Science.

    Prior to joining the force, McCusker’s wife was a cheerleader for the NBA team, Chicago Bulls. She worked as a professional cheerleader for a few years.

    How Did Matt Meet His Spouse? About their Marriage

    It is pretty unclear where and how the duo met. It has been said that Matt and Britanny started dating around the year 2018. Around was the same time when they started sharing each other’s pictures on social media.

    Matt and Britanny were in relationship in 2018
    The first picture Britanny shared with her then-boyfriend Matt in her Facebook account in 2018. Source: Facebook

    Besides, the couple has also not made it public when they actually married each other. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they committed to marriage soon after their relationship started around late 2018 or early 2019. Since then, the love birds have been inseparable.

    The Husband and Wife Duo Share Two Children Together

    The McCusker couple have two beautiful children. Britanny gave birth to their first daughter in 2020. Soon after that, on June 1, 2022, Matt was again blessed with his second beautiful daughter. He announced the birth of his second child through his Instagram.

    Matt McCusker wife and two daughters.
    Matt McCusker’s wife shares two beautiful daughters with his wife Britanny. Source: Instagram

    Matt continuously shares pictures and videos of his wife and daughters with sweet and funny captions. Despite such activeness in social media, the pair has made sure not to reveal the names of their kids.

    The Comedian Shares an Incredible Bond with His Wife and Kids

    Matt is a very proud husband and father. On his official website, he publicly shares that he is a s*xually dedicated husband. The comedian is not afraid to share his love and appreciation for the love of his life with the public. He also often plays small and funny pranks on his lie partner which she does not even find funny.

    In addition to this, Matt also appreciates his wife’s motherhood journey. He often writes funny and heartful on the occasion of Mother’s Day and shares candid photos of his wife with his children.

    Along with a great husband, McCusker is also a great father. Several fans consider the two children to be lucky to have a funny dad like Matt. Many comments how they wish that their father was Matt or as funny and incredible as him.

    Matt is a One-Time Divorcee: His Other Relationships

    Everyone has a bitter past and so does the happy comedian. Before Britanny, McCusker was married to someone else. There is a very few that the writer has opened up about the past relationship. But during his appearance in a podcast, he revealed about his ex-wife.

    McCusker shared and explained the experience of being divorced. The topic emerged as the comedian’s friend; Shane Gills revealed how he was the best man for Matt’s wedding with Britanny in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. He then mentioned how people get together but separate in no time.

    The conversation escalated and McCusker opened up that this was his second marriage. The writer further added how hard it was for him to move on from his first separation. He shared,

    It was a bad experience even if you’re not losing money.

    Where Do the McCusker Family Live?

    Matt is all settled in Philadelphia with his family of four. He owns a beautiful house in Melon St., Philadelphia, PA. The artist is in his early 40s at the time and is all settled with a decent amount of income.

    McCusker today lives a peaceful and healthy family life with his beautiful wife and cute children.