Who Is Margaret Likan Golding? Inside The Life Of Henry Golding’s Mother

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    Margaret Likan Golding is the mother of the charming actor Henry Golding who played the most loved character, Nick Young in the popular series, Crazy Rich Asians. Despite the wide popularity, Henry’s mother has lived a low-key life. But recently people can identify her through the pictures her son uploads.

    As a result, people have grown curious about the life of Margaret. Here, we will also dig into the interesting details about her personal as well as professional life.

    Key Takeaways!

    • The lovely relationship between Henry Golding and his mother Margaret Likan was highlighted in 2018 when the actor was seen styling his mom’s hair.
    • Henry’s Asian descent comes from his Malaysian mother.
    • Margaret has lived a very private life in Surrey, England along with her husband Clive and her three children, Ed, Jessica, and Henry.

    Margaret Likan Golding: Mother of Henry Golding

    Likan was born in Malaysia and holds Iban Dayak ancestry. Unlike her popular son Henry, Margaret has lived a life full of secrecy and is recognized only as a celebrity mom at present.

    Young Margaret Likan with her son Henry Golding.
    Likan gave birth to her son Henry in Malaysia.

    Due to the low-key life she lives, the exact age of Likan is also unknown. Along with this, other details about her birth and her family are not known until today.

    What Does Margaret Livan Do For a Living?

    Before getting married to Clive, Margaret used to work as a nanny in Brunie. She used to earn pretty well to live an independent life.

    But after getting married, she and her husband moved to Terengganu, Malaysia, resulting to which she had to live her professional life behind. Livan settled down as a housewife and a responsible mother for her children. She lived there for five years with her family after which they shifted to Surrey, England when her youngest child, Henry was eight years old.

    Margaret Fell In Love And Married A Man From Different Descent

    Margaret who was born and raised in Malaysia, moved to Brunie. There she met a Russian man, Clive Golding who was also new to the place. They soon started hanging out together and eventually fell in love with each other.

    Margaret Likan Golding with her husband Clive Golding.
    Likan has been in love with her spouse Clive for more than 40 years. Source: Instagram

    Only after a few months of dating, the two decided to get married and started their life somewhere in Asia.

    Likan Gave Birth To Three Children With Her Spouse Clive

    Soon after the marriage, Clive and Margaret started a family. She gave birth to their first child, Ed Golding following which their second child, daughter Jessica was born.

    In 1987, on February 5, their youngest son, Henry Golding was born. He is the most accomplished and popular of the Golding Family. In contrast to Henry, Likan’s two other children live a very lowkey life.

    The Golding Mother And Son Duo Shares Incredible Bond

    Margaret is supposedly in her 70s. Living a very private life until today, she often appears in her actor son, Henry’s social media profile. He often shares beautiful vacation pictures with Margaret and his dad.

    Along with Henry, Likan also shares a lovely connection with her daughter-in-law, Liv Lo. Similar to her, Liv also comes from an Asian background.

    Henry Even Styled His Mom’s Hair for the Crazy Rich Asians Premiere

    In 2018, artist Henry’s wife, Liv shared an admirable video of him styling his mom’s hair for the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians. He was seen using a round brush and a blow dryer and giving a cute hairstyle to his mom. The story blew up and everyone admired the relationship between them.


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    Later on the same date, Margaret along with Clive, Henry, and Liv attended the Red Carpet together. The family is living a wonderful and wealthy life at present.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Margaret Likan Golding
    Birth Place Malaysia
    Nationality Malaysian
    Ethnicity Iban Dayak
    Profession Nanny
    Height 4 feet 8 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Clive Golding
    Children Ed Golding, Jessica Golding, Henry Golding