Who Is Madelyn Cline’s Boyfriend In 2023? Her Future Husband And Marriage Plans

September 1, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    After Madelyn Cline’s breakup with Chase Stokes in 2021, a lot of curious minds are eager to know whether she’s got a new boyfriend. Well, yes, the ‘Outer Banks’ actress is now dating a singer & songwriter, whom fans are shipping as her potential future husband too.

    So, who is Madelyn Cline’s boyfriend? Do they have marriage plans? Get more on her relationship & details on her dating history.

    Key Takeaways

    • Madelyn is currently dating Jackson Guthy. Her bf is an American singer and songwriter.
    • Earlier, the Stranger Things actress was in a relationship with Chase Stokes whom she dated for a year.
    • She and her ex-boyfriend Chase Stokes were co-stars in the Netflix series Outer Banks.
    • She and Zack Bia were rumored to be dating, but the latter denied it.
    • According to Madelyn Cine’s astrological chart reading in 2023, she would get married in the next five years.

    Who Is Madelyn Cline’s Boyfriend In 2023?

    Cline is currently in a relationship with her singer & songwriter boyfriend Jackson Guthy. Born on March 19, 1996, Jackson began his career with the group North of Nine.

    The band has performed as an opener for acts such as One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, and 5 Seconds of Summer. After the band’s inactivity since 2016, Jackson has advanced his solo career and released songs like Two Little Lights, Giants, what if it’s not, and Like I Did.

    Dating Story Of Madelyn Cline & Her Boyfriend Jackson Guthy

    The duo have been allegedly dating since mid-2022. Their romance rumors started to rise after they were spotted together several times in California. By December 2022, Madelyn and Jackson were living together; she mentioned in an interview with The Cut that she shared her Malibu home with her boyfriend and dogs.

    Their dating story began even clearer, after Jackson Guthy shared a picture of him & Madelyn on his IG story on December 21, 2022, wishing her a 25th birthday.

    Madelyn Cline's boyfriend Jackson Guthy is a singer & songwriter
    Madelyn with her new boyfriend Jackson Guthy

    In a Cosmopolitan cover story in February 2023, Madelyn gushed about her healthy relationship stating she was “happily taken”. Even though she didn’t name her boyfriend at the time, it was evident that her beau was none other than Jackson.

    Cline Took Jackson As Her Date In ‘Outer Banks’ Premiere

    During the Season 3 premiere (on February 23, 2023) of Outer Banks, fans noticed Cline attending with Jackson as her date. They were spotted holding hands and kissing at the afterparty.

    How Did Cline and Her Bf Jackson Meet?

    Compared to her previous boyfriends, Cline is extremely private about her courtship with her current one, i.e. Jackson Guthy. However, there are claims that Madelyn’s love for music connected her to Guthy and they met a few months after her breakup with Outer Banks’ co-actor Chase Stokes.

    Is Madelyn Cline And Jackson Guthy Planning To Marry?

    Unfortunately for the hyped fans, the couple is in no hurry to hit the wedding bells. Apart from discussing their relationship, Madelyn and her beau Jackson have not discussed any marriage-related topics.

    Madelyn Cline is in a relationship with Jackson Guthy since mid-2022
    Madelyn Cline with her singer-songwriter boyfriend Jackson Guthy

    Cline discussed her reluctance to settle down in a Glamor interview in early 2023. While she envisions having children, she’s currently prioritizing her career. She also added more about how she has more to do and more to achieve more in the future.

    “I’ve always dreamed of being able to tell stories, and I think I’m really, really lucky to be able to do that in my career. This is my dream.  I just want to keep doing it. I want to keep working, and I feel lucky to be part of Glass Onion and Outer Bangs, and I want to keep working on really cool films. I want to look back at some point in the future when I’m ready to settle down and be like, “Okay, I’m Proud.”

    A 2023 Astrology Predicts Madelyn’s Marriage Within 5 Years

    On March 19, 2023, Glamour uploaded an astrology predicting video “Reading the Stars” where Madelyn got a complete reading of all of her astrological charts from astrologer Que Brandon. She discussed Cline’s past, present, and future and predicted that Madelyn would find a long-term partner, a spouse, and settle down within the next five years.

    So, Is Jackson The Future Husband Of Cline?

    As fans’ prediction has it, the American actress could potentially marry her boyfriend Jackson. But the future is unpredictable and in the current scenario, the idea of the duo being future husband & wife is fifty-fifty. Hopeful fans are in the wait for the wedding bells!

    Past Affairs; Madelyn Cline Previously Dated Chase Stokes

    The Outer Banks co-stars Cline and Stokes began dating in 2019 after getting to know each other on the set of the popular Netflix series. They made their relationship public in 2020. But after dating for over a year, in 2021, they decided to call it quits. Cline and her ex-boyfriend Stokes did not attend the Met Gala together in September 2021, which sparked rumors.

    Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes posed together in Outer Banks' Premiere
    Cline and Chase Stokes in Outer Banks’ Premiere

    According to an online source, Stokes and Cline’s breakup was caused by their inability to spend quality time together due to their hectic schedules. They continue to be friends and harbor no ill will toward one another. After sparking rumors with Guthy, Cline considered what her relationship with Stokes’ public persona had taught her.

     “It happened to be on a stage, but it taught me a lot about myself and what I want and also about, again, learning what I want to keep for myself — the things that I want to be selfish about.”

    Alleged-Boyfriends of Madelyn Cline

    • Ross Butler– People thought Madelyn was dating Rose Butler after her breakup with Chase Stocks. They were both seen spending time together and were spotted dancing together in Milan. Furthermore, after Butler posted flirtatious comments on her Instagram, fans grew more suspicious. However, the rumors subsided when the 13 Reasons Why alum told TMZ that he and Madelyn were just friends.
    • Zack Bia- A few days before her 24th birthday, photographers captured Madelyn dining with American DJ Zack Bia at the Giorgi Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. The suspicion of their relationship elevated when the twosome were seen together at a Los Angeles Lakers game in December 2021. But soon after, on the BFFs podcast, Bia refuted claims that they were just friends hanging out and having dinners.