Who is Lee Asher? His Girlfriend, Wife, & Gay Rumors

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    Lee Asher is one of the most renowned dog promoters in the world who has adopted more than 500 dogs. A passionate dog rescuer now travels all over the United States in a converted school bus (RV) with his 10 dogs. He also promotes dog adoption via his show “My Pack Life,” which premiered on Animal Planet in Feb 2022.  

    Besides, Asher also runs a registered non-profit sanctuary The Asher House in Estacada, Oregon along with his longtime business partner Luke Barton. Their close collaboration in dog adoption and sheltering over the years also raised questions if they are partners in real life. 

    So, let’s find out all the details about Lee Ahser’s gay rumors with Luke, his girlfriend in 2023, and more.

    Key Takeaways

    • Asher, a strong dog rescuer grew up in Florida with his parents.  
    • He had a corporate job with a six-figure salary before Lee discovered a new life. 
    • Lee also worked for Tony Robbins as one of his consultants. 
    • He raised about $57,000 through Kickstarter to buy an RV.  
    • Asher now runs a non-profit organization called The Asher House with his photographer partner Luke Barton. 
    • He also runs the show called My Pack Life which is yet to be renewed for the second season. 
    • Asher was once believed to be in a relationship with his alleged girlfriend Sydney Ferbrache. 
    • He has a net worth of $3 million as of 2023. 
    • In August 2023, Asher’s animal sanctuary The Asher House was hit by pneumonia.

    Who is Lee Asher?

    Asher is a corporate-job-holder-turned-dog-promoter. He is now living his dream, promoting dog adoption culture all over the world and turning his passion into building a sanctuary for pooches.

    Lee with parrot.
    Shirtless Asher.

    Further, since 2017, Lee has also been living a van life with his dogs and so far, the pet person has already traveled above 50 states all around the United States.

    Lee Asher Is The Host of My Pack Life

    Since Lee has embarked on a new life, the animal lover has been gracing people with both TV and his social media handles. He is the host of an Animal Planet and Discovery+ TV show ‘My Pack Life.’

    Premiered on February 13, 2022, the series first joined him on a 25-acre plot of land in Oregon. In the show, Lee documents his life as a traveler who has been on a journey with his 15 rescued dogs in an RV.

    Lee Asher
    Asher in front of the RV with his dogs.

    Besides, the former corporate trainer also runs the non-profit animal sanctuary called The Asher House. He formed it in Estacada, Oregon along with Luke Barton. On the official website of The Asher House, they wrote,

    “We rescue animals that have been discarded or unwanted, providing them with a life of comfort, love and adventure.”

    However, in August 2023, a pneumonia outbreak hit his sanctuary, which affected his 42 dogs.

    Besides, the TV star hosts the show Ruff Life With Lee Asher which follows Lee and his nine rescued dogs. Its first episode Mickey the Pom was released in August 2022.

    Lee Asher’s Relationship With Luke Barton

    Lee and Luke, a professional photographer have been working together for several years now. Their admirable work to save as many stray dogs as possible has been covered by several elite publications including The Washington Post.

    Lee Asher and Luke Barton
    Lee and Luke in TheEllenShow.

    After the duo made a huge buzz in the media for rescuing animals from different places, they also made their appearance in TheEllenShow in April 2019. In a brief interview with Ellen, the two talked about their first meeting and how they became interested in working together.

    Lee’s Busines Partner Luke Was Also In An RV When They Met

    The future business duo first came across each other when Luke was taking photographs of Lee’s dogs. At the time, Luke, a producer at LSB Photography, LLC was also living in an RV.

    Soon after their ideas and lifetime goals got matched, they decided to promote Lee’s RV tour together, promoting dog shelters across the country. And their very first target was to adopt at least one dog in every state.

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    At the time, the two traveled over 40 states with their ultimate goal of raising awareness of dog rescue. Further, as mentioned above, they now run an animal sanctuary Asher House together.

    After their close collaboration and frequent joint appearances in the media, fans started speculating if the two are also something in real life, leading many to believe them to be a gay couple.

    Are Lee and Luke Barton In a Gay Relationship?

    They aren’t in a gay relationship. As said above, people only started reading their closeness wrong after the two passionately worked together to rescue hundreds of dogs across the United States.

    It’s been over five years since they got started working together and their professional bonding is growing stronger day by day. They frequently share their RV life via their social media handles too.

    All in all, Lee and Luke are only professional mates. Talking more about Luke Barton, the passionate photographer who is now the owner of LSB Photography. Prior to that, Barton co-founded Walts Wellness CBD & Hemp Boutique from September 2019 to September 2020.

    Is Lee Asher Gay?

    No, Lee isn’t homosexual. We have already talked about how his gay rumors first emerged, but there is no concrete evidence to back such baseless speculations up.

    Further, the TV personality hasn’t also been in any kind of relationship with men so far.

    Asher Is a Former Corporate Job Holder

    Grew up in Delray Beach, Fla, Lee went to Arizona State University and majored in communications, with a minor in business. Soon after, the animal rescuer began working for Anthony Robbins Companies as a Senior Peak Performance Strategist.

    After working there for three years from April 2010 to July 2013, Lee landed another job as a leadership development manager at Community Loans of America. He was previously the founder of NoLimitFitness AZ.

    He Quit The Job in 2017 and Spent $2,500 a Month on Rent

    After quitting his six-figure corporate training job in September 2017, Lee spent some time without being associated with any companies. During his jobless time, the Florida native used to spend $2.5k a month on rent in Los Angeles.

    He later came up with the idea of van life and set a goal of generating about $40,000 via Kickstarter to buy a converted school bus. Eventually, Asher raised more than $57,000 and bought 37 feet long RV.

    Is He Married? If Yes, Who Is Lee Asher’s Wife?

    Born and raised in Florida, Asher doesn’t have a wife at present. Given that the TV personality has been the talk of the town for a long time, it is obvious that most of his fans are curious to know if Asher is settled down with anyone.

    However, the answer is Lee has yet to find his perfect soulmate.

    Lee Asher’s Girlfriend in 2023

    Like his marriage, there isn’t also a single hint of him being involved with a girlfriend as of 2023. But, in the past, the pooch lover was rumored to be in a relationship with a couple of girls.

    He was once said to have dated a girl named Ana Rubiolo. However, apart from the rumors, there isn’t any single concrete evidence to support it.

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    Was Sydney Febrach Ever Lee’s Girlfriend?

    There is the famous story that Asher allegedly dated Sydney around 2016 and gradually worked on several animal rescue projects. However, the two reportedly broke up in 2018. But the fact is Asher and Febrach’s romance story is entirely fake. In fact, Sydney was dating a different guy at the time.

    Lee’s Alleged Partner Sydney Instead Dated A Different Man

    Back then, Febrach was an events manager while her then-boyfriend was a chef. It was actually Sydney who also approached him to begin a van life. They soon bought an $18,000 Mercedes Benz Sprinter and then renovated it to make it easier for their outdoor life. “That was the start of how I discovered van life,” Fervrache told Insider.

    The two embarked on their road trip in Sept 2017 and they had been together for a year. While Febrach was pretty into the van life, her boyfriend wasn’t that fond of later. So, they had to part ways.

    Sydney with her new bf
    Sydney and her new partner.

    As of now, Sydney is dating a new partner named Henry Friedman. Like her, Henry is also a van lifer and rescuer.

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    What is Lee Asher’s Net Worth?

    He has a net worth of $3 million in 2023. He mostly makes money from his social media platforms. Lee has a YouTube channel The Asher House with nearly 500k subscribers.

    Furthermore, the rescuer has over 1.2 million followers as of 2023.

    Interesting Facts

    • He has now over 30 dogs, 13 pigs, 2 donkeys, 2 horses, and many more.
    • One of his fostered Koda, a Malamute died a few years ago.
    • He mostly lives in his house in Tahoe, California.
    • He runs Ruff Life With Lee Asher.


    What is Lee Asher’s nationality?

    His nationality is American.

    Who is the guy behind The Asher House?

    Asher co-founded it with his partner Luke Barton.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Lee Asher
    Birth Place Delray Beach, Fla
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Profession TV personality
    Net Worth $3 million
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single
    Spouse N/A