Who Is Lashana Lynch’s Husband? Married Life, Boyfriend And Past Affairs

September 6, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Lashana Lynch, the Captain Marvel actress, is undeniably a proficient acting figure and also a secret keeper who prefers low lights in her dating life and relationship. Amid the mystery of her love life, fans wonder if she is married to a husband or has a boyfriend.

    Leaving aside queries on her partner, there’s been speculation about her sexuality- especially after she entered the James Bond mainstream movies as the new “007” agent Nomi, a lesbian character, in No Time To Die (2021). What’s up with her relationship? Who’s her partner? Surf down for details.

    Key Takeaways

    • Lashana Lynch does not have a husband or a boyfriend at the moment.
    • She and her actor friend, Damola Adelaja, were rumored to be dating but seems they are best buds and nothing more.
    • Although Lynch is not open about her sexuality, she is a “gay icon” to her queer fans after her portrayal of Miss Honey in Matilda The Musical (2022).
    • She is to take over the Bond film franchise as the new 007 Nomi who is a lesbian character.

    Lashana Lynch’s Husband; Is She Even Married?

    The Woman King star, Lashana is not married officially yet, thus, she does not have a husband. So, it’s not wrong to say that amid rumors of her alleged secret marriage, the talented actress is far from being someone’s wife. She is currently enjoying her life on her own terms, bagging numerous huge roles in big-shot films.

    Talks of Lashana Lynch's husband is a mere rumor at the moment
    Lynch, the Brotherhood actress is not married yet

    Having said that, it’s a possibility that Lynch does not have time to commit to a marriage just yet. She has a very busy life as a celebrity who’s trying her very best to get to the very top. So, that’s likely a possibility as to why she has not married yet. Perhaps, when the right time comes, she will tie the knot with someone in the far (or even near) future.

    Who Is Lashana Lynch’s Boyfriend In 2023?

    Sadly, Lashana does not seem to have a boyfriend in 2023 and is assumed to be single. The BAFTA Rising Star Award-winner hardly ever mentions a partner (even if she does have one) in public.

    Furthermore, there also have never been hints of Lashana having a romantic partner as of now.

    Does Lashana Have Any Plan To Marry Soon?

    As the scenario seems, Lashana does not have plans to marry anytime soon. As mentioned earlier, she’s a busy woman. More recently, since she was announced the “new oo7”, Lashana has only limited hours in hand to give to herself, let alone a fully committed partner.

    On top of that, being possibly single, her chances of finding a husband & marrying right away are a far cry from reality. But it’s Hollywood, right? No one can anticipate what happens next– and so, she might come forth with a partner abruptly.

    Nevertheless, fans & well-wishers want the best for their favorite actress.

    Is Lynch Dating A Friend Of Hers Damola?

    For many years, Lynch was rumored to be dating a dear friend of hers, actor, Damola Adelaja. So, are they? Well, the answer is a big, NO!

    Lashana and Damola are nothing but best friends. Indeed the No Time to Die actress has made numerous posts dedicated to Adelaja, but all of those just mean a “friendly appreciation” toward her beloved friend.

    Lashana Lynch cozy posts with Damola Adelaja called in dating rumors
    Lynch with her friend Damola Adelaja whom many alleged was her boyfriend

    The relationship rumors arose after fans speculated warm pictures of the two on the actress’ Instagram. In 2012, Lashana posted a picture, hugging the guy, with the caption, “I love my boy @damola2000”. But, along with using #love, she also uses #friends, calling out that their bond is platonic. In that bargain, Damola Adelaja has also always reacted sweetly to Lashana’s posts.

    Over the years, she featured Adelaja on her IG profile though since 2019, no new no posts of them together are on display. The probable reason is that they may be busy with their career workouts and trying not to make a ruckus of dating rumors.

    Lashana Lynch’s Sexuality Unraveled: Is She Lesbian?

    Even if Lynch is very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, the 36-year-old star has never spoken out loud about her sexuality.

    However, many of her fans have assumed Lashana to be a lesbian. The assumption stems from more than one of her roles. For instance, the most recent speculation comes from her role as Nomi, a lesbian agent, in the new James Bond Movie.

    Lashana Lynch rumored to be a lesbian
    Lynch in her role as Nomi, the black lesbian agent. from the 2021 James Bond movie

    In addition, her character, Miss Honey from Matilda the Musical has been highly admired by the LGBTQ+ community. Looking at how Lashana portrays herself in the role, many have allegedly believed that she’s gay.

    Upon coming across this rumor, she was happy as well as bewildered. In an interview with EW, she stated it was a revelation to her and further added that her queer fans regarded the character Miss Honey as their “gay icon.”