Who Is Kim Petras Husband? Is She Married? Her Boyfriends and Dating History

August 27, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Kim Petras, a German singer, gained a lot of attention after winning the 2023 Grammy Awards for UnHoly. The openly transgender singer has gained a decent fanbase after she achieved the feat. Her new fanbase has shown curiosity about her relationship status. Many people have been looking up information about Kim Petras’ marriage and husband on the internet.

    So, What is Kim’s current marital status? Is she a married girl? Let’s look for answers to all of your questions in the sections below.

    Key Takeaways

    • Kim is not married and not involved in any relationship currently.
    • She wrote her single Broken after a big heartbreak.
    • Petras was rumored to be dating Canadian musician Tobias Jesso Jr.
    • Kim thinks marriage ruins the romance so she is not going to tie the knot so soon.
    • She also said that she is uncomfortable going on dates.

    Kim Petras’ Marital Status – Who Is Her Husband?

    At present, Kim is not married. Petras has never shied away from letting people into her private life, however, when it comes to her relationships, she has remained silent. She isn’t dating anyone openly, but there is a possibility that she is secretly seeing someone. Therefore, jumping to conclusions too soon is probably risky.

    Does Kim Petras Have Any Plans of Marriage?

    The Princess of Pop might never get married. She discussed how marriage was not for her during a question-and-answer session with interviewmagazine.

     “No, I never want to get married. I think marriage would ruin the romance. If I had to be with someone legally, I wouldn’t want them anymore.”

    Kim does not appear to be in a relationship. The German singer frequently posts images related to her album on her Instagram, but none of them give any hint to whether she is dating anyone or involved in any romantic relationships.

    Kim Petras in Grammy 2023
    Kim Petras is not dating anyone in 2023

    While her singing career has brought her fame, her romantic life has remained relatively private. Kim is reportedly single at the moment, according to sources.

    Petras Was Inspired To Write Her Single “Broken” by A Bad Breakup

    “Broken,” Kim Petras’ debut single, has achieved chart success and a tour that quickly sold out. She told People that her reality is now the opposite and the experience she faced has put her more in jeopardy in her new music. She also revealed her breakup with her unidentified boyfriend inspired her to write her single “Broken” which was released in 2019.

    Kim Petras's Single Broken released in 2019
    Kim Petras’s Single Broken released in 2019

    In her words,

    “I got through a really bad breakup. It just crushed me, I was starting to gain momentum on the radio and all this exciting stuff happened, but when I came offstage, I was really upset sometimes.

    She went on saying, “I felt really guilty for that, because I’m really grateful for the success I have, and I’ve worked so much for it.

    Who Is This Heartbreaker Boyfriend Of Kim Petras?

    Petras hasn’t revealed the name and talked much about her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. Nevertheless, Petras tweeted almost ten years ago around 2013 about meeting her first boyfriend and mentioned how awkward it was for her.

    Besides this, Kim has only ever spoken about moving on after a breakup and getting over the situation.

    Kim Petras Once Stated That Music Was Her Boyfriend

    Kim Petras began recording music when she was a teenager. She has really been passionate about music since her early days. What’s more, when asked about her dating life, the reputed singer stated she did not have time to date. She also mentioned dates were awkward for her and she preferred relationships that develop naturally.


    The pop star admitted it took a lot of effort for her to reach the point where she was preoccupied with her career. She added that music is just like her boyfriend and that she was happy with her life and did not want to date anyone at the time.

    Kim Petras’ Dating History

    Petras has never been afraid to open up about her private life, and her relationships have always piqued people’s interest. She came out as transgender when she was young, starting a remarkable journey of self-discovery. The media has closely followed her romantic endeavors, providing readers with a window into her love life.

    She was rumored to be dating model and actress Miles High in 2018, but neither party confirmed the romance. Besides, the Grammy winner dated actress and model Kate Harrison, but their romance sadly came to an end after a few months.

    Dating Rumors With Singer/Songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr.

    Several online tabloids claimed that Kim was dating Canadian singer/songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. However, there’s no evidence that they dated indeed.

    In fact, Tobias has been married to Emma Louise, a musician, since January 2019 and they are blessed with a child.