Who Is Kevin Hunter’s New Girlfriend? Is He Dating After Divorce From Ex-Wife?

September 8, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Kevin Hunter’s life & luck turned upside down after cheating & divorcing his then-wife & talk show host Wendy Williams. But it seems bad karma got him- he not only got stuck in debt but also his mistress & baby mama Sharina Hudson left him. Does he have a new girlfriend now?

    Back in the day, according to his former spouse Wendy, Hunter had different mistresses. So, fans wonder if the former producer got into a new relationship after his recent split. Also, curious eyes are longing to know the reason for his split with Hudson. Stick with us for answers.

    Key Takeaways

    • Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of The Wendy Williams Show host Wendy Williams.
    • He was Wendy’s second spouse whom she married after her divorce from her first husband Bert Girigorie.
    • The former couple has a son named Kevin Samuel.
    • Hunter and Williams divorced in 2020 after 22 years of marriage following the former’s infidelity.
    • Kevin cheated on his wife with Sharina Hudson and welcomed a daughter with the latter.
    • Hunter and Hudson broke up in the summer of 2023.
    • As of now, he doesn’t have plans for a new relationship.

    Kevin Hunter’s New Girlfriend: Is He Dating In 2023?

    No, Hunter is not seeing any girlfriend at the moment and is presumed single. So, those who know that he left his wife for his mistress (also former fiancee), might be wondering where is she, right? Well, as reports confirm, the two of them have called it quits already and he is a newly single man in town.

    It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Kevin ever since his infidelity became hot news in 2019. From his bitter divorce with Wendy and now being kicked out by his so-called fiance Sharina, he seemingly is processing himself.

    According to several reports, he is “broke and alone”, with no love (and money) to look forward to. Many say bad karma got him!

    Hunter’s Was Living With Finacee Sharina Hudson

    Before his mistress & the mother of his daughter Sharina Hudson left him, the two lived with their 0-year-old daughter in their Florida house. They moved into the $795k home in 2020, following Hunter’s divorce from his then-wife Wendy Williams, leaving his son with her behind.

    When Did Kevin Hunter & Ex-Girlfriend Sharina Begin Dating?

    There is no certain answer about the beginning of their relationship, but sources report that they began seeing each other around the mid-2000s.

    Kevin's ex-girlfriend-turned-fiancé, Hudson is a vegan chef
    Former mistress-turned-girlfriend, Hudson with her ex-fiance, Hunter

    According to Kevin’s ex-wife, Hudson came between her marriage with her hubby around 5 years of their marriage. Shockingly enough, the TV broadcaster knew about the cheating, yet she did not divorce Hunter until 2019. During a SiriusXM interview, she said,

    “He’s had this side girl for almost 15 years of our marriage. I’ve known about her almost since the beginning.”

    Engagement With A $80K Ring

    Around late October 2021, Hudson was seen flaunting her $80,000 engagement ring. As per The US Sun, the former executive producer bought the ring before his ex-wife went into a health crisis. Perhaps, around the same time he even asked his mistress to marry him.

    Father Of A Daughter With Hudson

    The news of Kevin Hunter’s infidelity rocked the news in 2019 after the reports of impregnating Sharina came forth. The two welcomed their daughter, Journey, the same year. Due to privacy concerns, she’s been kept off the radar. However, time and again, paparazzi have caught the man strolling around with his baby girl in his arms.

    Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson gave birth to their daughter in 2019
    Hunter with his “love child” and alleged mistress

    Why Did Hunter And Hudson Break Up?

    After spending 2 decades together, Hudson and Hunter went on separate paths in July 2023. The main reason for their separation is reported to be his decreasing finances.

    Due to Williams’s deteriorating health, she stopped working on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. Due to this reason, she stopped paying alimony money to her former hubby. This, in turn, led him to drown in debt & hence, his current relationship failed.

    According to several reports, Sharina Hudson kicked her fiance out of their Florida home after the judge denied his request for continued alimony. Last we heard, he had to sell his own home to pay the bills as well.

    So, not willing to take care of her “good for nothing” fiance, Hudson broke off her engagement with Kevin. Since then, he’s deleted all the pictures he had with his lover from his social media handles. Sharina, on the other hand, is a single mom making things work as an owner of a vegan restaurant and designer in South Florida.

    Kevin’s Married Life With Wendy Williams

    In 1994, Wendy Williams came across the man who would later become her husband. The two of them dated for 5 years before the former love birds tied the knot on 30 November 1999. After the marriage, Wendy even changed her last name to “Hunter”; it legally remains the same to this date.

    Popular TV show host and broadcaster, Wendy Williams was Kevin Hunter's 1st wife
    Kevin posing with his ex-wife, Wendy

    Kevin and his famous spouse did not have a smooth marriage. As mentioned earlier, he was mingling with Sharina Hudson on the side for as long as 15 years of his marriage with Wendy.

    Welcomed A Son After Multiple Miscarriages

    The former duo also suffered multiple miscarriages. Finally, on 18th August 2000, they became parents to their only son, Kevin Samuel. Alas, even their baby boy could not bring his parents together.

    In favor of Hunter, this marriage worked out best for his career in showbiz. If not for Williams, he would not have had the opportunity to start his managerial career as well as his role as the executive producer of her show.

    The Reason For Kevin Hunter & Ex-Wife Wendy Williams’s Divorce

    For over a decade, the TV host knew that her husband was sharing her love with another woman. However, she did not act upon this fact immediately. As a matter of fact, for 15 long years, Williams knew about Hudson but she only took action when she heard that he impregnated the mistress.

    The news shattered her heart. Following this, Wendy filed for divorce in April 2019, citing “irreconcilable differences”. It was finalized only on January 21, 2020.

    Alimony Payment

    Since the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, and Williams was the breadwinner, she had to provide Kevin with hefty alimony money.

    However, as per the agreements, she was only asked to pay until she worked. So, when she put her career aside due to health reasons, Hunter’s alimony dried up. As a result, along with losing his house and being unable to pay the bills, he lost his baby girl and fiance as well.

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    What Are His Plans For His Love Life In The Future?

    As far as we can tell, Hunter might stay single for a while. Immediately following his divorce, he ended up engaged to his mistress-turned-girlfriend. It goes without saying that the businessman has been in a relationship for most of his life.

    So, although we’re not very certain, he might explore life as a single man for a while. But, who knows, as he moved on, he might meet someone new as well. We just have to wait and see.