Who Is Kendall Toole Boyfriend? Is She Married?

April 20, 2023   | April 20, 2023  | 

    Kendall Toole is a fitness enthusiast and renowned public figure with a massive Instagram fan following. In addition to her growing popularity, many of her fans wonder to know about Kendall Toole’s boyfriend.

    Well, her boyfriend is Joseph Nicholas. Let’s explore further their relationship, how long have they been dating, and more in the following article. Also, know what does Kendall’s boyfriend Joseph do for a living?

    Who is Kendall Toole Boyfriend?

    Her beau Joseph Nicholas is a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical, a medical technology company that provides healthcare solutions. Kendall’s boyfriend Joseph first landed the job at the company in August 2016 as a medical device territory manager and has since held a few other positions at Avanos Medical.

    Toole’s partner Nicholas was a global sales trainer of performance and development from April 2020 to April 2021 and an ambIT sales specialist from April 2021 – Jun 2022.

    Did Kendall Toole Meet Her Boyfriend Joseph in 2020

    Toole and her partner Joseph have been dating since 2020. The first time the fitness guru shared her beau’s photo was in Sept 2020 from their New York, New York trip. There, the two were seen enjoying some gorgeous waterfalls.


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    Talking about their first meeting, the loving couple first came across while on a vacation to El Salvador. Kendall was the first who shared about their encounter on her Insta with a lengthy caption,

    “I’m a very private person, but when someone is this incredible, it’s been hard to keep it a secret. So here’s to 6 months of meeting you, in Central America.”

    Kendall and her bae. 

    Coming up to 2023, it’s been about three years since the two began dating and their relationship still looks so stronger.

    Kendall’s Trip To Exotic Destinations With Her Boyfriend

    Both Kendall and her bae Joseph love to explore nature vehemently. Speaking of which, the boyfriend and girlfriend have already explored several beautiful destinations all around the United States over the years.

    As said above, the couple for the first time appeared together in New York, enjoying some eye-catching waterfalls in 2020. The following year in June, Toole and her bae Joseph had a week-long vacation in Palm Springs, California.

    The Instagram star also shared some beautiful photos of the duo from their trip on her Insta with the caption,

    “A little vacation week home in my soul’s special place, SoCal, with @joetribe27 and his family and mine is exactly the best medicine. Adventure is everything. Seeing something new, changing your landscape, getting into nature and connecting on a human-level (so so SO many laughs) is what it’s all about.”

    Toole and her partner Joseph. 

    They Also Went To Zion National Park

    In October 2021, Toole and her beau Nicholas made their trip to Zion National Park, in Utah. Kendall took an Instagram to tribute to their beautiful hike in Utah and wrote that the trip “tested me more mentally than physically.” She further wrote,

    “I swear this hike was as much about teaching me what I am capable of by focusing on one step at a time and getting into my breath.”

    Kendall with her boyfriend. 

    A few months ago in June, the adorable duo went to Joshua Tree National Park, a national park in California.

    It looks like they both love to travel and explore new adventures.

    Kendall Toole Boyfriend Joseph Nicholas’ Did Work For Several Companies

    Like Toole, her bae Joseph has already worked for a handful of organizations. Nicholas first landed a job at Velocity Sports Performance as a center director/athlete recruiter from Jan 2008 to April 2009.

    He spent the next year plus eight months working as a general manager/sales manager at Lava Sport & Fitness, in San Diego, California. Furthermore, from March 2011 – March 2012, Kendall’s boyfriend was a diabetes sales representative at Eli Lilly and Company.

    Nicholas was a medical device sales representative at LifeScan for over a year. He likewise held the same role at Arthrex for ten months from Feb 2013 to Nov 2013 as well as at Smith & Nephew for over two years.

    Are Kendall and Her Partner Joseph Planning to Marry?

    The couple is now together for over three years. There have also been some rumors that Kendall and her long-time partner Joseph also got engaged to be married.

    However, neither of the parties has yet to confirm the speculations.