Who is Kayce Smith Dating? Who is She Expecting Her First Child With?

January 4, 2023   | January 4, 2023  | 

    Sportscaster Kayce Smith is famous not only among football lovers but also among netizens because of the aura she displays over her socials. Smith, who loves sharing her work life with her fans, doesn’t readily share her personal life in public. In a way, she knows how to stay away from being a topic of gossip on the internet.

    That said, Kayce Smith’s boyfriends and relationship status are always hot topics among gossipmongers. Besides, a lot of her fans want to know things about her love life for a long time.

    So, today at HTown, we have compiled all the things you’d like to know about Kayce Smith’s boyfriend, relationships, and many more topics from her love life. Let’s jump in!

    Kayce Smith Boyfriend in 2023 – Is She Dating Nathan Sebesta?

    Smith is pretty active on socials like Instagram and Twitter where she shares a lot of pictures, however, none of them have a slight connection to her love life and relationships. Her private nature has raised curiosity about her current boyfriend among her fans. So, who is she dating actually? Is she dating Nathan Sebesta?

    Well, if you google the query, you might come across the name Nathan Sebesta as her boyfriend, however, we assure you that Kayce and Nathan aren’t dating at all. She is indeed in a relationship in 2023, but she hasn’t revealed her boyfriend’s identity in the public and at present, uncovering Smith’s boyfriend is far-fetched.

    For a fact, Kayce and Nathan were previously in a relationship which might have led online tabloids to believe the former pair are still in a relationship. Even though it’s vague when Smith and Sebesta started dating and how long they remained together before parting ways, we can confirm that they were together during 2012-2014. Back then, the Barstool sportscaster had shared a couple of photos with her then-beau. One of the pictures she uploaded was in April 2014.

    Kayce Smith and Nathan Sebesta dated for some years in the past
    Kayce Smith and Nathan Sebesta dated for some years in the past

    “Perfect day with @NathanSebesta before I leave for Indianapolis ❤️,” Smith wrote in the caption.

    Smith’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Sebesta is Happily Married with a Child

    Kayce Smith’s ex-bf Nathan is a happily married man as of 2023. He has been married to his wife, Rylie Sebesta since August 1, 2020. Both the husband and wife have updated each other’s relationship status on their respective Facebook accounts.

    Nathan’s wife, Rylie is a licensed service assistant who works under her husband Nathan at Access Benefit Services LLC. In fact, the couple first met at their office back in 2018 when both of them were new a the organization. Soon after, they started dating and just a year later, the pair got engaged during their vacation to Paris in October 2019.

    Kayce Smith's ex-boyfriend Nathan Sebesta is happily married to his wife Rylie Sebesta
    Kayce’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Sebesta married his wife Rylie Sebesta in 2020

    The husband and wife are also blessed with a baby girl. They gave birth to their daughter, Ava Blyss Sebesta on September 12, 2021. A day after Nathan and Rylie welcomed their baby girl, the baby mama announced the news through Facebook with a couple of photos of the newborn.

    Kayce Smith is Pregnant with Her First Child – Who is The Baby Father?

    Yes, you read that right. Kayce Smith is going to be a mother soon in 2023. Smith, who is notorious for keeping almost all of her personal life secret, said she only revealed this news because she could no longer pretend to be normal. Back on August 20, 2022, Smith revealed her pregnancy in a lengthy article on the Barstool Sports website.

    In the article, Smith revealed she was exhausted of fake drinking in public or at functions as all of her friends and colleagues knew she loved red wine and vodka shots. She also gushed she and her boyfriend were thrilled to learn about their pregnancy. However, she didn’t reveal who the baby’s father is.

    Sportscaster Kayce Smith is pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend
    Kayce Smith is pregnant with her first child, she hasn’t revealed her boyfriend’s identity

    We both immediately knew this baby was changing our lives in the best way possible,” mentioned Smith how she and her boyfriend felt after finding out the result of the pregnancy test.

    Meanwhile, the sportscaster didn’t hesitate to applaud the baby daddy. In her words,

    “I never thought I deserved (let alone would find) somebody so unbelievable. As cheesy as it sounds, he fully loved me while I learned to love myself again and I know he’s going to be an amazing dad.”

    Moreover, she also emphasized that she was planning to keep her baby out of the public eye as much as she could and she hoped her fans will support her decision.

    Kayce Smith is due in February 2023.

    What About Kayce’s Other Relationships?

    As Kayce Smith describes herself, she loves to keep her private life separate from her professional life. That is the one main reason she shares nothing other than her professional life in public despite being a television worker. Ergo, there are few details about her relationships and boyfriends.

    To be honest, we found nothing much about her relationships besides her being involved with financial planner Nathan Sebesta and her current relationship with her mysterious boyfriend.