Who Is Julie Bowen’ Boyfriend? Her Marriage & Relationships

August 11, 2023   | August 15, 2023  | 

    Julie Bowen’s character on the show “Modern Family” has earned the heart of many individuals. Her skillful depiction of a mother with three children has sparked curiosity among fans about the nature of her real-life marriage and her boyfriend.

    So, what is her relationship status in 2023? Does Julie have kids?

    Key Takeaways

    • Julie currently doesn’t have a boyfriend and has taken a step back from getting into a relationship with anyone.
    • She was married to her ex-husband, Scott Phillips and they had three sons together during their marital union.
    • Julie and Scott have 50-50 custody of their children and Scott provides both spousal and child support,
    • The actress was rumored to be dating her co-star, Nolan Gould after she made a lighthearted comment about going out with him.
    • Despite being a straight woman, she revealed that she was in love with a woman but didn’t get the same response back.
    • Bowen has a crush on Harry Styles and Pedro Pascal.

    Who Is Julie Bowen’s Boyfriend?

    At present, Julie Bowen is single and not involved in any romantic relationships. During a 2022 interview with guest host Adam DeVine on The Ellen Show, she openly acknowledged her single status, revealing that she has taken a deliberate step away from the dating scene.

    Julie does not have a boyfriend.
    Julie isn’t dating a boyfriend right now.

    In a lighthearted manner, she even joked about entering a phase of “dating retirement” and that her dog, Gertrude Stein was her retirement gift.

    Julie Bowen Was Previously Married To A Real Estate Investor

    Julie was previously in a marital relationship with Scott Phillips. Her ex-husband Scott holds professions as a real estate investor and software developer. As for their wedding, the former flames walked down the aisle on September 9, 2004 and they remained united for a span of 14 years before parting ways in 2018.

    Bowen was previously married to Scott Phillips.
    Bowen is a divorcee.

    They announced their decision to separate in February 2018 and their divorce was finalized on 13th September of the same year.

    Remarkably, despite separating, the former couple has managed to maintain a strong bond and peacefully co-parent their kids.

    Julie Has Three Children With Her Ex-Husband

    Bowen and her ex-hubby Scott had three children together during their marriage. Their eldest child, Oliver McLanahan Phillips, entered the world in April 2007. Following this, a pair of twins, Gustav Phillips and John Phillips, were born to the actress in May 2009.

    Julie has three kids.
    Julie is a mother of three kids.

    They Share Equal Custody of Their Kids

    After their divorce, Scott and Julie share joint custody of their children. As part of their arrangement, Phillips provides both spousal and child support, ensuring the well-being of their kids.

    In an intriguing twist, while filming the first season of “Modern Family“, she was pregnant with twins and the crew found different clever ways to hide her baby bump.

    Interestingly, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on May 5, 2016, Julie was challenged to identify her children solely by touching their faces. She managed to identify two of her kids but stumbled on recognizing one of her twins, John.

    Bowen Got Plastic Surgery After Her Twins Ripped Her Stomach

    When giving birth to her twins, her stomach experienced tearing and after 11 years, she underwent plastic surgery to “fix” it. Although the precise details of the procedure are unspecified, it is known that she had a tummy tuck as part of the process.

    Julie Bowen Was Rumored To Be Dating Nolan Gould

    There are speculations regarding her relationship with Nolan Gould, her on-screen son on “Modern Family“. The rumors started after she joked about going out with him in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on 22 March 2023.

    She jokingly said:

    “Nolan’s now 24, he’s good-looking. When the show started, he was 11 and now I’m dating him.”

    Julie and Nolan were rumored to be dating.
    Julie kisses Nolan on the cheeks.

    Further, she compared her and Nolan’s situation to “The Brady Brunch“, where one of the actors, Carol Brady, dated her on-screen son, Greg Brady in real life. However, her remark was intended as a joke and she is not actually involved in a relationship with Gould.

    Her Past Boyfriends

    David Spade

    In 2002, Julie and actor David Spade had a romantic involvement. However, their relationship came to an end after a year of dating, with the former couple deciding to go their separate ways in 2003.

    Furthermore, she holds the perspective that while Spade is a wonderful individual and a supportive friend, he might not have excelled in the role of a boyfriend.

    Romeo Miller

    Bowen and rapper Romeo Miller were speculated to be dating in May 2011. The rumors started after people saw them attending the film premiere of “Jumping The Broom” in Los Angeles. However, neither of them confirmed the dating rumors.

    Despite Identifying As Straight, She Was Once In Love With A Woman

    In an episode of her “Quitters” podcast in November 2022, she revealed that she was once romantically attracted to a woman for a while but the woman didn’t love her back.

    Bowen is straight.
    Bowen liked a woman despite being straight.

    Despite the emotional connection, she asserted that her sexual orientation is straight and has remained so throughout her life.

    During the podcast episode, the actress further talked about that particular woman:

    “She liked women but she didn’t like me in that way. It never really took off so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”

    She Shares About Her Celebrity Crushes

    In the previously mentioned interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Julie opened up about her crush on Harry Styles. She further added that she is currently crushing on Pedro Pascal because he is more age-appropriate and has a higher chance of getting with him than Harry. In contrast, Jacob Elordi has claimed that he has a crush on Bowen.

    Julie Bowen And Her On-Screen Husband’s Chemistry Is Excellent

    In the show “Modern Family“, Bowen plays the role of Claire Dunphy. And she has a great relationship with her on-screen husband, Phil Dunphy, played by Ty Burrell. The show depicts them as a couple that is both romantic and friendly.

    Julie and Ty are kissing on the lips.
    Julie and her co-star, Ty Burrell.

    Despite having different personalities, Phil and Claire make a great couple. And just like their characters, Julie and Ty have a great relationship outside of the show.