Who Is John Wickersham? Facts About Emily Wickersham’s Father

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    John Wickersham gained popularity as the father of actress Emily Wickersham. He is not just a father but an amazing artist and a talented businessman. Wickersham who is a native of Kansas state, moved to New York with his family to build a new better life.

    Let us tell you about the head of the Wickersham Family who has his own story to tell today!

    John Wickersham Grew Up In Kansas

    John was born to her mother Alice Anderson Wickersham and her father Price Wickersham in the state of Kansas. He also has an older sister who goes by the name of Joan Wickersham Papineau.

    His father Price was said to be a very sweet man who used to help people in need and reportedly worked as an electrical engineer.

    John Wickersham with family
    John Wickersham with his full family.

    His mother Alice was one of the 5 sisters to her parents. Her father was Isadore Anderson who was the first anesthesiologist for St. Luke’s Hospital and was also the first person in their family to graduate from the University. He was also the first basketball coach at the University of Missouri.

    Emily Wickersham’s Father John Wickersham Has An Arts Degree.

    John studied at Shawnee Mission North for his secondary education. He was in the class of 1969. Furthermore, for his higher education, he enrolled in Kansas University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has shown his love for arts as he also does arts side by side along with his professional work.

    He Is In The B2B Business At Present

    He started his journey of B2B business first in 1978 in Kansas and Chicago where he worked for Intertec Publishing which is now a part of Penton Media as a Group Publisher. His work as a Group Publisher was to manage a wide variety of B2B media titles in the agricultural, landscaping, telecom, and manufacturing markets. He worked for 11 years in Intertect Publishing.

    John Wickersham has been in the b2b business for 4 decades.
    John Wickersham has been in the B2B business for over 40 years.

    After moving to New York in 1990 with his family he was a President & CEO of Bill Communication for 7 years. In Bill Communications, he was backed by a private equity sponsor and even led a $60 million B2B media company.

    He didn’t just work for Bill Communications as President & CEO, he also worked in the same position at a company named VNU Business Media which is now a part of Nielsen Company for 3 years. In VNU, he led VNU’s U.S. business-to-business media operations.

    Recently, John has been a Partner of Atwood Capital Partners. The company is a successor to The Van Tulleken Company and Quayle Munro). He has been working as a partner for his company for 11 years where he arranges buy-sell transactions between information technology companies with special emphasis on B2B media, education, and professional publishing sectors.

    Wickersham Is Married To A Wonderful Lady

    John married the love of his life, Amy Wickersham on the day of May 31, 1982. The lovely pair might have been married for more than 40 years but the love they share is still the very same and is also an example to their children. As mentioned above, John moved to New York after having their children Emily and Adam in 1990.

    John and his wife Amy share the same love for art. His wife is a professional artist and loves doing what she does. The couple had their first child who is also a famous actress Emily on April 26, 1984. Just a few years later they had their youngest son Adam on May 20. He is a professional photographer and lives a low-key life.

    John’s Daughter is a divorcee

    John’s daughter amassed her popularity through her acting career but she was once in the spotlight due to one of her relationships. She was once married to the front face of Ghostlion named Blake Anderson Hanley. They got married in 2010 and lived their life together until 2018 which was when they decided to part ways.

    Blake was very close to his now ex-wife’s family as they were seen together on vacations many times. Both John and his wife Amy still have pictures of Blake and their daughter. Blake has since moved on in his life and has gotten married to a beautiful Lady named Mumbi and has a daughter named Muoni.

    His Daughter Found a New Love

    Just like Blake, John Wickersham’s daughter Emily has found herself a new love and even has a son from her new relationship. She is in a relationship with her partner James Bage Dale. They both have a son together named Cassius Wickersham Dake. John’s grandson Cassius was born on December 30, 2022.

    Emily Wickersham and James Bage Dale
    John’s daughter Emily with her partner James.

    The new couple seem to have each other high on the priority list. Both of them thank each other for being in their lives and making their lives better every day. The adorable couple are not hiding their relationship as they are mostly always on each other’s Instagram Feed.

    John Wickersham’s Networth

    John’s net worth is more than $1 million, which he amassed through his career in B2B business. Furthermore, his wife has a net worth of $500k and his daughter is worth $6 million as of 2023.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name John Wickersham
    Popular Name John
    Birth Place Kansas, USA
    Birthday June 4, 1954
    Age 69 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Price Wickersham
    Mother Alice Anderson Wickersham
    Siblings Joan Wickersham Papineau
    School Shawnee Mission North
    College Kansas University
    Profession Business Man
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 6'1
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Amy Wickersham
    Children 2 Emily Wickersham, Adam Wickersham