Who Is Jamiko Vaughn? Inside The Life Of Warren Sapp’s Ex-Wife

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    Jamiko Vaughn, or Jamiko Sapp, is the ex-wife of Warren Sapp, a former NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They were married for nine years. During the union, the two also produced two children. Jamiko was once the wife of one of the best defensive tackles that the NFL ever had.

    Despite that, Sapp and Vaughn separated but their parting wasn’t quite amicable. It came with a bit of drama. Furthermore, even after the couple’s divorce, the messiness continued. Read on to see what really happened. Along the way, also learn more about Jamiko including her parents, what she is doing now, and even her current marriage.

    Jamiko Vaughn’s Father Was In The Army

    Vaughn was born Jamiko Rene Vaughn on Feb 26, around the year, 1976. Her father James Robert Vaughn, Jr, who died in Nov 2013, was a retired sergeant major and served in the army for 30 years.

    After his retirement, James worked for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and in his later years, he worked as an advocate in addition to working as a National Veteran Appeals Officer for the NCOA of the USA.

    Jamiko Vaughn in Jan 2021
    Warren Sapp’s ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn. Instagram

    Similarly Jamiko’s mother Maggie Florence, on the other hand, is a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

    Jamiko Vaughn And Her Ex-Husband Warren Sapp’s Story Began When The Latter Was Still A Rookie

    As per the reports the retired defensive tackle, Warren, and Jamiko met during the former’s rookie season. For the first date, the couple went to an African arts festival. Interestingly, Vaughn didn’t know that Sapp was an NFL footballer when she first met him. In fact, when the then Buccaneers no. 99 told Jamiko that he had to be at the hotel at 6 pm, she would ask if he was working the night shift. The NFL veteran would respond to her by saying that he was a former CIA employee.

    The couple married in 1998 and the wedding was one of the highly publicized ceremonies of that year. Sapp at the time was still playing for the Buccaneers. He and the army man’s daughter exchanged vows during a Pro Bowl celebration in Hawaii in the gazebo of the Ihilani Resort.

    Warren Sapp's ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn with her daughter at her graduation in Dec 2021
    Jamiko Vaughn and her daughter Mercedes at her graduation. Instagram

    The same year, the couple had their first child, a daughter Mercedes. Then in 2000, the 2013 Hall Of Fame inductee and his ex-wife welcomed a son Warren Carlos II in 2000. Similar to her ex-husband, Jamiko’s son, Warren II is also a football player. He plays college football for the Florida Atlantic Owls as an inside linebacker. The ex-NFL Wag’s daughter, Mercedes, on the other hand, played soccer for the University of North Florida.

    Sapp’s Unfaithfulness Led To His Separation From Jamiko Vaughn

    Sapp and Vaughn separated in 2003. Their divorce however wasn’t finalized until 2007. It is not exactly clear why the two decided to end their marriage but it reportedly had to do with the ex-footballer’s infidelity. He apparently cheated on the mother of his children multiple times. According to the book, When The Cheering Stops: Life After The NFL, the year he married Jamiko, Sapp started a relationship with Chantel Adkins, a former basketball player. They apparently used to see each other and would fly back and forth to Tampa and New Jersey. Sapp even fathered two children with Adkins, Jaelon Austin, and Autumn.

    In the divorce settlements, Vaughn got some estates of Sapp. In addition, she also received the custody of her children and a monthly child support of $13,186 for each of her kids. The execution of the settlements however wasn’t normal. Warren skipped several payments to the mother of his children.

    Vaughn once even took Sapp to court over a $3 million he owed to her in child support. According to the Central Florida graduate, the ex-Miami Hurricanes only paid around $8000 out of the total amount, reported TMZ in 2015.

    Where Is Jamiko Vaughn Now; Is She Married?

    It is unclear where Vaughn is exactly in the present or what she does. Some public records suggest the late major’s daughter is residing in Boca Raton, Florida. She also is presumed to be looking after her two children, Mercedes and Warren.

    As for whether she is married and has a new husband or not is a bit of a mystery.

    Some old documents show that after the divorce from Sapp, Jamiko moved into a mansion in Windermere, Florida, previously owned by her children’s father. The mother of two however had to leave the property as it was auctioned off to compensate Sapp’s debt. Afterward, Jamiko moved into a new apartment.

    Jamiko Vaughn with her son, Warren Sapp II in Feb 2019
    Warren Sapp’s ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn and their son, Warren Sapp II in Feb 2019. Instagram

    Since then, Maryland native has turned into a somewhat behind-the-times figure. Vaughn nonetheless is on Instagram and she does share just about everything that is going on in her life. As such, in Dec 2021, the retired footballer’s former wife revealed she graduated from the University of Central Florida through her Ig post. Vaughn likes to post about her family and friends. Through her feeds, the mother of two occasionally shows what her two children are up to.

    Vaughn, however, hasn’t stated anything on whether she is married or not. Again looking on her Instagram, the footballer’s ex-wife appears pretty much single. While she has a decorated moblog, the Boca Raton resident is yet to appear alongside what can be assumed as a significant other.

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