Who Is Estelle Staley? Untold Details on Dawn Staley’s Late Mother

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    Estelle Staley is the late mother of an American basketball Hall of Fame player Dawn Staley (aka Dawn Michelle Staley). Her daughter is currently the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team. Dawn has been coaching South Carolina since 2008.

    Sadly, the celebrity mom, Estelle died at the age of 74 in the year 2017. The celebrity mama who struggled a lot to raise her children battled with Alzheimer’s during her old age which also led her to death.

    Estelle Staley Was A South Carolina Native; Her Nationality

    Estelle was born ‘Estella Anthony’ on 5 January 1946 in South Carolina, the United States of America. She was an American citizen and belonged to Afro-American ethnic background.

    Similarly, she grew up in her hometown alongside her ten siblings. She had five brothers named Aaron Anthony, Carl Anthony, Charles Anthony, Dennis Anthony, Elijah Anthony, and Hercule Anthony. Further, she also had sisters Patricia Davis, Margaret Anthony, Marylee Smith, and Verneatha Austin.

    Dawn Staley's mama Estella Staley, a celebrity mother
    Dawn Staley’s mother Estella. Source: Dawn’s Instagram

    While she was still a teenager, she moved out of her native place, South Carolina, and settled down in North Philadelphia.

    Dawn Staley’s Mother Estelle Staley Was A Cleaner And Caretaker 

    Talking about her profession, the late Estella worked as a cleaner. In an interview with USA Today, her famous daughter mentioned her job when she was asked: “What paved her way.” Addressing the question, she said,

    I grew up in the housing projects of North Philadelphia, with a mother who was a disciplinarian, who cleaned toilets in other people’s houses to make a way for her five children. Her faith paved the way for me.

    Side by side, Staley also used to work as a caretaker for elderly people on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

    Estelle Staley Was Wife To Her Husband Clarence Staley

    Estella tied the knot with her husband Clarence Staley while she was still very young. Though their exact marriage detail is unavailable at this moment, as per sources, they got married in the early 1960s.

    Since both were South Carolina natives, they probably met somewhere in their hometown. In the late 1950s, both of them shifted to North Philadelphia where their love blossomed, and the two walked down the aisle.

    From their marriage, the former couple welcomed their five children and shifted into a three-bedroom, single-bath row house in 1967 so that they could raise their kids in a good environment. Estella was by the side of her hubby Clarence till his death.

    Estelle’s Spouse Is No Longer Alive; When Did He Die?

    Like Estelle, her hubby Clarence Staley is also no longer alive in the world. He died back in 2006. Before death, he lived with a disability for several years after surviving a heart attack two times.

    Before becoming disabled, Clarence worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, jackhammering pavement for 22 years. To run his family smoothly, he also did a part-time job as a carpenter.

    Staley Was A Mother To Five

    From her matrimonial relationship with her late hubby, Estelle became a mother of three sons named Lawrence Staley, Anthony Staley, and Eric Staley. Further, Estelle gave birth to two daughters Tracey Staley and Dawn Staley, a reported partner of Lisa Boyer.

    Estelle's portrait
    Portrait of Estella, Dawn’s late mother. Source: Dawn’s Instagram

    Besides Dawn, all her other children live quite a low-key life. So, detail about them is hardly available. However, we know that among five, her son Anthony has already passed away, and her first daughter Tracey was diagnosed with leukemia two years back.

    Staley’s Youngest Daughter Dawn Is A Notable Athletic Personality 

    Born on May 4, 1970, Estelle’s daughter Dawn is now an accomplished basketball player and a head coach. She started playing as a high school student and later made a professional debut with the team Tarbes Gespe Bigorre in 1994.

    In a total of 12 years of her career as a player, she won several awards like WNBA All-Star six times, ACC Player of the Year two times, ABL All-Star two times, and many more. She has been the multiple award-winning head coach for more than a decade now.

    Dawn Once Said Her Mother Estelle Staley Was A Strict Mom

    In an exclusive talk with ESPN magazine, Estelle’s daughter Dawn said that she used to be afraid of her mom. Recalling her childhood memories, the head coach told,

    “I was a really good student, because if I got good grades, my mom would let me play basketball. I feared my mother. She didn’t spare the rod. I had parameters.”

    Dawn further explained that despite her fear, she absolutely adored her mom and welcomed every order and restraint that came from her strict matriarch. She was really close to her. In this respect, she said,

     “I was really close to my mother, “I’m thankful. Because the life lessons taught in my house? They stuck. My parents made me. My foundation is rooted in discipline. They gave me that.”

    Staley also owes her late mom and dad for everything she has now including her strength, calmness, and other good-human qualities. She even wants her grave next to her mother after she died.

    Estelle Staley Died At The Age Of 74; Her Obituary and Cause of Death 

    On 10 August 2017, Estella passed away in Columbia, South Carolina battling Alzheimer’s. Her body was buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Columbia, Richland County, and her funeral services were held at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

    Five years have passed since she died but she is still remembered by her children. Back on August 6, 2019, her daughter Dawn posted her picture on Instagram with a caption,

    Queen Toni! Gone but never forgotten. Rest good and well!

    Most of the time, on every Mother’s Day, people got to know Estelle a little more because it’s her youngest child Dawn who keeps shining her mom.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Estelle Staley
    Birth Place South Carolina
    Birthday January 5, 1946
    Death August 10, 2017
    Death Cause Alzeimer's
    Age 71 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-American
    Siblings 10
    Profession Cleaner and Caretaker
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Clarence Staley
    Children 5