Bo Nickal’s Girlfriend-Turned-Wife Maddie Holmberg Is Becoming a Mom

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    The veteran mixed martial artist Bo Nickal’s wife Maddie Holmberg is a former track and field athlete who even won four state championships in the category and also held the district record in the long jump. She is now embarked on a new profession as a nutrition expert.  

    Besides, Holmberg and her husband Bo who grew up more than 18 hours apart began dating at Penn State and married in a 2020 ritual wedding ceremony. Let’s explore more about their matrimonial relationship and others in the article below!

    Key Takeaways

    • Nickal married his then-girlfriend, Maddie Holmberg in 2020.
    • Their wedding ceremony is closely guided by religion.
    • They met for the first time at Penn State University and their relationship blossomed from then onwards.
    • Maddie is the daughter of Rob Holmberg. Her father is an NFL linebacker.
    • Similar to Nickal, his wife is also an athlete and has owned the Big Ten Champion in the pentathlon and heptathlon.
    • She is currently pregnant with her husband.

    Who Is Bo Nickal’s Girlfriend-Turned-Wife Maddie Holmberg?

    UFC wrestler, Nickal’s wife is an athlete by profession. As of now, Holmberg has established herself as a nutrition expert. According to the official page on Penn State University’s website, Maddie has given many awesome contributions as an athlete.

    She was recorded as a three-time first-team All-American and also named an academic all-big Ten honoree.

    What Does Maddie Holmberg Do? Her Detailed Career

    Following the path steps of her father and alongside her husband, Maddie is also into sports. She excelled in sports holding the personal record for heptathlon and pentathlon at 5,976 and 4,274 respectively.

    Holmberg has participated in and won several Big Ten Outdoor as well as Indoor championships. Gradually sharpening her athletic skills, the athlete’s wife also started working as a sports coach at Penn State itself.

    She made her way all along from the university-level tournament to Olympic Trails. The athlete has made her name in several disciplines of the Olympics such as Heptathlon, long jump, high jump, shot put, and so on.

    Holmberg Retired From Sports in 2022

    She gained an immense amount of appreciation and recognition through her time in the field of sports. But last year in December 2022, Maddie announced that she officially retiring from her sports career on her Instagram with a lengthy caption.

    Holmberg worked as a sports coach and athlete. She is also a dietician.
    Holmberg retired from her sports career in 2022. Source: Instagram

    Holmberg shared how her involvement in the track and field has been fruitful for her. She also thanked everyone including her family and friends who were always a part of her happiness and success.

    Maddie is Now a Dietician

    Soon after that in the May of 2023, Holmberg shared that she has started working as a professional dietician. She announced the good news through a post on her Insta and said, that she completed her master’s in Nutritional sciences and is now a registered dietitian.

    Who Are Maddie Holmberg’s Parents? She Comes From a Family of Athletes

    Maddie was born as the daughter of the former football player Rob Holmberg and his wife Deidre Holmberg on October 24, 1996. As you got to know earlier that the UFC champion Bo’s spouse is also into sports. The sportsmanship in her was inherited by her parents.

    Holmberg is the daughter of her parents, Rob Holmberg and Deidre Holmberg.
    A picture of Maddie along with her parents, father Rob, mother Deidre (left), and her younger sister, Gabriella (left to Rob) Source: Instagram

    She is the first child of her family. After her, her father and mother gave birth to yet another daughter, Gabriella Holmberg. Both Maddie and Gabriella were privileged children while growing up.

    Holmberg Shares a Very Good Bond With Her Dad

    Growing up as the firstborn in the family, Maddie has got several good traits from her parents. She is appreciative of having such a great guardian, especially her father. Once in her dad’s recent birthday anniversary post on June 5, she shared many words of thankfulness for her daddy and wrote,

    Similar to her father, Maddie is also close to her mother, Deidre. The whole family is very active on social media and shares pictures of each other regularly. Deidre mostly posts pictures along with her family attending several events and programs.

    Her College; Holmberg Also Won Several Titles in High School

    Maddie attended Penn State University where she majored in Kinesiology and Psychology. However, her career later transitioned into the sector of fitness and sports.

    Besides, talking about her high school, she went to Hempfield Area High School, where Bo was heavily involved in track and field. She won 12 Westmoreland County championships and earned four varsity letters.

    Further, her other accomplishments include Westmoreland MVP three times, nine WPIAL championships,  PIAA place winner nine times, and more.

    Where Did Maddie Meet Her Future Husband Bo Nickal?

    Bo and Maddie attended the same class of Kinesiology at the university. They met for the very first time in the year 2016 while attending the same class when the wrestler was a sophomore whereas Holmberg was a freshman. But it was not love at first sight.

    It was a college-based program that brought the pair together. Bo shared,

    “Once we got put in that group project together, she was forced to hang out with me.”

    “I knew she was the one right away.”

    By the end of the semester of the course, the feeling was mutual between both, and they started dating right away. In fact, they grew up over 18 hours apart.

    Nickal and Holmberg Got Married in 2020; Details on Their Wedding

    After only a few years of being in love, the couple was sure of being ready for marriage. Nickal proposed to his now spouse on the occasion of New Year’s Day, 2020 and obviously, Holmberg said, yes.

    As for their marriage, they got married on 30th December 2020. The two wed in an outdoor wedding ceremony. It was Bo who for the first time shared their wedding picture on his Instagram and wrote, “We Married.”


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    Coming up to 2023, they have completed nearly three years of happy marriage. The Nickal couple is spending life together providing undying support and love to each other.

    Bo and his girlfriend married in 2020. Maddie is pregnant today.
    Nickal married her girlfriend, Holmberg in 2020. Source: Instagram

    They both are active on Instagram and often share pictures and posts of appreciation on the occasion of each other’s birthdays and anniversaries.

    Holmberg Previously Wanted Her Hubby Nickal to Quit MMA

    At the beginning of Bo’s career, Maddie was very hesitant about him being in MMA. As she already had an idea about how passionate her other half is about wrestling and how violent it can get at times, she was scared for his wellbeing. She shared it with Nittany Sports Now and said,

    “This is insane [after watching a MMA fight on TV]. I cannot believe that he wants to do this. I hope that if we stay together that he changes his mind.”

    But later when she watched her partner compete in the first two amateur bouts, she understood the real art of the sport. Maddie shared how she realized that it was just a sport, and her husband is smart enough to tackle it.

    Since then, she has been providing immense trust and support to her husband’s career which is also the key reason for his success today.

    Maddie is Soon To Be a Mother

    The Nickal couple who will be completing their third marriage anniversary in December, will be welcoming a new member soon after that. Holmberg is at the time pregnant with a baby with her husband.

    This news was officially announced by the wrestler on the occasion of his UFC 290 victory on July 8. He shared that he is going to be a father as his wife is pregnant.

    Holmberg is pregnant with her husband Bo Nickal. They are having a son.
    Maddie is pregnant at the time and is having a son. Source: Instagram

    Later the couple shared the news through their social media account when they also had a low-key gender reveal ceremony. And their baby’s gender is a boy.

    What Is Maddie Holmberg’s Net Worth?

    The 26-year-old dietician and sports coach already making a very considerate amount of income through her work and her net worth is $2 million. Similar to any of the athletic coaches of the USA, she made $45,518 annually until her retirement in 2022.

    On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of $ 5 million as of 2023. He is making around $85k each month. The couple are just in their mid and late 20s but living a life full of wealth and fame.


    Where Is Holmberg’s Current Residence?

    Maddie currently lives in Rifle, Colorado along with her other half, Bo Nickal.

    Who are the parents of Maddie Holmberg?

    Maddie is the first-born child of her parents, father Rob Holmberg, and mother Deidre Holmberg.

    Who is the father of Maddie Holmberg?

    Maddie’s father, Rob Holmberg is a former football linebacker who played eight seasons in the NFL.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Madeline Mae Holmberg
    Popular Name Maddie Holmberg
    Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Birthday October 26, 1996
    Age 27 years
    Zodiac Scorpio
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Rob Holmberg
    Mother Deidre Holmberg
    Siblings Gabriella Holmberg (Sister)
    School Hempfield Area High School
    College Penn State
    Profession Athlete and Dietician
    Net Worth $2 million
    Height 5ft 9in
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Brown
    Sexuality Female
    Marital Status Married
    Relationship Status Married
    Spouse Bo Nickal