Who is Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend In 2023? Her Husband And Wedding Plans

August 14, 2023   | August 14, 2023  | 

    Ever since Ariel Winter’s iconic role on Modern Family, fans have taken an interest in her romantic life. They are particularly curious about her current relationship status, pondering whether Ariel has a boyfriend or a husband.

    Thus, the question arises: Is Winter currently married or does the actress have any plans for a future wedding? To discover more, continue reading.

    Key Takeaways

    • Ariel is dating Luke Benward since 2019 and the couple has already talked about their wedding plans.
    • Winter and her boyfriend Benward seem to have both a romantic and friendly relationship and they even spent quarantine together.
    • Prior to this, there were false rumors surrounding her nuptial with her high school boyfriend.
    • Winter has been romantically linked with multiple men including Nolan Gould, Levi Meadon, and more.

    Who is Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend In 2023?

    Ariel Winter is currently in a relationship with Disney star Luke Benward. Winter and her boyfriend Luke officially began their relationship on December 31, 2019.

    Ariel is in a relationship with Luke.
    Ariel is dating a beau named Luke since 2019.

    In the initial stages of their speculated romance, they aimed to keep their connection relatively low-key. However, this changed when Ariel openly acknowledged their relationship during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July 2021. She stated,

    “Honestly, it’s been the best thing ever now, but it was pretty bizarre at first because that was never something that I expected at all, It’s been the biggest blessing for me. He is amazing. He is definitely my safe space.”

    She also mentioned that her bf Luke is not just his romantic partner but his business partner and best friend too.

    Luke Was Winter’s Friend Before Becoming Her Boyfriend

    As reported by Hollywood Life, Ariel and her bae Luke Benward have actually been acquainted since as far back as 2016. In the above-mentioned interview with ET, the Stranger Thing star confirmed that they had a friendship foundation first before growing into a relationship, which she finds really beautiful.

    Additionally, it’s worth noting that the pair has cute nicknames for each other. In Luke’s case, he affectionately refers to her as his “bunny.”

    Is Luke Destined To Be Ariel Winter’s Husband?

    A close source to the actress revealed that Benward could be her possible husband. The source told Hollywood Life that the loving duo has already planned for the future. An insider told,

    “Ariel and Luke are going strong and they’ve definitely discussed their future together. Ariel not only sees long-term potential in Luke, but she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him.”

    Additionally, it seems like the couple is not rushing to get married anytime soon but they are sure that their relationship will last forever.

    They Spent Quarantine Together

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Luke and his girlfriend Ariel found themselves together in quarantine, navigating the challenges brought about by the outbreak. Luke’s presence during the period proved to be highly beneficial for Ariel, particularly because she was facing difficulties with her mental well-being.

    Winter Was Rumored To Be Dating Her Co-star Nolan Gould

    There were whispers circulating about Ariel being romantically involved with Nolan Gould, primarily fueled by their evident closeness. During a podcast conversation hosted by Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, Nolan openly discussed his feelings toward Winter. He expressed a deep affection for her, acknowledging their strong bond, but also noted his reluctance to jeopardize their friendship.

    Ariel was rumored to be dating Nolan.
    Ariel and her co-star, Nolan.

    Nonetheless, the two never linked romantically and are just best friends.

    Ariel Winter’s Wedding Plans With Her High School Bf

    The actress dated her high-school boyfriend Laurent Gaudette from October 2013 to 30 June 2016 while attending high school. Interestingly, the former couple was rumored of getting married at the time during Winter’s 18th birthday.

    Ariel and her ex-boyfriend, Laurent.
    Ariel dated Laurent during her high school years.

    Furthermore, she then took to Instagram to address the rumor and jokingly said that she was going to marry him for real. She posted a text exchange with her assistant Davina Adjani where she jokingly talked about her ceremony details,

    “I want doves to dance around me, 4,000 unicorns, see if Oprah (Winfrey) is avail to officiate, schedule Drake to come and object to stir up some drama and entertain guests. I need 9 million white and red roses. Don’t forget the doves. Revive (Frédéric) Chopin from the dead. Oh, and don’t invite my third cousin’s friend.”

    List of Ariel Winter’s Other Boyfriends

    Callan McAuliffe

    Ariel was rumored to be dating actor Callan McAuliffe. The two are believed to have hooked up in November 2011, when she was just 13 years old.

    Cameron Palatas

    Winter dated actor Cameron Palatas from 2012 to 2013. Ariel was 14 at the time and her ex-bae Cameron was 18.

    Winter dated Cameron in 2012.
    Winter and her ex-boyfriend, Cameron.

    Due to their age difference, her mom, Chrisoula Workman did not approve of them. There was an instance where Chrisuola walked in on Ariel and Cameron in bed which led to her filing a police report against Palatas.

    Levi Meadon

    Ariel was also in a relationship with actor Levi Meadon in November 2016, who was 10 years older than her. They even lived together in her 3,200 sq foot home in Sherman Oaks, California, due to which she faced a lot of criticism because of the duo’s age difference.

    However, fate was against them,  and they decided to separate three years later, in late 2019.