Who Is Antony Starr Wife? His Married Life & Girlfriends

June 29, 2023   | July 4, 2023  | 

    Lately, several media sources have mentioned Lucy McLay as Antony Starr’s wife. Though Lucy and Antony both never have made any official statement regarding their marriage, it’s creating quite a buzz in the media. So, what’s the case? Has Starr and McLay tied the knot in real or it’s just a rumor?

    Here in this article, read in detail about Antony’s married life and girlfriends.

    Are Antony Starr and Lucy McLay Married?

    Well, the authentic information regarding Antony’s marriage with Lucy is yet to surface in the media. Neither of the parties has yet addressed the rumors. But, several online tabloids have claimed them to be a married couple.

    So, until and unless the duo has come forward to reveal the truth, we can’t say anything about whether or not they got hitched.

    Who Is Antony Starr’s Rumored-Wife Lucy McLay?

    Starr’s alleged wife Lucy is an accomplished costume designer. She has been overseeing wardrobe duties in several series and movies since the year 2000. Antony’s rumored spouse first started as a key customer in the TV series Jack of All Trades.

    Coming up to 2023, McLay has a total of 25 credits in the costume department and 2 credits in costume design as per IMDb. Here is the list of her works;

    • Cleopatra 2525 (2000)
    • Mercy Peak (2001-2002)
    • King Kong (2005)
    • Emperor (2012)
    • What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
    • Ghost in the Shell (2017)

    The latest project where McLay worked as a costume designer is Adrift (2018), The Meg (2018), and the 8 episodes of Sweet Tooth (2021).

    Antony And Lucy Have Worked Together In Some Projects

    As a matter of fact, Lucy has been a co-worker with her rumored husband Antony in a couple of series and movies. They together have worked in the 2004 film Without A Paddle, and also in the TV shows Mercy Peak and Outrageous Fortune.

    Antony Starr wife Lucy
    Lucy McLay in the frame

    The 2007 series Outrageous Fortune was the last project in which they were colleagues. After that, the two were reported to fell in love and began dating.

    Antony Starr And Lucy McLay’s Relationship

    Although the two aren’t officially married, Starr and McLay were previously romantic partners. As per the article published in Daily Mail, Antony and Lucy dated each other for some time.

    Though the couple has been a co-worker for more than a couple of acting projects before, their love blossomed only in 2008 after they met in a restaurant.

    Antony Starr and a costume designer Lucy
    Antony with Lucy

    While DailyMail went on to claim that the two are still romantically involved (up to 2021), they seem to have broken up years before.

    Lucy’s New Boyfriend

    Back on August 18, 2016, Lucy uploaded a profile picture on her Facebook where the designer appeared together with an unidentified man with a smiling gesture. Beneath the picture, one of the users commented, “You two!!!!!“, which may denote that the two are a couple.

    Lucy McLay with her assumed boyfriend
    Lucy with her assumed boyfriend. Source: Facebook

    Well, though it seems a bit confusing, one thing for sure is that Antony and Lucy are not husband and wife since not a single trace of their married life can be found on their socials.

    On the other hand, amidst their marriage rumor, some sources even claim that Antony has moved on with his The Boys co-star Erin Moriarty.

    Erin Moriarty Is Rumored To Be Antony Starr’s Girlfriend

    As far as the matter is subject of concern, Erin and Antony are not dating each other as the couple hasn’t officially addressed it yet. But yes, the two have developed a great friendship on the set of The Boys.

    In an exclusive talk with Nerds & Beyond, the co-stars talked about their bonding. In this regard, Antony said,

    Just navigating those difficult scenes with a shorthand, an understanding of each other, and a respect that is already there. It’s already built in, “You don’t have to try and learn ‘Oh, will she get offended if I say this?’ It just makes things a lot more fluid and a lot easier.”

    Adding more on their friendship, Erin told,

    “You might think that a close friendship would not translate to a good antagonistic relationship on-screen, but it totally works, because we just have fun with it. We have a rapport,”

    Looking at the statement, it’s quite clear that Erin and Antony are not girlfriend and boyfriend rather they are good friends.

    Who Is Antony Starr’s Girlfriend In 2023?

    Antony, who has a net worth of $3 million, doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend at present. The Banshee actor is incredibly private when it comes to his personal life. So, nothing can be said about his relationship status right now.

    Though not much about his love life is known at this moment, assumptions can be made that the 47 years old actor may be dating someone in private.