Where is Mike Twist, Harry Styles’ Step-Brother? What’s He Doing?

December 3, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Mike Twist is the long-lost step-brother of the actor/singer, Harry Styles. The brothers were very close when the artist’s mother married Twist’s dad in 2013. But, over the years, a lot has happened – the two families went through the untimely demise of their beloved family member. In turn, they’ve drifted apart and have been living a life away from one another.

    So, where is Mike Twist today? We know that he’s always lived a life off the radar; what else do we know about it? Is he married or living a single life? Read the full article to know all the details about Styles’s step-bro.

    Who are Mike Twist’s Biological Parents? His Early Days Explained

    Mike was born as the youngest son of Robin Twist and his ex-partner, Erica Jane Morgan. He came into this world on 10th October 1985.

    Including him, the former love birds had a daughter as well. His elder sister, Amy Twist has a super private life and is presumed to have been born around the early 80s.

    Watermelon Sugar singer, Harry Styles was close to his stepbrother, Mike Twist
    The brother duo having a good time with each other.

    Furthermore, the relationship of his parents did not last for long. Although the reason is unknown, the ex-Mr. and Mrs. got a divorce merely years after the birth of their baby boy. Following this, it was his dad who raised him and his sister all by himself in their home in England.

    Apart from this, any further details of Twist’s life before he met his new family are unknown. To be more specific, his early education details and information on his college life are kept under wraps to this very day.

    Both Of His Parents Moved On Sooner Or Later

    His mother, Erica Jane, moved on quicker than his father. Based on a few of her Facebook posts, the former Mrs. Twist married Malcolm Llyod Morgan in 1988. As of 2024, the couple has been married for 36 years. They share 3 sons.

    On the other hand, his father took some years for himself. Eventually, he found the one when he came across the Sign of the Times singer’s mother, Anne Twist (Selley) in the early 2000s. Many years of courtship later, the pair tied the knot on 1st June 2013. Both of their families were quite supportive of the decision.

    Moreover, the announcement of the Twist-Styles wedding was done by People. According to the article, Harry was his mother’s best man. To add, the ceremony took place in Cheshire, England.

    Pop Singer, Harry Styles Has Been Close To Mike Since The Early 2000s

    As we just mentioned, his father and the singer’s mother have been together since the early 2000s. Back in the day, the singer/actor was only 7 years old when his to-be stepdad took him in. Mike’s dad was the one to shower him with fatherly love when he was a kid.

    Mike Twist's dad married Harry Styles's mother in June 2013
    Mike and Harry looking dashing on their parents’ wedding day in 2013

    Having said that, the stepbrothers became very close in the earlier days as well. Previously, we’d often see them hang out with each other – they seemed to enjoy each others’ company to the fullest! At their parents’ wedding, the boys were clad in matching black-white tuxedo too.

    Furthermore, throughout the years, it never seemed like they were stepbrothers. Nevertheless, they’ve drifted apart a bit today. Regardless of this, we do hope they still catch up time and again.

    Is Twist Also Close To His Step-Sister, Gemma Styles?

    Personally, we haven’t come across any photos that would prove to us that Mike and Gemma Styles were/are close. Perhaps, the step-siblings shared some form of closeness back in the day. However, it is hard to pinpoint if they’re still on each others’ radar at present.

    Now, if you do not know who Gemma is, well, she is the elder sister of the Adore You singer. She was born on 3rd December 1990 as the eldest child of Anne and Desmond “Des” Styles. To add further, she’s well known among people as a mental health activist, journalist, writer, and designer.

    He Lost His Father To Cancer When He Was 32 Years Old

    Not so long ago, Mike lost his beloved dad to cancer. Robin Twist battled with the disease for many years. He passed away on 20th June 2017.

    His untimely demise came out as a shocker. Only a few weeks earlier, he and Anne had celebrated their 4th year as a happily married couple. In the photo that the singer’s mom posted, the man looked very healthy. Sadly, not many knew what was going on behind that sweet smile of his.

    Harry Styles's stepfather, Robin Twist died of cancer
    Twist’s dad and the singer’s mother in a lovely photo

    The heartbreaking news brought families together again. According to the sources, Mike’s biological mother also paid tributes to her late ex-hubby; she changed her Facebook profile picture to a photo of the pair when they were together.

    Additionally, knowing how close Styles was to his stepdad, many celebrities helped him cope with the loss. Especially, his bandmates from One Direction were by his side.

    What Does Mike Twist Do For A Living?

    Since his life is very private these days, we do not know what he is up to. Even earlier, no one knew what Twist did for a living. Unlike his celebrity stepbrother, the 38-year-old likes to lay low. Anyhow, we do believe that he must be doing very well for himself.

    Information On His Personal Life Are Under Wraps

    Just like his career, the details of Mike Twist’s personal life, typically, his love life are unknown. Till today, no one has ever thought about debunking whether he is married or single.

    Furthermore, due to the lack of evidence, we cannot pinpoint any concrete details on his dating life. Perhaps, given his age, the artist’s stepbrother is married; or he could also be in a long-term relationship. Then again, we won’t know the exact details unless he reveals it to us.

    Debunking His Current Happenings And Net Worth

    In the current day and age, Styles’s brother is believed to live a normal life in Manchester, United Kingdom. Although it is unknown how much his net worth is, Mike is believed to have a few million dollars to his name.

    On the other hand, his stepbrother, Harry stands tall with a net worth of $120 million. Similarly, his stepmother owns a fortune worth $2 million, and his step-sister has $4 million to her name.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mike Twist
    Popular Name Mike Twist
    Birth Place England
    Birthday October 10, 1985
    Age 38 years
    Zodiac Libra
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity English
    Father Robin Twist
    Mother Erica Jane Morgan
    Siblings Amy Twist, Harry Styles, and Gemma Styles
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight