Where is Mick Mars’ Daughter Stormy Deal? What’s Her Net Worth?

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    Many might not know this, but Stormy Deal is the beloved daughter of Motley Crue’s, Mick Mars. To this very day, the celebrity kid hides from the world of fame. Despite having the heavy meta mogul as her dad, she does not like to mingle with the media. So, what is she up to with her life? Last we heard, she’s already grown up and has a family of her own!

    Well, in the following article, we’ve gathered all that’s there to know about Stormy Deal. Learn details about her early life, career, personal life, and more below.

    Stormy Deal’s Early Life As The Daughter Of Mick Mars

    Born on 4th September 1973, she is the youngest daughter of the musician. Robert, famously known as Mick Mars, welcomed his baby girl with his former partner, Sharon Deal. The ex-couple was only married for 2 years when Stormy was born and was on the verge of breaking up.

    Heavy metal singer, Robert Alan Deal has three kids, including Stormy
    An old photo of Deal as a young girl.

    Interestingly enough, when she was only 6 months old, her parents called it quits. According to the reports, it was Mars’s absence that led Deal’s mother to file for a divorce against him; at that time, he was busy building his musical career.

    Following the separation, her mother took the kids and traveled to Los Angeles. There, Sharon began working at a grocery store, called the Von’s; that is where she met her second partner, Joe Buonantony. A few months of courtship later, Joe became a stepdad to Mick Mars’s kids.

    Furthermore, Stormy spent her entire childhood in Riverside, California after her mother’s second marriage. She studied at the Rubidaux High School. After graduation, she pursued her undergraduate degree in health from Loma Linda University in California.

    She Is A Sister To Her Two Brothers; Who Are Her Siblings?

    In the short course of her folks’ marriage, they gave birth to two children, including their daughter. In 1971, the pair welcomed their eldest son, Les Paul Deal. Sources around the Internet suggest that Mick and Sharon had to tie the knot because they conceived their son early on, while they’d just begun dating.


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    At present, her brother has a happy life in Ashland, Kentucky. Like his dad, he is a guitarist and also has a side hustle of making guitars. Moreover, he has been married to Heather Sloan Thomas since April 2022.

    Additionally, her father also has a third child – Erik Deal, born in 1976. Unlike his siblings, Erik lays low. To add, he is her half-sibling. However, the details of him and his birth mother are unknown to this day.

    Stormy Shares The Same Illness With Her Daddy; The Closeness Between Mick and Stormy

    The father-daughter duo struggles with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

    Stormy Deal is the daughter of the co-founder of the band, Motley Crue
    The famous, Mick Mars, on stage

    Talking about the disease, it is a kind of arthritis with chronic inflammation of the joints of the spine, typically the parts joined with the pelvis. Additionally, the genetically transferred illness affects the joints of the knees, ankles, and hips, making it painful to move and bend. So far, there is no concrete treatment for it.

    Till today, Stormy hasn’t shared much about her struggles with the illness. Nevertheless, her famous father has always been open about it. It is to be noted further that Mr. Deal was diagnosed at the age of 17. Back in 2004, he also had a hip-replacement surgery.

    Including their shared illness, Mr. Deal and his daughter are brought together by a number of other things. Now, although they don’t share much about each other online, we do know that Stormy has a tattoo dedicated to her father.

    Mick Mars's kids have supported him despite him divorcing their mother
    A concert part in Stormy’s name – she is one of her father’s biggest supporters

    Talking about the time she got it made, she said,

    “You know, when I had that done, I was thinking that he’s my father and I’m proud of him ’cause he literally starved himself to get where he’s at today… and to buy me and my brother bikes and everything. It’s like, what can I do to pay him back?”

    Furthermore, the tattoo was originally made in 1999 on her arm. It consists of her father’s initials, the name of his beloved band, and a Chinese symbol for the word “father”.

    Mr. Deal’s Daughter Is A “Video Creator” By Profession

    According to her social media accounts, the daughter of the heavy metal mogul is into creating content. She further calls herself a “Video Creator” on Instagram and is highly active on platforms like TikTok and YouTube; she has 15k followers on the first one and 79 subscribers on the latter.


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    Going through her videos, it seems she loves to make content with songs and other interesting audio. In addition to this, she also often replies to the comments and does voiceovers as well.

    Stormy Deal Was Once A Married Woman; Details On Her Marriage & Kids

    Back in the 90s, Stormy was a married woman. As per the sources, she was formerly married to Greg Egnew. The pair had a short-term marriage that ended in a “secret” divorce. Hence, many details about her married life and separation are under wraps.

    On the other hand, her marriage resulted in her becoming a mother of three children. Shandi Egnew is her daughter, while Shayne Egnew and Chandler Egnew are her sons.


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    Based on numerous posts on her pages, she is extremely close to all her children. Even more so, she has the name of her daughter’s business page i.e., @thecrabs_cavern, listed in her bio; Shandi sells jewelry and home decor items based on Astrology through her page.

    The Star Kid Is Currently In A Long-Term Relationship

    Right now, the star kid has moved on and has been in a relationship for a long time. Following the divorce from her ex-hubby, she met her present partner, Seth Drevis.

    Mick Mars's daughter has been in a long term relationship for many years
    The celebrity kid with her current partner, Drevis

    By the looks of it, the two of them have been dating for many years but haven’t tied the knot. Sadly, any more details on their dating life are unknown. However, it is to be noted that the pair resides in Beaverton, Michigan together.

    How Much Is Stormy Deal’s Net Worth?

    As of 2024, she is believed to have a net worth of $8 million. A huge chunk of her fortune comes from her video-creating venture. Additionally, she is set to inherit a certain portion of her father’s massive wealth worth $50 million someday in the far future.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Stormy Deal
    Popular Name Stormy Deal
    Birth Place California
    Birthday September 4, 1973
    Zodiac Virgo
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Half: German, English, and Scottish
    Father Robert Alan Deal, aka, Mick Mars
    Mother Sharon Deal
    Siblings Les Paul Deal and Erik Deal
    School Rubidaux High School
    College Loma Linda University
    Profession Video Creator
    Net Worth $8 million
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status In A Relationship
    Partner Seth Drevis
    Partner Seth Drevis
    Boyfriend Seth Drevis
    Spouse Greg Egnew (Divorced)
    Children Shandi Egnew, Shayne Egnew, and Chandler Egnew