Where is Danna Lynn Blocker, Dan Blocker twin daughter?

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    Danna Lynn Blocker is the daughter of the esteemed late actor, Dan Blocker, and his life partner, Dolphia Parker. Ever since she was a little girl, Lynn had a taste of fame. So where is Danna Lynn currently? Did she also carry her father’s legacy like her brothers did? Is she married?

    Well, in this article, we provide you with everything that is to know about Danna Lynn Blocker. So, let’s get right into it!

    Key Takeaways

    • Danna is currently in her 70s.
    • Together, her parents had 4 children – Danna, Debra, David, and Derik. They grew up in Alpine, Texas.
    • Her father passed away in 1972 because of a pulmonary embolism.
    • She is married to her husband, Zohar Ziv. The husband and wife have two kids – Nathan and Liora.
    • She resides in Santa Barbara, California with her family currently.

    Where Is Danna Lynn Blocker Today?

    According to some sources, she lives in Santa Barbara, California currently. As a matter of fact, all the Blocker siblings live very close to one another even to this date. Furthermore, she is believed to be living in her home with her husband and children.

    Previously, Danna lived in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks.

    Danna Is Married with two kids Kids; Her Current Family

    Danna Lynn has been married to her husband, Zohar Ziv for many years now. Now, since she is off the radar, it is very hard to know when and where she tied the knot with her hubby. Nevertheless, we are quite certain that she is still married to him, and lives a happy life together.

    A photo of Danna Lynn and her parents and husband
    Danna’s daughter-in-law shared a family college in which she also added Danna’s photo.

    During the course of her marriage with Ziv, she became a mother to two children. She has a son named Nathan Daniel Ziv, and a daughter, Liora O Ziv.

    According to the sources, her elder son, Nathon was born on 11th November 1983. Currently, he is 40 years old. Likewise, her daughter, Liora is 37 years old, born on 9th March 1986.

    Her son Nathan Ziv is married and has two kids

    Talking more about her son, Danna’s boy is all grown up now. As of 2023, he is happily married to his better half, Abbey Ziv.

    Star kid, Danna Blocker's son, Nathan
    Blocker’s eldest son, Nathan Ziv with a family of his own

    Unlike anyone else in the Ziv family, Danna’s daughter-in-law, Abbey is a social butterfly. She is equally active on social media sites like Instagram as well as Facebook. Moreover, as per her bio, she is a “transformational coach, facilitator, and speaker who helps other women discover and radiate their authentic truth”. She often shares pictures with her hubby and their two young sons all over Instagram.

    Likewise, Blocker’s oldest child, Nathan is an EVP Product Manager at Invoca. As per his Linkedin profile, Invoca is a marketing/eCommerce company based in California. Before this, he used to be a Director of Product Management for Amobee.

    Meanwhile, Nathan is a highly educated person as well. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston College. In addition to this, he is also an alumnus of Waseda University.

    Currently, he, his partner, and their sons live nearby to his mother in Santa Barbara, California.

    Danna Lynn Blocker Early Life & Bio

    Danna was born on 7th July 1953. Alongside her sister Debra Lee Blocker, she is one-half of the twin daughters between her parents, Dan Blocker and his wife, Dolphia Parker.

    The twins are the eldest of the Blocker kids. Apart from them, Dan also had two sons, Dirk and David.

    Star kid, Danna with her father and sister
    An old picture of the twin sisters, Danna and Debra with their father

    At the time of her birth, her father was pursuing a master’s degree in Drama and English at Sul Ross University. On top of this, the late Mr. Blocker was also managing a substitute teaching job.

    Slowly and steadily, after 1956, her father’s acting career took major turns. This, in turn, led her and her siblings to live a more satisfying and well-adjusted life than before. Over and above this, her parents gave her a normal upbringing despite growing fame.

    She Grew Up With A Twin Sister And 2 Brothers; Who Are Dan Blocker’s Children?

    As previously mentioned, Lynn grew up alongside her twin sister, Debra. Just like that, she also has two little brothers, David Douglas Blocker, and Dennis Dirk Blocker.

    David is two years younger than her, born on 4th May 1955. On the other hand, Dirk was born on 31st July 1957 and is 4 years younger than his sister. Both brothers are married to their respective partners, Debra Dusey and Danielle Aubuchon.

    Ever since they were little, Danna and Debra had a special bond between them. Currently, the two sisters live nearby. Moreover, Debra Lee is a happily married woman today, married to her partner, Michael Alan Colton. Together, they have a daughter, Thea Lee Colton.

    Who Were Lynn’s Grandparents? Her Family Background

    On her father’s side, she is the granddaughter of Ora Shack Blocker and Mary Arizona. Together, they had two children – Ora Virginia Blocker and Dan Blocker. Unfortunately, the actor’s sister died a tragic death at the young age of 10 years.

    Likewise, on her mother’s side, her grandparents were Verner Volas Parker and Gladys Violet Akers. Along with Danna’s mother, her maternal grandparents had 4 other daughters and a son. Elaine, Marilyn, Shirley, and Janis are her aunts, while Pearle Parker is her uncle.

    Is Danna Blocker Also An Actress?

    Unfortunately, no, she is not an actress like her father. As a matter of fact, neither she nor her twin sister followed in their dad’s footsteps into an acting career. So, what is she into?

    Since Danna Lynn is hardly active on none of the social media platforms, there’s no info on what she did for a living during her active years.

    Danna Lynn Blocker brother continued their dad’s legacy

    Although two of Dan Blocker’s kids did not follow his acting career, the other two are carrying his legacy so far. His sons, David and Dirk are famous in the world of showbiz.

    Talking about Danna’s brother, David is a film producer. Unlike his dad, he seems to love working behind the screens. Into the World and Hanna Montana: The Movie are some of his credited works as an executive producer. Similarly, his other works include, Made in Heaven, Blink, Dark Blue, and so on. He has also won an Emmy for his production of Don King: Only in America.

    Likewise, Dennis is a popular actor in Hollywood. Dirk has been into acting since he was a high schooler. Moreover, currently, even as a 65-year-old, he is a thriving actor. He is well-known for his role in Poltergeist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Prince of Darkness, and Starman.

    What Happened To Her Dad, Dan Blocker?

    When Lynn was just 19 years old, her father, the famous Bonanza star passed away. As sources confirm, Dan Blocker died due to a pulmonary embolism on 13th May 1972. At that time, he was just 43 years.

    His death took place at the Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles. Apparently, the actor went in for gallbladder surgery but died due to a blood clot in his lungs.

    Danna Lynn's father, actor, Dan Blocker
    The late TV actor, Dan – passed away at the young age of 43

    Since he was very young at that time, Blocker’s death shocked millions of people worldwide. It was hard to believe that the world lost such a gem. Currently, he lays peacefully beside his father, mother, and sister in the Woodmen Cemetary in Texas.

    Danna Lynn’s Net Worth

    She has an estimate net worth of $300,000. However, some believe that she is estimated to be worth less than $1 million.

    Parents of Dana Lynn, Dan and Dolphia
    Mr. and Mrs. Blocker in the earlier days

    Apart from her, her famed brother, Dirk has a net worth of $4 million. Likewise, their dad was estimated to have a wealth of around $5 million at the time of his death. Presently, it is equal to $25 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Danna Lynn Blocker
    Birth Place Alpine, Texas
    Birthday July 7, 1953
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Dan Blocker
    Mother Dolphia Parker
    Siblings Debra Lee Blocker, David Douglas Blocker, Dennis Dirk Blocker
    Net Worth $300,000
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Zohar Ziv
    Children Nathon Daniel Ziv, Lee Ora Ziv