Where Is Colby Minifie Originally Form? Her Parents, love Life, Full Bio

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    As Gen V, The Boys (comic) spinoff series hit our TVs, people have begun talking about how amazing its cast members are. Among the ones talked about the most is Colby Minifie as well. She portrays the role of Ashley Berrett in the new superhero series. Believe it or not, she’s been active in showbiz since 2005; it’s high time we get to know her a little too!

    Dig into the following article to learn some exciting facts about Minife. From her hometown to her parents, and love life – you’ll find all the information below.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Colby Minifie is from New York. She was born in the city on 31st January 1992, to her parents, William Minifie and Kemp Minifie.
    • She has an elder sibling – Hedan Minifie.
    • She was a YoungArts Scholar and studied at the William E. Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College.
    • Colby began her career as a theatre actress as an 11-year-old. In her journey, she’s performed on Broadway too.
    • She is inclined towards politics, philanthropy, and dancing.
    • Minifie was in a relationship with Willa Washerman till 2018. Since the breakup, she’s stayed single.
    • She has a net worth of $7 million and lives in LA, California at present.

    Colby Minifie Is A Born & Raised New Yorker

    Jessica Jones actress, Colby Minifie entered this world on 31st January 1992. She was born and raised in her parents’ house in New York City. Her father and mother, William Minifie and Kemp Minifie raised her in a catholic household.

    Colby Minifie is from New York
    An old picture of Colby with her beloved father, William Minifie

    Upon further investigation, we’ve found that her dad, William, is a photographer and an opera singer. Likewise, Mrs. Minifie is a chef/food editor. Looking at how frequently their 32-year-old daughter posts them on her social media, the family seems to share a very special bond.

    Moreover, her parents have always been very supportive of her acting. Even more so, when she was in middle school, Colby’s parents were flexible enough to let her pursue a career in theatre.

    The Minifie Siblings Loved Making Clay Sculptures Growing Up

    She shared a beautiful childhood with her older sister, Haden Minifie. Although her sister does not like to flaunt much, she’s also somewhat of an entertainer. Haden is a singer and a music therapist by profession.

    Minifie, the actress from Jessica Jones has an older sister, Haden
    The lovely trio; (from right to left) Baby Colby Minifie and her mother & sister

    Growing up, Minifie was extremely close to her sis; they still are to this day. Most often, they would make clay sculptures together with their mother. As per one of Colby’s posts, her chef mom enjoyed making the sculptures herself. Thus, she probably got her daughters interested in the activity as well.

    She Studied at the Hunter College In NYC

    As a teen, Colby attended the M408 Professional Performing Arts High School in Manhattan. Following her graduation, she pursued a degree in Studio Art and Performance Theory from the William E. Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College in her hometown.

    There, she was a YoungArts scholar student. Furthermore, the star became an undergraduate in 2014.

    The YoungArts Scholar Began Acting At The Age Of 11

    Having studied performing arts since a young girl, Minifie received the opportunity to act when she was 11 years old. Initially, she performed in theatres, and later, on Broadway too. She appeared on Pillowman, her first-ever Broadway show, at the age of 13.

    Eventually, her acting career went through a major breakthrough as she landed her role as Sue Sylvester on the TV show, Glee. She was just a college student back then.

    Colby Minifie is known for her roles in Gen V and The Boys and Jessica Jones
    Her alongside Chace Crawford in “The Boys”

    Subsequently, she also appeared in her debut movie, The Greatest, in 2009. Furthermore, in her career so far, she’s predominantly known for her work on The Boys and I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

    And currently, as you can guess, she has done a remarkable job on Gen V. The superhero spinoff series was released in September 2023. Along with her, it stars Lizzie Broadway, Maddie Phillips, Asa Germann, Chance Perdomo, and other talented actors.

    The Actress Has Some Interesting Hobbies And Interests

    Excluding acting, the New Yorker has a number of other interests. To be more specific, she’s extremely interested in politics, loves philanthropy, and was once a professional dancer.

    Unlike other celebrities, who refrain from engaging in political talks, Minifie is very vocal. She keeps herself busy reading about the current situation of the country and is always politically educated.

    Over and above that, she also does not hesitate to talk about the things that bother her. Previously, she’s spoken about the issue of abortion, the controversy of the Byhalia Pipeline in Memphis, and former US President, Donald Trump.

    Additionally, she became interested in philanthropy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Around that time, the actress began working with the Covenant House. She helped the organization raise money for homeless youths. Not only this, but she is also a proud environmentalist.

    Along with studying acting, Colby enrolled herself at the National Dance Institute (NDI). She trained as a professional dancer for 4 years. Interestingly enough, it was her dancing that led her to become a good actor.

    Was She Married To Her Ex, Willa Washerman?

    We’re sorry to say, but no, Colby has never been married. Nonetheless, she did have a long-term relationship with a man named Willa Washerman. He is a contemporary artist.

    Minifie was previously in a long term relationship with contemporary artist, Willa Washerman
    The actress with her ex, Willa

    The Homebody star and her ex-partner were official on social media as well. They often shared pictures of each other on their respective pages.

    One such post got massive attention from her fans too. On Valentine’s Day of 2017, Minifie posted a picture of the two of them “almost kissing” with the caption, “Happy Love Day, my love!”.

    Unfortunately, the lovey-dovey posts stopped around 2018. Since then, it is presumed that Colby and Willa have parted ways. The details of their break up are kept under wraps to this very day.

    Colby Minifie Has Been Enjoying Her Single Life Since 2018

    Ever since her break up, Colby Minifie has stayed single. Over everything, she has been keeping her private affairs to herself. These days, she hardly shares much about her personal life, let alone a current love interest.

    Now, since the actress did not hesitate to share about her partner in the past, if she was indeed with someone at present, we’re sure we’d know it by now. Nonetheless, that’s not the case. Having said that, we’re adamant that she’s not dating anyone at the moment.

    She Lives In LA, California At Present And Has A Massive Net Worth

    With the intention to pursue her lifelong dreams, Colby moved to LA, California sometime after she began acting as an adult. Thus, she currently resides in the entertainment capital of the world.

    Colby Minifie is a millionaire in 2023
    Enjoying her best life!

    Now, although she’s hidden her home from the public, it is evident that she lives in luxury. After all, the actress has a whopping net worth of $7 million! Shout out to her long journey in Hollywood – she’s able to come this far today. Moreover, it goes without saying that she’ll touch even greater heights in the days to come.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Colby Minifie
    Popular Name Colby Minifie
    Birth Place New York, USA
    Birthday January 31, 1992
    Zodiac Acquarius
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Catholic
    Father William Minifie
    Mother Kemp Minifie
    Siblings 1 Sister
    College William E. Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $7 million
    Height 5 ft. 7 inches
    Weight 52 kg
    Body Measurement 32-25-34 inches
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Ginger
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single
    Ex Boyfriends Willa Washerman