When Is McGraw Ave Season 3 Releasing? Plot, Cast, Spoilers & More

September 7, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    The 2020 drama series, McGraw Ave, directed by, Derek Scott, has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Ever since season 2 was released, fans have been dying to know when the makers will release the McGraw Ave season 3. The series, packed with action and a ton of drama, sure has many fans hooked on it.

    If you are one of those fans waiting for the 3rd season of McGraw Ave, you are in luck. Along with the official release date of the new season, this article brings you exciting facts about the show; maybe some spoilers too, who knows? Well, you will when you read the article given below. Don’t miss out!

    Key Takeaways:

    • McGraw Ave was announced to have a 3rd season by 8th October 2023, but the release date is said to have been shifted to a later date.
    • The drama series is based on the notorious streets of Detroit, where people fight for power and survival.
    • You can watch this show on Tubi and Amazon Prime.
    • So far, it has gotten a lot of good reviews from the viewers.

    McGraw Ave Season 3 Release Date

    According to fans on Instagram, the 3rd season of McGraw Ave was set to release on 8th October 2023. But unfortunately, they seem to have postponed the release date further. There has been no official confirmation about the matter officially.  Following the success of the 2nd season, the crew began shooting for the new one on 25 May 2023.

    Now, since the actors and the production team have been sharing details about the shoot and the show on social media, we assume that the next season will be released next month.


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    Furthermore, on 19th April 2023, the lead actor of the show hinted at a new season. Along with this, production company, Mula Films also intrigued the fans by asking if they were ready for the new season or not. Additionally, the film studio has also conveyed some behind-the-scenes moments of season 3.

    However, previously, there was a rumor of the 3rd season being released in May of 2023. Sadly, that was not the case, which in turn, left many fans disappointed. But, currently, it is a high possibility that McGraw Ave is coming with a new season in October 2023.

    Has The Trailer For McGraw Ave 3rd Season Already Released?

    Unfortunately, no, the trailer for the 3rd season has not been released yet. Nonetheless, we can hope that they will release the trailer in the days to come. So, hang tight!

    McGraw Ave Plot Summary

    McGraw Ave is a drama series, set in one of the most infamous streets in the heart of Detroit. To sum it up, the main plot of the show revolves around two men with different intentions in navigating the streets to seek dominance. Moreover, in the show, characters fight for their survival, even if it means to let go of their lives – at least, they fight for it! Now, the only mystery is, who will survive the streets of McGraw Ave.

    Murda Pain is the lead actor of McGraw Pain
    Murda as the lead actor of McGraw Ave – the series showcases the truth of the streets of Detroit

    Talking about the storyline of the last two seasons, in season 1, drug dealer, Luger appeared with a strategy to fight and employed the popular hitman, Murda. Towards the end, we enjoy a war between Murda and Vic.

    Following this, in season 2, Murda deals with his father’s loss. Subsequently, his loyalty is tested by one of his closest friends.

    Overall, the drama series portrays the true and hard-to-swallow reality of life in the streets of Detroit. We’re sure, after watching two of its seasons already, fans can’t wait to binge on the 3rd one!

    The Cast Members

    The Tubi drama series has many talented actors and actresses as its cast members. Most, if not all, appear in almost all the episodes from seasons 1 and 2. Take a look at the following list to know who they are.

    • Murda Pain
    • Sino Harris
    • Thomas L. Harris
    • Chamar Avery
    • Nia Miranda
    • Ebony Tates
    • Lance Whittington
    • Forty da Great
    • Tristin Fazekas
    • Sylena Rai
    • Jonathan Crawford
    • Nino Splashaholic
    • Kyle Greenlawn
    • DeJuan Ford
    • Justin Vesper
    • Shorty Rich
    • Stewe

    Are There Any Spoilers For The New Season?

    As far as we know, thankfully, we do not have any spoilers for the McGraw Ave 3rd season. Previously, prior to the release of season 2, the storyline of the season was released; including a few spoilers. This, in turn, angered a lot of fans. Perhaps, this is why, the makers and the actors have not talked much about the new season to be released. Of course, they would not want to push their fans away!

    Besides, to this date, not even the trailer has been released, let alone spoilers for the whole season. So, do not worry – maybe you will get to watch the 3rd season without any disturbances after all.

    Where Can You Watch McGraw Ave?

    Tubi and Amazon Prime are the two best streaming services if you want to watch McGraw Ave. Season 1 premiered on 31st May 2020, and season 2 on 8th October 2022 at the AMC Fairlane. Moreover, since January 2023, both of these seasons have been available on Tubi and Prime TV.

    So, if you are intrigued by the plot of the show, we suggest you buy a subscription to either of those streaming services today. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

    McGraw Ave Reviews So Far

    On IMDB, the drama series has a 7.8/10 rating. Likewise, 88% of the viewers have liked the show so far, and it is ranked 44th among 100 new TV shows to watch.

    Moreover, people who have watched the show have also left some positive comments regarding it. One of the viewers has written,

    “I think it’s a great show; gritty and raw, that’s how I like my movies. It’s depicting the real streets. Love it.”

    In addition to this, many are also calling the series “interesting”, “edgy & dark”, “exciting”, and whatnot! In that bargain, one of them even expressed that is is “the greatest series” they’ve ever seen. Alas, most people have given it 4/5 stars on Google.