What Is Pedro Alonso Net Worth? His Wife, Girlfriend, Relationships

November 26, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Famously known as Berlin, Pedro Gonzalez Alonso has been the real talk of the town these days. To be more specific, his beloved fans have been dying to know much about their favorite actor. Most typically, his net worth and love life have always been a matter of concern.

    So, is Pedro Alonso a millionaire? What is his net worth in 2024? And, what about his dating life? Is the 53-year-old married? As his fans, you must be aware that he has a daughter; is Pedro still in a relationship with his baby mama?

    Take a look at the article below to know all the answers about the Spanish actor’s financial and love life.

    Key Takeaways

    • His income sources are acting and writing.
    • He is not married but is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, who is a French writer and hypnotherapist.
    • He and his long-term partner got together sometime before 2018. They do not have plans to marry yet.
    • He has a daughter, Uriel, born in 1998.

    How Much Is Pedro Alonso’s Net Worth?

    In 2023, Gonzalez Alonso has a whopping fortune of $6 million. Looks like his 28-year-long journey as an actor in Spain has paid him off now that he’s a millionaire. However, it’s been this way for quite some time. As in, he’s been a millionaire for as long as we can remember.

    Pedro Gonzalez Alonso is famous as "Berlin" worldwide
    Alonso in his character as, Berlin in “Money Heist”

    Below, we present you with a table with an estimation of his net worth throughout the years.

    YearNet Worth
    2023$6 million
    2022$5.5 million
    2021$4.8 million
    2020$4 million

    Additionally, it is to be noted that a huge chunk of his money comes from his role in Money Heist. With a beginning salary of $120,000, the actor earned almost $700,000 in the fifth season of the show. Besides, we also assume that he has a regular yearly salary of $600,000. Moreover, this is calculated to a monthly income of $50,000.

    Explaining His Income Sources In Brief

    Acting is his major source of income. After 3 years of graduating from the Theatre of Dance, Alonso began his famous showbiz journey. In the earlier days, he appeared in smaller roles. His roles in Spanish TV shows, Rias Baixas, Maridos e Mulleres, and Gonda opened gates for greater opportunities.

    Eventually, in 2011, he got his big break. He appeared in the historical drama, Gran Hotel as Diego Murquia/Adrian Vera Celande. The series aired until 2013.

    Furthermore, he landed the role of Andres “Berlin” de Fonollosa in the crime drama series, Money Heist. At present, he is working on the spin-off of the show, Berlin, which is based entirely on his character. As per the reports, he assembles a new crew all by himself in the new series. It is set to release on 29th December 2023.

    Besides, did you know that he’s also a writer? Well, yes! The Spanish native goes by the name, Pedro Alonso O’choro to publish his works.

    Does The Gran Hotel Star Have A Wife?

    In the current day and age, the actor/writer is not married. Although he is in his 50s, the star has not settled down. However, Pedro Alonso does have a girlfriend at the moment. He and his partner, Tatiana Djordjevic have been in a relationship for many years.

    Keep on reading to know the details of his current relationship.

    All About His Long-Term Relationship With Tatiana Djordjevic

    Back in 2018, during an interview with La Nacion, Gonzalez Alonso revealed his relationship with Djordjevic. He was hesitant at first, but eventually gave in and expressed that she was indeed his girlfriend. With that in mind, we assume that the pair got together sometime before 2018; it has been 5 years since they’ve been in a relationship.

    Spanish actor, Pedro Alonso is dating a French writer
    Gonzalez Alonso with his partner, Tatiana.

    Unfortunately, none of them speak about their love life online. While Tatiana has a private account on Instagram, Pedro, on the other hand, hardly posts about his girlfriend. To this very day, they have done their very best to protect their relationship from the public eye.

    Pedro Gonzalez Alonso is dating his French girlfriend for over 5 years
    The love birds cozy in each other’s arms!

    However, we have spotted the duo a couple of times in public. On 13 December 2021, the boyfriend and girlfriend were spotted taking a walk. They were roaming hand-in-hand around Barcelona. Likewise, they’ve also been spotted with public displays of affection multiple times. Additionally, they also attend numerous public events together.

    Moreover, Pedro once talked about their first meeting and how they exchanged numbers. He said,

    “The first day I met her and, without flirting, we started talking. At the end of that conversation I gave her my phone number in case she wanted to stay for the 11 days that she was going to be there and well, well… The rest is history!”

    Pedro’s Girlfriend Has A Unique Career

    Tatiana Djordjevic is an author based in France. However, she likes to lay low with her work, unlike her famed partner. In addition to this, she is also famous as a hypnotherapist.

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    On the contrary, many people also mistake her for a singer. A Serbian singer, Tatjana Dordevic shares the exact same name as Alonso’s girlfriend. But, rest assured, they are entirely different people.

    His Partner Isn’t All In For A Marriage Yet

    In spite of having a very long relationship with the Spanish actor, Tatiana is not ready for marriage. A few sources even claim that she might never be down to marry Pedro.

    Not just him, but people think of her as the type of woman who won’t ever marry and settle down with a husband. So, although the couple has a long and fulfilling relationship, they might never tie the knot.

    Pedro Gonzalez Alonso Became A Father In 1998; Who Is His Ex-Partner?

    Back in 1998, the actor from The Silence of the Marsh became a dad for the very first time. He welcomed his baby girl, Uriel, born in 1998, with an ex-lover. She is the only daughter of the artist.

    Talking more about the mother of his child, well, nothing much is known about the mystery woman. Even more so, it is unknown whether or not Alonso was married to Uriel’s mom at the time of her birth. Maybe, the two of them had a long relationship that ended sometime after the birth of their darling little girl.

    Despite separating from her mother, the actor has been a wonderful dad to his daughter. He does not always flaunt her on social media, but time and again shares snapshots of his 26-year-old baby.