What Is Kevin Hunter’s Net Worth? His Career, Income Source, & More

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    Kevin Hunter is famous only because of his ex-wife, the celebrated TV broadcaster, Wendy Williams. But, is he also rich because of her? We all are well aware that his career kickstarted with her help. So, in one way or the other, he owes it to Wendy for the fortune he has to his name in the current day and age.

    As you read further, you’ll learn all about Kevin Hunter’s net worth, career details, income sources, and more. Let’s take a peek into his luxurious lifestyle, shall we? Also, people think he’s going bankrupt very soon; is that true?

    Key Takeaways:

    • Kevin Hunter’s net worth is $5 million, although it used to be $10 million in 2020.
    • He is a businessman, owning his own publishing company i.e., Hunter Publishing Group.
    • Previously, he worked for his ex-wife as her manager and the executive producer of her show.
    • He received a ton of money from his famous spouse, Wendy Williams after his divorce.
    • He might be going bankrupt since he’s been trying to manage his finances by selling his $1.2 million house in Florida.

    Kevin Hunter’s Net Worth

    According to multiple sources, Kevin Hunter has a net worth of $5 million in 2023.

    Thanks to his former partner, Wendy Williams, he became an asset to the entertainment industry. Since 2000, he’s been very active in the world of showbiz as a manager, producer, author, and whatnot. His career of 2 decades finally paid him off as he’s a millionaire today.

    On the other hand, many think he owes his fortune to his ex-lover. Yes, Hunter’s career did take massive turns after Williams came into his life, but that does not mean he has to give up on all the hard work he’s put in too. However, it is quite obvious that his separation helped increase his current net worth; mostly because, the talk show host had to pay a hefty amount, following their divorce.

    What Does Kevin Hunter Do For A Living?

    At present, Hunter is an executive producer, publisher, and influencer. Furthermore, he is the owner of his own publishing company, Hunter Publishing Group. So far, his bestsellers are Table Set Cooking With Tamika Scott and I Kick Ass At Work!

    Kevin was formerly the executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show
    Hunter, the owner of Hunter Publishing Group

    His company’s main goal is to provide a literary space to a “diverse group of authors”. Moreover, the publishing group has been very active since 2020. It has worked with a number of authors including TT Torrez, Ray Hamlin, and more.

    Likewise, previously, he began by managing his own ex-spouse. That’s right, in the 2000s, he got to work as a manager for the host of The Wendy Williams Show. Eventually, he was promoted to the role of the Executive Producer of that very show in 2007.

    Additionally, Kevin also has explored a career as a writer. Back in 2007, he published his first-ever book, Jagger’s Revolution.

    What Are Wendy William’s Husband Kevin Hunter’s Income Sources So Far?

    As previously mentioned, the majority of his income is generated by his publishing company. Two of his bestselling books are sold in a range between $16 to $36. That ought to get his finances going!

    Similarly, before the divorce, Hunter’s income came from The Wendy Williams Show.  As a manager to the host herself and the executive producer, we believe his income touched great heights around the early 2000s.

    In addition to this, a fraction of his salary also comes from his career as an author. And currently, as an influencer as well.

    How Much Money Did His Famous Ex-Wife Pay Upon Their Divorce?

    The amount of money Williams paid to her ex-husband is uncertain. Perhaps, it was enough to help him settle down after being kicked out from his position as the executive producer of her show.

    Hunter with his famous ex-spouse, TV host, Wendy Williams
    Divorced couple posing together before their separation in 2020

    On top of this, many have reported that the former couple did not sign a prenup in their marriage. Due to this reason, Wendy was believed to lose a lot of money in the divorce. Furthermore, she was also paying him alimony money up until February 2022.

    Now, this could be true since, around the time of the split, the publisher had a net worth of $10 million. Even more so, he also founded his publishing company around the same time.

    Is It True That Kevin Hunter Is Going Bankrupt?

    Looking at how much his net worth has decreased since 2020, it is plausible to think that Kevin Hunter might be going bankrupt. Around July 2023, it was also reported that he was selling his home in Florida, estimated at $1.2 million. According to the report, he took this step after the judge denied his request for continued alimony from his former lover.

    Kevin walking around with his fiance, Hudson
    Kevin Hunter caught with his “mistress, Sharina – they have a love child together

    Moreover, the celebrity ex-spouse bought his home in 2020 for $795K after separating from the TV broadcaster. He relocated there with his so-called mistress, Sharina Hudson. In that bargain, recent news also suggests that Hudson broke up with him because he does not have enough money in his bank account.

    Adding to this, it was also reported in The US Sun that the Hunter was unable to pay his bills following the denial.

    Looks like his business isn’t taking as much hit as we thought it was.

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