What Is Jeff Sims’ Net Worth In 2023? Earnings, Salary, Net Worth Breakdown

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    Jeff Sims, who plays collegiate football for Nebraska Cornhuskers, is an up-and-coming footballer whom many are vying to see in the NFL. Such anticipation brings curiosity to Sims’ net worth & possible earnings after entering the NFL.

    Staring in 2016, from his high school journey, the QB’s been in constant highlights for his games. No doubt, it not only got him eyes of the teams from the big league but also lucrative NIL deals. So, how much does Jeff earn? Let’s get to the roots of his finances.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Jeff Sims has a possible net worth of $1.3 million in 2023.
    • He is believed to earn around $25,000 a year; $2000 per month
    • He is currently a quarterback for the college football team Nebraska Cornhuskers.
    • Sims earns mostly through his NIL deals.

    Jeff Sims’ Net Worth In 2023

    In 2024, Sims, 22, has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million. The assumption of his fortune regardless of his age is a huge possibility since the quarterback’s been rocking the field as a high schooler & is now a collegiate football star.

    Looking at his stats & fierce performance, football pundits are pretty sure that he might end up being picked in the 2024 NFL draft. As many know, the NFL is one of the highest-budget sports in the world, so upon signing an NFL contract, Jeff Sims’ net worth could possibly skyrocket in no time.

    Net Worth Breakdown Of Sims

    Even if the exact figure of Jeff’s fortune isn’t readily available, judging from his past financial endeavors, a rough guess on his finances is potentially justifiable. Here is a breakdown of Jeff’s net worth over the last 4 years.

    YearNet Worth
    2023$1.3 million
    2022$1 million
    2021$ 600,000
    2020$ 300,000

    How Does Jeff Earn Money As A Student?

    Still a college student, Jeff may not be in a standard football contract, but there are provisions in college football that allow a student-athlete to fill his pocket. One such is the NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deal.

    The same scenario of the NIL works for the Sandalwood High School alum, with which, he can leverage a brand’s promotion using his image & get paid a considerable sum. As reported, his NIL valuation is $103k.

    Moreover, according to the NCAA, collegiate football players like Sims may not directly receive a salary but remuneration for their contributions to the university, which can be deemed as earnings in one way. It includes a full waiver of tuition fees, free meals & private tutoring.

    Sims’ Salary & Earnings As A Collegiate Footballer

    Jeff’s income source for now is his NIL deals- which he signed with Amigos/Kings, a restaurant, and AKRS Equipment in 2023.

    Call it a salary or his earnings, the former Georgia Tech footballer allegedly earns $25,000 per year (i.e. $2,000 monthly) from promotional deals.

    Jeff Sims earns thousands of dollars from his career as a college athlete
    A collegiate football player Jeff Sims who plays for Nebraska Cornhusker

    In addition to that, he may charge for a photograph or an autograph session. No denying, his income allows him to enjoy a quality lifestyle. Surfing through his Instagram, it can be seen that he often shops in branded places & has a fascination with expensive items.

    Jeff Sims’ Football Career So Far

    Initially, Sims gained recognition as a high school football player. He is a former student of Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville, Florida who served as a quarterback for his team since his sophomore year. Furthermore, for 4 years, from 2016-2020, he was an asset to his high school football team.

    A collegiate footballer Jeff Sims' net worth could skyrocket after he become an NFL draft pick
    Jeff formerly played college football for Georgia Tech before transferring to Nebraska

    Similarly, he formerly wanted to play college football for the Miami Hurricanes. But, as the team showed no interest in him, he leaned towards the Florida State Seminoles. Moreover, in 2019, Sims committed to the team as a backup quarterback. Sadly enough, his journey with the team ended shortly after as Mike Norvell was hired as the new head coach.

    On the 18th of December, he was signed by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He stayed with the team till 27th November 2022, before transferring to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. As of now, he is a well-known quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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