What Is Jake Runyan Net Worth? His Income Source & His Ownings

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    Jake Runyan is an American professional fisherman who caused a huge scandal for cheating in the Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship with his friend in 2022. He was declared the winner but was eventually caught and fined a large amount of money for it.

    Let’s find out more about the amount he had to pay including his total net worth.

    Key Takeaway

    • Jacob Runyan is currently 44 years old. He was born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio.
    • Runyan has won a total of nine tournaments out of 19 with his friend Chas Cominsky.
    • In the 2021 Brawl Tournament, he and his fishing partner Chase were disqualified.
    • Jake and his fishing partner Chase are suspected of putting lead weights in the fish they caught at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in 2022.

    Jake Runyan’s Net Worth

    Jake Runyan’s net worth is estimated at around $800,000. His net worth as a professional fisherman is a result of his winnings in fishing competitions.

    Runyan and Cominsky had been cheating on multiple occassions to win luxury fishing boats in tge Fall Brawl and Walleye Slam Fishing Tournament in 2021.
    Jake Runyan, a professional fisherman, and serial competition winner, sparked outrage after a video revealed that he had packed his fish with lead weights and other things.

    An expert fisherman in the United States makes an average of $44,169 per year, but typical reimbursements fall between $10,000 and $13,000. Due to his expertise in fishing and numerous victories, Runyan might have amassed one of these fortunes.

    Runyan’s Net Worth Breakdown Over The Years

    YearNet Worth

    His Income is mostly From The Fishing Tournaments

    As of right now, Runyan’s sole source of income is his fishing competition. Listed below are some of his famous wins with cash prizes; he has triumphed in a number of contests.

    WinsCash Prize
    2021 Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl$ 306, 000
    2021 Walleye Slam$5000
    2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship (in Ashtabula and Lorain)$36000

    Runyan Partnered Up With Chase Cominsky And Won $306,000 In 2021 Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship

    In 2021, Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship, Jake partnered up with another professional fisherman Chase Cominsky. They won the Fall Brawl by a slim margin with a 12.770-pound walleye that Runyan fought to the net.

    Like the many anglers who entered both walleye derbies, Runyan and Comiskey’s Fall Brawl winner also topped the Walleye Slam results. Runyan and Cominsky split $306,000 for their historic victories, which amounted to $15,300 per person.

    Runyan Almost Won $28,760 As A Prize In A Competition; What Was The Reason Behind Not Winning The Huge Amount?

    Jake and his friend Runyan were declared winners of the 2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship, winning nearly $29,000 in prize money until they were caught red-handed.  According to reports, Runyan and Cominsky needed their five fish to weigh more than 16.89 pounds to take first place.

    Jake Runyan, 42, pleaded not guilty July 26 to one count of domestic violence and one count of unlawful restraint, according to Ashtabula Municipal Court records.
    Jake Runyan, 42, pleaded not guilty July 26 to one count of domestic violence according to Ashtabula Municipal Court records

    Only when Jason Fischer, the tournament’s director, decided to take a second look at their catch which won by more than 17 pounds. When Fischer opened up the fish, he discovered that the duo had inserted 10 weights, revealing their cheating.

    They varied in weight from 12 ounces for eight of them to 10 ounces for the other two. Fischer also found that someone had inserted walleye fillets inside the fish to increase the weight of the catch, adding to their disqualification and resulting in charges of a scam.

    He Paid $2,500 Fine, And His Fishing License Was Canceled

    Under the plea deal, the two pleaded guilty in March to cheating. Runyan and Cominsky agreed to three-year suspensions of their fishing licenses. 

    Jake Runyan and his friend Chase Cominsky has won 9 tournaments out of 19.
    Jake Runyan and His friend Chase Cominsky has won several tournaments together.

    After completing their 10-day jail terms, Runyan and Cominsky served a year and a half on probation. They each had to pay $2,500 but could halve the fine with a $1,250 donation to a children’s fishing charity. They also forfeited Cominsky’s Ranger bass boat, valued at $100,000, to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

    Runyan Has Been Disqualified Before, Resulting In Him Losing The $100,000 Grand Prize

    On Lake Erie in 2021, the Walleye Slam and Fall Brawl were held simultaneously, allowing competitors to enter the same fish in both events. Runyan and Cominsky did exactly that, and they won both events.

    While they aced the polygraph for the Walleye Slam and won a $151,670 boat, one of them failed the Fall Brawl polygraph, raising doubts. This failure cost them a chance to win a $125,000 Ranger boat and raised immediate doubts about their honesty.