What Is Darius Jackson’s Net Worth? Income Source, Net Worth Breakdown & Career

September 11, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Darius Jackson’s relationship drama with actress Keke Palmer & being a baby daddy with her brought prying eyes into his personal life. Now, the clouds of curiosity revolve around Jackson’s net worth and professional venture. So, what kind of lifestyle does he live?

    In this article, we delve into his earnings, income source, and career.

    Key Takeaways

    • Darius Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $400k
    • He is a fitness instructor who formerly worked in radio.
    • Darius was interested in sports from a young age since a lot of his family members were athletes.
    • Jackson is famous as boyfriend and the baby daddy of Keke Palmer.

    What Is Darius Jackson’s Net Worth?

    Jackson’s net worth is around $400k as of 2024. Currently, he works as a fitness instructor and added that, with his relationship with Primetime Emmy-winning girlfriend Keke Palmer, he’s become an internet personality.

    Keke Palmer's boyfriend Darius Daulton Jackson owns $400k net worth
    Darius Jackson, a fitness instructor has a net worth is $400k

    Comparatively, his baby mama & girlfriend Palmer’s fortune is much more; she owns an estimated net worth of $7.5 million. Darius’ actor brother Sarunas J. Jackson, who worked in the TV series Insecure, is worth around $1 million.

    Net Worth Breakdown

    A chunk of Jackson’s total fortune comes from his professional venture into the fitness industry, which of course, many know is a big business. Some parts possibly come from his property possession, though his house or car collection details remain under wraps.

    According to his Instagram profile, he seems to be a travel lover and often travels across the the States and makes trips to Europe. No denying he lives a quality lifestyle and ever since, he got into a relationship with Keke Palmer in 2021, the rizz and wonders of the glam world have been no new to him.

    Income Sources & Earnings Of Darius Jackson

    Darius Daulton Jackson (b. 1994) is a fitness instructor and trainer at Inspire Fitness Studio. While he has yet to comment on his exact earnings, his yearly income is in a hefty 5-digit figure. In the USA, the salary range for a fitness instructor ranges from $22,000 to $53,000 annually with an average hourly rate of $16.51.

    Darius Jackson's net worth could possibly expand if he succeeds in acting career
    Darius Daulton Jackson is planning to hop from fitness to an acting career

    In addition to this, he also works as the host of Bleav Podcast Network.

    Moreover, he runs a YouTube channel dvulton, created on July 7, 2010. As of this writing, the Philadelphia Eagles-centric YouTube channel has over 19.3k subscribers & a total of 15k views.

    Jackson’s Earlier Career In Radio and TV

    Darius, who has a certificate in broadcasting, previously worked in radio and cable TV. In 2017, he joined the KBCH Internet Radio & worked there for a year. Subsequently, he began working at Lawndale City TV in 2018. Then, from 2019 to 2020, Jackson was a promotions assistant at iHeartMedia.

    Is He Trying For An Acting Career?

    Yes, Darius Jackson is reportedly trying to focus on an acting career now. Given that, his brother Sarunas and baby mama Keke Palmer are both actors, it’s no wonder if he catapults into major screening roles.

    Not to mention that the fitness instructor has already dipped his toes into small TV projects as an actor, writer & producer. According to his IMDB profile, he made his acting debut in 2019 in a guest role in the TV series Game People Play. Then, in 2023, Jackson starred in KeyTV’s SportsFan, a take on a family sitcom shot from an iPhone, of which he was also a writer & producer.

    His upcoming project Dawn of the Predator is in post-production where he appears as agent Moyo.

    Is Darius and His Girlfriend Keke Palmer Planning To Work Together?

    For the time being, there are no reports if Keke and Darius have plans to share the screen. 

    After Jackson slammed his girlfriend of 2 years, Palmer, on Twitter for her dress in July 2023, their relationship seemed on a cliffhanger. Even if some sources cited that the two broke up, Jackson made a bold statement claiming that it was false in August 2023.

    Subsequently, he joined her on her 30th birthday on August 26, and at Beyonce’s concert on September 4 that year. So, fans are hopeful to see the couple, who are parents of their son Leodis, work together in a TV or movie.

    Jackson Could Have Ended As A Football Player

    Born to a Panamanian mother and an African-American father, Darius grew up in a family with athletic enthusiasm. A high school football player, Jackson earned a scholarship to Fresno State University. However, he later switched to boxing and started working in the gym, which led him to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

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