What Is Celeste Barber’s Net Worth? Her Salary

July 6, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    After gaining an immense amount of about 10 million followers on her Instagram account through her comedy skills, Celeste Barber is also making her way all over the world through her Netflix shows too. Since being successful in each of the fields Barber is involved in, her net worth has whoopingly gone up.

    Here, we will get to know about the wealth of the comedian and also break down a look into her major sources of income including her salary.

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    Key Takeaways

    • Celeste has a net worth of over 30 million.
    • She has been working rapidly in the field of acting, comedy, and writing as well as an influencer. All of them are also her major source of income.
    • Her very recent Comedy-drama series, Wellmania brought her huge fame to her.
    • She owns a Penthouse Apartment in Tweed Heads.

    What is Celeste Barber’s Net Worth?

    As of the year 2023, the WellMania actress has a wealth of 31.4 million in 2023. Celeste has been active in the field of television since 2005 but became well-known over widely only due to her profession as a comedian.

    Barber has a net worth and her salary is of millions.
    Barber has a fortune of $31.4 million as of 2023. Source: Instagram

    Barber’s comedy career got recognition with a 2020 AACTA for Favorite Comedy Performer of the Decade and a 2021 Webby Achievement Award.

    Barber’s Worth Has Enormously Increased In The Past Years

    Celeste is having tremendous growth in her wealth in the past few years. With a reported fortune of nearly $3 million in the year 2021, today she has income and assets worth several million.

    This huge upliftment took place when the actor started giving much of her attention to her comedy skills. Her social media influence has played a huge role in her establishment on the list of millionaires.

    Breakdown of Her Net Worth; Celeste’s Income and Salary

    The Australian actress earns nearly $6.28 million per year. According to some reliable sources, actors make around $20,000 per episode for the television series. So, Celeste may also earn in the same range.

    Celeste Barber has several sources including her netflix originals.
    Poster of Celeste’s recent Netflix Comedy Special, Fine, Thanks. Source: Instagram

    Further, Barber also has been doing tours for her comedy special, Fine, Thanks including merch ranging from $24.99 – $29.99 per apparel. This has also added an impressive amount of income to her life.

    A Big Part of Her Wealth Comes From Social Media

    As we have mentioned earlier, the biggest hand in Barber’s success comes from her god-gifted comedy. She made herself renowned all over the world before starting her career on Netflix. Celeste today has 9.5 million followers on her Instagram account and hence also earns a whooping amount from being an influencer.

    Each of her posts gets an average of 503.17 thousand likes with excellent engagement of the audience. Influencers such as Barber earn as per their post which can range from $17.21 thousand – $34.42 thousand for a single post. Under this, she might earn $12.56 million per year solely from her social media handle.

    Her major sources of income are listed below

    • Instagram
    • Comedy
    • Television shows
    • Netflix Series
    • Writing
    • Fine, Thanks Merchandise
    • Podcast (Celeste & Her Best)

    List of Her Movies and Television Series

    Despite being only in a few successful shows in her early days, her recent Netflix originals have made their way all to popularity.

    A few of the television show, Barber has been in are listed below.

    • Wellmania (Lead)
    • Fine, Thanks (Solo Comedy Original)
    • The Matty Johns Show (Sketch Writer)
    • All Saints (2005-2009)
    • How Not To Behave (2015)

    Celeste Owns a $1.175 million worth Penthouse Apartment

    Barber possesses a sophisticated Penthouse Apartment in Tweed Heads, New South Wales. She was first pictured in the house in the year 2021 where she has been residing along with her husband and children.

    Break down of her net worth and wealth. Barber owns an apartment nearly worth 2 million.
    Celeste’s Apartment is Tweed Heads worth 1.175 million. Source: Urban.com.au

    Her Instagram popularity brought such a huge name to her, that Daily Mail named her house, The House that Instagram built. The house comes with 155 meters of internal space and featured a rooftop along with a terrace with a covered kitchenette.

    Earlier this, Barber and family lived in a Long Jetty home which they bought for $565,000 and now is in lease for $650 a week.