What Does Charo Washer Do For A Living? Her Religion, Ethnicity, Family, Marriage

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    Even after serving for 12 years as a missionary in Peru, Charo Washer did not think of herself as a Christian because she did not have the intention to read the scriptures God had provided for his followers. However, Charo’s husband, Paul Washer guided her through the gospel and the scriptures of evidence to help her come to a decision. Wanna know what decision she took?

    Read the following article to learn more about Charo Washer’s religion, ethnicity, profession, and family.

    Key Takeaways

    • Charo Washer grew up with missionary kids in a Christian school.
    • She got married to Paul Washer, a preacher, at the age of 20.
    • They have been married for over three decades.
    • Charo believes that she was saved by god and expresses gratitude towards him.
    • Her husband, Paul founded ‘The HeartCry Missionary Society’.

    Rosaria Charo Washer aka Charo Washer is not a Christian by birth

    Charo was born in 1972 in Lima, Peru. She is the eldest of four siblings. Though Charo is now married to a Christian Evangelist, growing up, her family wasn’t much of a believer. It was only after he met her husband that she accepted Christianity, wholeheartedly.

    Rosaria studied in a local Christian school where she would hang around with missionary kids. She had a Christian friend circle as well, but she still didn’t accept if she was a Christian or not.

    Charo Comes from a Mixed Ethnic Background

    Charo belongs to a mixed ethnic background, her father was Spanish, and her mom was a Peruvian. Throughout her early life, she has lived in different countries including Bolivia, Paraguay, the United States, and Spain.

    She has three sisters, two of whom live in the US while another one lives in Italy.

    How did Charo Washer Meet Her Husband Paul?

    Both of them were working as a missionary in Peru when they met. In an interview, Paul mentioned that Charo was very young when he met her. He genuinely fell in love with her due to her devotion and commitment to the work of God.

    The wedding picture of Charo and Paul Washer.
    Charo and Paul during their nuptials in 1993.

    In 1992, she exchanged vows with the evangelist and preacher, Paul Washer. Charo was just 20 years old and Paul was already 31 years old at the time of marriage.

    Charo Washer’s Father Didn’t Allow Paul Washer To Marry His Daughter

    The path to their marriage wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Firstly, Paul being a devout Christian asked Charo’s father permission to marry his daughter. But, unfortunately for the then 31-year-old Paul, Charo’s dad immediately said no reason being that Paul was a Christian missionary, while his future father-in-law was a nonbeliever.

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    Nevertheless, Paul believed that if God had given him love for this woman then he would definitely figure out how to tackle one little human obstacle and so did he. And now the pair have been married for over three decades.

    Check Out The Full Story Behind Paul’s Marriage

    The nuptial was an intimate and beautiful affair. Paul wore a black tuxedo and his bride wore a gorgeous plain white gown with long veil.

    A Brief About Charo’s Husband Paul

    Evangelist Paul David Washer is a Southern Baptist and a Calvinist. He converted to Christianity while studying Oil and Gas Law at UT Austin. Upon becoming a believer, he moved to Peru as a missionary and served there for over a decade before founding the HeartCry Missionary Society in 1988.

    Charo Washer's husband Paul Washer giving speech
    Paul Washer is an Evangelist

    Currently, the organization supports numerous missionaries in Africa, North & Latin America, and Europe.

    Charo Washer has Four Kids with Paul

    From their relationship, the couple became a parent of four children. Their first child, Ian Washer, was born in 2001. Likewise, Evan Washer came into this world in 2004.

    Charo's has four children
    Charo Washer with her husband and children.

    The last two Washer siblings, Rowan Washer and Bronwyn Washer were born in 2007 and 2016, respectively.

    How did Paul help her to come to a decision?

    He guided her through the book of 1 John i.e. the first epistle of John where John, the disciple of Jesus, teaches that through obedience one can come to know god, have fellowship, and become like him. Paul helped her understand that there is no in-between, either you succeed, or you do not.

    Eventually, she presented her testimony where she expressed gratitude to god for rescuing her and revealing that she should follow God wholeheartedly, which freed her from all the pressures and stresses she had been going through.

    Charo Washer with her husband Paul Washer and the team of HeartCry Missionary Society at Peru.
    Charo (First from Right) and Paul (Second from Right) with their friends.

    Since then, Charo Washer has been following Christianity as her religion.

    What Is She Doing Now?

    According to her Twitter profile, she is a photographer. She works as a volunteer photographer for her husband’s organization, the HeartCry Missionary Society.

    In addition to that, Charo also mentioned that she is a “furniture refinisher, bookworm, traveler, chef wannabe.”

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Rosaria Charo Washer
    Popular Name Charo Washer
    Birth Place United States of America
    Birthday 1972
    Age 52 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed (Peruvian/Spanish)
    Siblings Three Sisters
    Profession Photographer, Christian Missionary
    Net Worth $100,000
    Height 5 feet 7 inch
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Paul Washer (m. 1992)
    Children 4 Kids (Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn)