Warren Jeffs Spouse: How Many Wives did Warren Jeffs Have? Know About His 78 Spouses

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    Warren Jeffs is one of the most infamous polygamy leaders and the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). As the president of the church, Jeffs was involved in numerous misdemeanors, especially sex-related crimes. In 2011, the notorious polygamist was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault and is now serving life imprisonment.

    In June 2022, a documentary series Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey was released on Netflix, documenting his terrifying life story from his multi-underage marriages to his permanent imprisonment. So, who is Warren Jeffs’ spouse now? How many spouses did Jeffs have?

    Keep reading to know about his numerous marriages and wives!

    Warren Jeffs Wives List

    Warren Jeffs Spouse: How Many Wives Did Warren Jeffs Have?

    Warren, after his late father Rulon Jeffs’ death in 2002, took over the FLDS Church and was subsequently involved in numerous horrifying acts. Mainly, his illicit marriage with minors and child sexual abuse were the hot topics.

    Warren Jeffs wives
    Warren has about 78 wives.

    In total, the FLDS leader had over 78 wives before his imprisonment. After his father’s death, Jeffs married all of his late dad’s wives within a week of his passing, excluding two. Reports say Eulon had about 87 wives and was married to about 20 spouses at the time of his death. The late predecessor also had about 60 children at the time of his passing.

    Soon after Rulon’s passing, Jeffs told FLDS officials about his dad’s wives,

    “I won’t say much, but I will say this – hands off my father’s wives.”

    He further addressed his dad’s widows,

    “You women will live as if Father is still alive and in the next room.”

    Warren subsequently married all of them but two of his dad’s spouses refused to marry him. One was completely denied to marry him and the other one was Rebecca Wall who fled the church’s compound.

    Naomi Jessop
    Warren Jeffs’ favortie wife Naomi Jessop

    Out of Rulon Jeffs’ total wives, Naomi Jessop was the first to accept his son Warren as her husband.

    Warren Jeffs Spouse in a Total

    As mentioned above Jeffs has approx 78 wives. Among them, 24 were underage girls who forcefully married him. He even married Naomi’s sister Merrianne Jessop at the age of 12. The two wed at the YFZ Ranch in July 2006.

    Similarly, Jeffs also married two other 12 years old girls a year before in December 2005. His two underage wives were Nolita Collen Blackmore and Alyshia Blackmore. Both of them were members of a Canadian polygamous family.

    Furthermore, Warren tied the knot with another woman from the same group named Millie Blackmore on 1st March 2004. As per Millie’s brother Brandon S Blackmore who is now married to one of Warren Jeffs’ children, the FLDS leader also married his sister Annie Mae Blackmore at an unknown date.

    Moreover, another wife of Warren Jeffs named Brielle Decker is said to be his 65th wife.

    Vicki Thompson
    Jeffs’ 8th wife Vicki Thompson. 

    Similarly, Vicki Thompson whom the FLDS leader married as a teenager became his eighth wife.

    Where Are Warren Jeffs’ Wives Now?

    Since Warren Jeffs’ imprisonment, people are curious to know where his wives are now and do Jeffs still have wives. The answer to the question is that most of his wives are still believed to be loyalists to him and remained at the YFZ Ranch in Texas.

    While some of Jeffs’ other wives are now reportedly hidden at Houses of Hiding, secret locations of FLDS Church.

    Apparently, Warren’s 8th wife Vicki Thompson, the mother of two children is now living in New Harmony, Utah. After relocating there, Vicki also wrote to her imprisoned husband Warren not to contact her and their children.

    She is now married to her husband Aaron Thompson, a police officer. They also welcomed a child together. Besides, Vicki also earned her nursing degree from a University in Utah.

    How Many Children Does Warren Jeffs Have?

    Jeffs, the leader of FLDS reportedly has over 60 children from his 78 wives. A few of them are only known in the media but most of them are still out of the media. Roy Jeffs, one of Warren Jeffs’ sons spoke out to CNN and said,

    “I left on my own,” Roy explained why the boy left his dad’s church.

    “When I first came out, it was nice to feel that way. … I remember standing there, just staring at myself in the mirror, just in shock forever, just sitting there like, ‘Oh my God, I can choose.’ But at the same time … because I was so used to being told ‘You can do this, you can’t do this’ … I wanted somebody to tell me what to do.”

    Further, Roy who was born in the fundamentalist Mormon community in Short Creek continued,

    “It was terrifying.”

    He also has a sister named Becky Jeffs. Moreover, Warren has two more children named Wendell and Sarah with his 8th wife Vicki Thompson.

    Warren Jeffs children
    Warren Jeffs’ children and wives.

    Besides, Rachel Jeffs, Warren’s daughter Rachel from his second marriage is now married to one of his wives Millie Blackmore’s brother Brandon.