Want to Buy 5000 Left Over 2008 Beijing Olympics Condoms! Look No Further

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Well, the word ‘Condoms’ and ‘Leftover’ doesn’t add that much, but they are about to cause a wide stampede. Nearly 5000 unused condoms are up for grabs. An Olympic memorabilia collector is hoping to sell his massive collection of 5,000 condoms for a mere $730 (5,000 Yuan). For the mathematician out there, it’s 15 ($1) cents a piece.

    Around 100,000 Condoms were distributed during the start of the Beijing Olympics, however, around 5% of them were left unused and the man got a hold of him. Well, the man’s plan to get laid failed spectacularly, and now he is selling those which he wanted to use. Certainly, he thought a lot of himself.

    By the by’s, the auction has a rather tasteful name, “Exceptional Auction of China Sport Collection.” It will take place on November 29th. Auctioneer Guo Lei said,

    “Although anyone married should be interested for their practical use, some people will be too shy to bid for the condoms.”

    He further added,

    “The auction of condoms is the first time in the country. The move is to grab more attention from the public to promote the awareness of safe sex and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.”

    Moreover, the condom has been inscribed with the motto, “faster, higher, stronger” which adds further value to its already robust origin, pun intended.