Vanessa Loring

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    Vanessa Loring is the eldest daughter of actress, Lisa Loring. Her mother despite being a celebrity kept her kids completely away from the limelight.

    Learn in detail about Vanessa’s career, relationship with her parents, love life, and much more.

    Lisa Loring Gave Birth To Vanessa Loring At The Age of 15

    Lisa was in her mid-teens when she gave birth to her first child, Vanessa. The mother-daughter duo only have an age difference of less than 16 years.

    Lisa Loring gave birth to her first daughter when she was 15 years old.
    Actress Lisa gave birth to Vanessa Loring with her husband, Farrell when she was 15.

    It might have been a very tough decision for Lisa to welcome a child at such a young age. As she herself was a professional child actor, it might have been difficult for her to manage her personal and professional life.

    Vanessa’s Mother Lisa and Father Farrell Were Childhood Lovers

    Not only Vanessa’s mom but her dad too was pretty young when she was born. Lisa and Farrell met during their early teens and started their relationship then and there.

    They officially got married in 1973 which was the same year they gave birth to their daughter too.

    They Divorced a Year After Their Marriage

    The teen in love who decided to start a life together at a very young age eventually could not stick together for long. Loring and Foumberg separated in 1974 which was only a year after being into marriage.

    There is no information about the reason for their separation but the two were still very young to tackle complications that come along with relationships.

    Vanessa Loring’s Mom Married Thrice After Her First Divorce: She Has A Sibling Too

    Lisa had a complicated relationship in her life. In 1981, she married for the second time to actor Doug Steveson. They together gave birth to Vanessa’s younger half-sister, Marianne Loring. But they soon separated in 1983.

    Following this, in 1987, Lisa got into a marital relationship with artist Jerry Butler but this too ended 5 years later in 1992. The very last partner of actress Lisa was Grahan Ritch whom she married in 2003 and divorced 11 years later.

    Vanessa Grew Up Along with Her Mother, Lisa

    Loring who was just a year old when her parents divorced, spent the rest of her life with her mother. While growing up, she was seen with her mother making few appearances.

    Venessa Loring with her mom, Lisa and her first stepfather, Doug Steveson
    Vanessa with her mother and stepfather, Doug Steveson. Source: Getty Images

    Vanessa also shared a good bond with her stepfather, Doug Steveson. On the other hand, we never got to see her with her biological father after the separation.

    Unlike Her Mother, Vanessa Lives A Quiet Life

    Despite being seen with her mother quite a few times, Vanessa grew up away from the limelight. Until today, we have no idea what she did professionally or what type of personal life is she living.

    Vanessa is in her late 40s today, yet has not been as recognized as her mother. Most probably she will continue living the rest of her life the same way.

    Loring Lost Her Mother In The Early of 2023

    Vanessa lost her mother on January 28, 2023, at the age of 64. She herself confirmed the news of her mother’s death to Variety and said;

    She went peacefully with both her daughters holding her hands

    Lisa Loring died in the January of 2023 at the age of 64.
    Vanessa’s mom, Lisa passed away due to a stroke at the age of 64.

    Lisa passed away due to a stroke. According to her close ones, she was admitted to ventilation at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank the night she passed away.

    Where Is Vanessa Loring Today?

    The celebrity child who was able to keep her life private despite having a popular mom fell much more into a secretive lifestyle after losing her. As of 2024, Vanessa is 51 years old. Unfortunately, she has not publicized any of her personal details such as her marriage and children.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Venessa Loring
    Birth Place Los Angeles, California
    Birthday 1973
    Age 51 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Farrell Foumberg
    Mother Lisa Loring
    Siblings Marianne Loring (Half-sister)
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black