Tulip Victoria Khaury

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    Tulip Victoria Khaury is an American star kid who is famous as the daughter of Tiny Tim, a late American singer. Her father is famous for a number of hit songs.

    Tim made a big name for himself from his falsetto singing voice. Throughout his life, the Manhattan native was married a couple of times including to Tulip’s mother. So who was it? How many children did the duo share apart from Khaury?

    Here today we shall find out where is Tulip Victoria Khaury today. Is she married? Does she have any kids? Here today we shall find out!

    Tulip Victoria Khaury Wiki: The Identity of her mother

    She was born on 10th May 1971, in New Jersey, United States. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

    Tulip was born to her father Herbert Butros Khaury aka Tiny Tim and her mother Victoria Lombardi aka Miss Vicki. The star kid is the only child between the duo and also Tim’s only kid from his three marriages.

    Her early childhood is shrouded in mystery, however, we do know for a fact that she spent most of her early life with her mother as her parents had divorced a year after her birth. She studied at a local school in New Jersey.

    Her father wasn’t involved that much in her life but they reconciled afterward

    Sometimes after her birth, Tulip’s parents separated from each other. Afterward, Tulip and her mom Vicki moved to New Jersey. She reunited with her father six years after her parent’s separation in 1983.

    On the other hand, her father, who was always on the road, didn’t spend much time with his baby girl. In a book titled Tiptoe Through a Lifetime, Tulip said, “I don’t really have many memories because my mother and he split when I was two, so I really didn’t spend that much time with him.”

    Due to this, the father-daughter duo became estranged from each other. Before Tiny’s death, the duo might have mended their relationship. Moreover, some sources state she inherited some part of her dad’s wealth and also got his beloved ukulele.

    Back in 2020, she also appeared in a biography movie of her father, Tiny Tim-King for a Day. The beautiful documentary showcased her late dad’s work and life. In the movie, she talked about her father’s personality behind closed doors.

    Her mom Vicki struggled while raising his daughter

    As we mentioned above, it was Vicki who took care of Tulip after her divorce from Tiny. Because she wasn’t a famous personality, she had to do numerous dead-end jobs to put food on the table.

    Tulip with her mother
    Tulip as a child with her mom.

    Back in 70s, the New York Times reported that Miss Vicki was in welfare checks. Eventually, Tulip’s mother was able to make ends meet and soon Vicki started going to school.

    Tulip’s parents’ marriage was viewed by more than 40 million people

    Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki’s marriage was something that shook the whole of American TV history. They tied the knot on December 17th, 1969 on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. The live telecast of their marriage was seen by almost 40 million people.

    Their tacky nuptials helped Johnny Carson earn the highest Nielson ratings of that time.

    Besides, at the time of their marriage, Vicki was only 17 years old while her beau was 20 years her senior, 37 years old. After marrying, the twosome moved to New Jersey.

    Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long and they separated in January 1974, eventually divorcing in 1977. Many reports suggest, it was all just a publicity stunt to increase Tiny’s fame and it worked.

    Sadly, Tulip’s dad died in 1996.

    Tiny Tim married two times after his divorce from Tulip’s mom

    After his divorce from his first wife, he exchanged vows with Jan Alweiss on June 26th, 1984. They stayed in a marital relationship for over a decade before divorcing in 1995.

    Afterward, he tied the knot with Susan Marie Gardner on August 18th, 1995. His third wife was together with him until his death in 1996.

    From his three marriages, Tiny was the father of only one kid, Tulip.

    Know about her parent’s profession

    Tulip Victoria Khaury’s father is renowned for his 1968 hit song, ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips,’ which he sang in a falsetto voice. In addition to his musical prowess, he was renowned for his distinctive appearance. In the modern era, fellow singer Al Yankovich aka Weird Al has donned his attire.

    Throughout his illustrious career, his most songs include Livin’ In the Sunling, Lovin’ In the Moon Light, Great Balls of Fire, Strawberry Tea, Living in the Sunling, and more.

    Tiny with his daughter Tulip
    A young Tulip with her dad.

    On the other hand, Miss Vicki is a retired entertainer who used to perform on several occasions. Vicki was born on April 20, 1952, in Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA. She used to perform in Minnie’s Go-Go Lounge for a short time. Moreover, she also danced at The Surf Villa in NJ.

    In an old article published in 1995, it is stated that Mis Vicki owned a boutique in Maple Shade, New Jersey. She reportedly sold New Age items in her storefront in Philadelphia.

    Where is Tulip Victoria Khaury today?

    Currently, Tulip is living in Pennsylvania. She is working at Avalon Holdings Corporation based in New Castle, PA. Around the time, she gave birth to her kids, Tulip had taken some time off from her professional career.

    Her company Avalon helps big corporates with waste management services in northeastern and midwestern states. In addition, the company also owns and operates Avalon Golf and Country Club.

    Is Tulip Victoria Khaury married? How many children does she have?

    She is currently married to Edward Alfredo. The lovebird has been in a relationship with her husband for a long time. They don’t share any children between them.

    Previously, Tulip was married to Willie Ervin Stewart. From their relationship, the former flames became a parent of four beautiful children, three daughters Cherice Williams, Jade Williams, and Zharia Stewart, and a son, Trey Stewart.

    As her ex-husband, William was an African-American, so naturally, her children are also biracial, African-American, and Caucasian.

    Tulip’s second oldest daughter passed away in 2022

    Something tragic happened in Tulip’s life when her baby girl, Jade died. The tragic event took place on November 30, 2020. At the time of her death, she was 27 years old and lived in New Castle.

    Tulip's daughter died in 2020
    Tulip’s daughter Jade passed away in 2020.

    The family didn’t reveal the exact cause of her death. The most unfortunate part of her death was the fact that she left behind her three kids, Nora, Vera, and Hezekiah Williams.

    What is Tulip’s Net Worth? She inherited her father’s fortune

    The star kid has reportedly inherited millions of dollars from her late father’s fortune. Tiny had a net worth of $30 million, at the time of his death.

    From this alone, we can take guess that Tulip is enjoying her millions.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Tulip Victoria Khaury
    Birth Place New Jersey, USA
    Birthday May 1971
    Age 52 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Tiny Tim
    Mother Miss Vicki aka Victoria Lombardi
    Profession Member Services Associate at Avalon Holdings Corporation
    Net Worth $2 Million
    Height 5ft 7 inches
    Weight 58 Kg
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Second Husband: Edward Alfredo, First Husband: Willie Ervin Stewart (Divorce)
    Children Four (3 Daughters: Cherice, Jade, Zharia and 1 Son: Trey)