This is What Selena Vargas Is Doing Now: Who Is Her Boyfriend?

August 9, 2023   | August 9, 2023  | 

     Selena Vargas is an American adult film actress and model. She rose to fame following the 2015 incident when an anonymous Navy officer posted her picture on 4chan addressing her as his girlfriend. Soon she fell into a cheating controversy as people bashed her for being an adult star and hiding her profession from her boyfriend. So, what was the reality?

    Read the below piece of writing to know in detail about Selena and her cheating controversy.

    Key Takeaways

    • Selena Vargas is an adult film star who rose to prominence after her picture with a Navy officer went viral in 2015.
    • She allegedly cheated on her military boyfriend and also concealed her career in the adult film industry from her partner.
    • Post the 2015 incident, she disappeared from the Internet world.
    • As far as the media is informed, Selena is originally from Bellflower, California.
    • She now resides in New York.

    Who Is Selena Vargas? Her Bio

    Selena is an Adult film actress. She reportedly began her career in the entertainment industry as a model. But later, she switched to adult film but did limited work. However, Vargas quickly became popular in adult video streaming platforms with a significant viewership.

    She is believed to have been born on July 19, 1990, in Bellflower, California. While growing up, the 2012 high school graduate aspired to be an actress but later ended up becoming something else. Eventually, the 2015 cheating scandal seems to have put a full stop to her career. So, what actually happened?

    Selena Vargas’ Cheating Scandal And Viral Photo Story

    In the year 2015, one picture of Selena with a man in an army uniform was uploaded to an imageboard site, 4chan. Next to the picture, the anonymous navy officer asked users to evaluate his picture with his beau and wrote,

    Rate me anf my gf, Just finished navy seals training, currently on vocation in Scandinavia.

    Selena's viral post
    Selena and her boyfriend’s viral picture.

    But the post soon turned into controversy after one of the commentators recognized Selena as an adult star. After that, many accused Selena of hiding her profession from her boyfriend and cheating on him while he was out on his duty. Further, it was also speculated that Vargas is literally living a double life.

    What Happened To Selena After The 2015 Incident?  

    With the occurrence of the incident, Selena soon disappeared from the internet world. The case still has remained a mystery to the world since neither of the party of the viral photo showed interest in clarifying things in the public domain.

    However, there were some people who claimed that they knew the real story. On Reddit, one user professed that he personally knows the navy guy who appears with Selena in the controversial picture and said the two broke up after the photo went viral. Further, he also went on to guess that the one who uploaded the picture was not a Navy man but somebody else who pretends to be him. Have a look at his comments.

    Selena's incidents's reality
    Talk about Selena’s case

    Whatever the reality was, Selena’s sudden disappearance from the spotlight enticed a curious mind to speculate more about the matter. She has been the subject of wide discussion since then.

    Glimpses On Made-Up-Story On Selena’s Case; To What Extent Is It True?

    Back on October 9, 2020, a video appeared on the site named Worldstar where a boy goes by the username @imkeyurha reacted to the question, “Who is your high school’s most famous alumni?”, and point it out to Selena.

    Looking at the 0.18-sec clip, the cheating controversy seems quite authentic. In the last part of the clip, there was one post where Selena herself admitted that she cheated on her boyfriend for the opportunity. But still, it’s questionable, after all, why would a girl want to demean herself publicly, isn’t it?

    Does Selena Vergas Still Works In Adult Industry?

    Well, it doesn’t seem like she still works in adult movies. As per some sources, her last adult videos was released in 2020.

    Selena Vargas, the posrn star
    Selena Vargas is out of the industry.

    As per our findings, she has turned into an entrepreneur. Vargas has an account on Poshmark and sells clothing items online. On Poshmark, she has 1468 followers with 45 listing items.

    Selena’s Social Media Handles

    She has a private Instagram account under the username with an intro, “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.” She has a total of 388 followers on her Insta page. Vargas is also on Facebook.

    Further, she is on TikTok as well with 95 followers. Her TikTok account also has been set to private.

    Where Is Vargas Now?

    Based on her Instagram bio, Selena currently divides her time between New York and Greendale. A California girl also seems to have occasional visits to Greendale, CA for business.

    Her Net Worth

    Selena is reported to have a net worth of $500,000 in 2023. She must have amassed money as an adult film actress and from her clothing business.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Selena Green Vargas
    Popular Name Selena Vargas
    Birth Place Bellflower, California
    Birthday July 19, 1990
    Age 33 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Profession Adult Film actress and entrepreneur
    Net Worth $500,000
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Possibly single