Meet April McLaughlin: ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Caleb McLaughlin’s Mother

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    April McLaughlin, the mother of ‘Stranger Things’ actor Caleb McLaughlin, is more than a motherly figure to him- a mentor and an aspiring figure. Together, with her husband Corey Sr., April is a mom to four kids- two sons and two daughters, including Caleb himself.

    Aside from managing the home & fulfilling her parenthood duties, she has held business executive roles & also takes managerial roles for her acting prodigy son Caleb.

    The McLaughlin family embraces a diverse interest in careers- for instance, Caleb McLaughlin & younger sister Caitlyn are into acting while their father is a pastor. Well, there is more to his family.

    Get further insights below.

    Key Takeaways

    • April McLaughlin, the mother of Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin, works for MACO Marketing Solutions.
    • Her husband Corey McLaughlin is an entrepreneur and pastor.
    • April is the mother of four children; two sons and two daughters. Caleb is the third-eldest (second-youngest) of them.
    • Caleb’s mother April McLaughlin loves to read books & has an Instagram account dedicated to her passion for books.
    • Mrs. McLaughlin’s youngest child, daughter Caitlyn is also an actress like her brother Caleb.

    Caleb McLaughlin’s Mother April McLaughlin Is A Business Executive

    With such massive fandom of Caleb McLaughlin, it is evident that his mother April McLaughlin gets loads of media visits. But aside from being a supportive celebrity mom, she has the recognition of her own- a business executive.

    According to her LinkedIn profile, April holds the position of senior VP of marketing at MACO Marketing Solutions (September 2009- now).

    A 1995 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, Mrs. Mclaughin has a degree in Business Management and Administration.

    Furthermore, from 1995 to 1997, she attended Columbia University & obtained a degree in Publishing.

    Caleb McLaughlin's Mother April McLaughlin Works For MACO Marketing
    Caleb McLaughlin’s Mother April McLaughlin Works For MACO Marketing. Source: Instagram

    Her professional venture into business started as a sales development manager at Time Inc. (1999- 2000).

    After a three-year hiatus, she joined Media Networks Inc. as a sales development manager from 2003 through 2007.

    It then followed her career portfolio in Dow Jones, the parent company of The Wall Street Journal, from 2007 to 2009. Subsequently, she switched to The Wall Street Journal, where she assumed the role of marketing consultant for three years until 2012.

    So, it comes as no surprise that she handles her son’s managerial windows too.

    April McLaughlin Is A Book Worm

    The Shooting Stars actor’s mother April McLaughlin is a book lover and often inspires her kids with motivational quotes.

    Hailing from African-American ethnic background, she was born on April 23. No wonder, why her name is “April”.

    Her zodiac sign is Taurus which does sit square with her down-to-earth, tenacious & reliable nature.

    Mrs. McLaughlin not only reads books but also gives reviews and tries to motivate others. This led her son Caleb to catch the phrases, “embrace your face” and “be your biggest fan”, which is a frequent hashtags on the actor’s social media posts.

    Some of the books which April shared on her Instagram posts include ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernadine Evaristo, ‘Finding Me’ by Viola Davis, ‘The Last Story of Mina Lee’ by Nancy Jooyoun Kim, and ‘The Push’ by Ashley Audrain.

    Caleb McLaughlin’s Mother Is Active On Social Media

    Unlike some family members of a celebrity who tend to refrain from the limelight, Caleb’s mother April, father Corey & younger sister Caitlyn are not shy to express their adoration for him.

    April McLaughlin makes frequent appearances on social media with her son and often joins him on the red carpets.

    Following Caleb’s 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award win for Outstanding Performance in Stranger Things, she posed with him as they attended The Weinstein Company & Netflix’s SAG 2017 After Party in West Hollywood, California.

    April is active on Instagram with the handle @btweendapages, which basically shows her affection for books.

    Actor McLaughlin With His Mom And Younger Sister Caityln
    Actor McLaughlin With His Mom And Younger Sister Caityln. Source: Instagram

    She is also active on Facebook (@april.mclaughlin.50) which is all about her family and friends.

    On her Twitter (@amclaughlin423), which she joined in May 2015, Miss McLaughlin often Tweets about her son Caleb & her son’s work in Stranger Things.

    There is no denying that such supportive parenthood and grooming led fans to fall in love with Caleb’s mom too.

    They often tag the actor with adorable pictures featuring his mom on the occasion of her birthday and Mother’s Day.

    April McLaughlin’s Husband (Caleb’s Father) Corey McLaughlin: A Pastor & Entrepreneur

    Born on October 13, 2001, in Carmel, New York, Caleb McLaughlin, an American actor, is one of four children of April McLaughlin and her pastor husband Corey McLaughlin Sr. The actor’s parents are reported to be together since the 1980s.

    His father Corey McLaughlin, born on March 9, 1969, is an entrepreneur as well as a pastor.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, where Mr. McLaughlin Sr. describes himself as an ordained and licensed preacher, he is an alumnus of the College of New Rochelle. He obtained a degree in Psychology in 2004.

    Stranger Things Actor Caleb McLaughlin With His Father Corey Sr.
    Stranger Things Actor Caleb McLaughlin With His Father Corey Sr.  Source: Instagram

    For 20 years, from June 1990 to September 2010, he served as a correctional officer at the NYC Dept. Of Correction.

    Then, he was an associate pastor at Mt. Olivet Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia from September 2014 to January 2019.

    The former CEO of Maco Consultant (January 2012- Feb 2022), Corey currently serves as the President of C Frost Entertainment (February 2015- now).

    In addition to that, he is also a business partner at the Decatur, Georgia-based chain of Supreme Burger since January 2019.

    Besides being successful in his professional venture, Corey Sr. remains a doting dad & a family guy. In September 2017, he accompanied his son Caleb to the Emmys.

    April McLaughlin Is The Mother Of Four Kids; All Of Them Have Respective Careers

    Together with her husband Corey Sr., April McLaughlin welcomed four kids.

    The eldest of all, son Corey McLaughlin Sr. was born on December 10, 1989, followed by daughter Crystal, born in 1993.

    Caleb, who portrays Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things, is the third child. The youngest one is his sister Caitlyn (born on September 23, 2005), who is also an actress.

    Throwback Picture Of Caleb McLaughlin With His Parents And Siblings
    Throwback Picture Of Caleb McLaughlin With His Parents And Siblings. Source: Facebook

    April’s first child, Corey Jr. is already a father of a son but has kept his relationship details under wraps.

    As per his Facebook, which goes by Corey H Mclaughlin, his alma mater is John F Kennedy High School and Morgan State University. As for his profession, he is a DJ.

    Corey Sr. and April’s daughter Crystal lives in Carmel, New York. Her bio on Instagram @just_crystalm reads “Crystal . College Grad . Living! Learning! Loving”, which she has switched to private.

    Crystal’s Facebook work profile states she has/had jobs at Gap and Quiznos. Though, she remains low-key about her relationship status.

    The second-youngest of four, Caleb McLaughlin, has had many relationship rumors in the past but is alleged to be single.

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    Youngest Child Catilyn Is An Actress

    Like Caleb McLaughlin, his sister Caitlyn, who is nearly four years his junior, also got the acting bug at a young age.

    She went from community theater at four years old to theatre productions in Lost in the Stars and Lion King in famous venues: the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center and New York City’s Broadway and the Lincoln Center.

    Caitlyn Rose McLaughlin made her TV debut in 2014 in an episode of Unforgettable which followed her appearances in Louie (2015), Orange Is The New Black (2017), and The First Lady (2022).

    Although she has had one-episode appearances so far, her short screen time yet impactful performance has hit the spot.

    April McLaughlin's Youngest Child, Daughter Caitlyn During Her High School Graduation
    April McLaughlin’s Youngest Child, Daughter Caitlyn During Her High School Graduation. Source: Instagram

    Caitlyn, the youngest daughter of April, has an Instagram page @caitlynrosemclaughlin with more than 38.8k followers as of this writing.

    In May 2023, she completed high school at St. Mary’s Academy. Fans were wondering if she will continue her studies or pursue acting like her brother.

    Addressing the fame & charm of Caitlyn, fans also proclaimed that she could even switch to modeling in the days to come. Well, that’s for the time to tell.