Simon Cavill: Unveiling Henry Cavill’s Brother and His Full Bio

September 21, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    You are in the wrong if you thought it was only Henry who got the heavy-built genes from the Cavill family! Meet Simon Cavill, one of 5 Cavill brothers, who in Herny’s words is famous as the “HulkSmash” of the Cavill family.

    Well, here we bring you everything you need to know about one of Henry’s lesser-known brothers Simon. Did you know he also worked in the entertainment industry? Let’s find out many unknown facts like this one.

    Key Takeaways

    • Simon is the elder brother of Henry.
    • Cavill is a Compliance Officer and Director of several companies.
    • Simon is married to Victoria Pendlebury.

    Simon Cavill: A Leading Corporate Figure in the UK

    Simon is a compliance officer at Tauromachian Limited. Furthermore, the celebrity brother is the director of companies such as Kensington Films Limited and Grey Knight Services Limited.

    Simon's full name is Simon Granville
    Simon is the middle child of the Cavill Family, among the 5 Cavill sons.

    Before getting into the corporate world, Cavill also served in the Army for his country, like his brothers.

    He Grew Up In His Hometown Jersey

    Simon, fully Simon Granville Dalgliesh Cavill, was born in September 1979 in Jersey, UK. He was born to a Roman Catholic English family in Britain.

    The 44-year-old is of English, Irish, and Scottish descent.

    Simon Cavill Married His Wife in St. Heiler

    Simon is married to a woman named Victoria Pendlebury. The two tied the knot on August 8, 2014, in St. Heiler, UK. Currently, the couple is living in St Johns House, 16 Church Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire where Simon’s businesses are situated. 

    The two dated for some time before their nuptial in 2014. Cavill and his wife Victoria have been leading a blissful relationship over the years.

    Likewise, it is not certain whether they have any children or not.

    Simon’s Wife Is A Sport Enthusiast

    Simon is married to beautiful Victoria Pendlebury, who is an adventurer and sports enthusiast. Seemingly, Victoria is quite invested in physical adventures.

    Simon's wife Victoria Pendlebury Cavill
    Victoria and Simon have been married for 9 years now.

    She is significantly into outdoor activities like mountaineering, extreme sports, cycling, triathlons, etc. Likewise, she enjoys cross-country running, skiing, and open-water swimming.

    Another interesting fact about Victoria is that she has made herself a beautiful tattoo behind her back. She has even flaunted it on her social media.

    Simon Cavill’s Multi-Cultural English Parents

    Cavill’s mother Marianne Daligesh is a bank secretary. Before pursuing her secretarial job, Daligesh reportedly taught aromatherapy and massage. She later retired from her job and became a full-time housewife to take care of her family.

    What’s more, his mother Marianne was born in the Bailiwick region in the UK, an island between England and France. Her ancestors are from Scotland, England, and Ireland.

    Simon's parents Marianne Cavill and Collin Cavill
    Simon’s mom and dad have been together for more than 50 years.

    Besides, Simon’s father Collin Cavill is a former stockbroker born in Chester, Chesire, England. Simon’s mom and dad got together in the 1970s and ever since, they have been happily married raising 5 wonderful sons together.

    Simon is one of the 5 Cavill Brothers

    Cavill has an army of 5 brothers who grew up together in Saint Helier, Jersey. And we can imagine, how rough and tough it must have been!

    The five Cavill brothers
    The Cavill brothers are often seen as being there for each other.

    However, growing up in such a chaotic household, made the 5 brothers’ bond even stronger and unbreakable to date.

    All of them have been doing great in their professional pursuits too. Their oldest brother Piers is a business executive and finance guru. He is now the country director of one of the fastest-growing online gaming companies, Annexio Jersey Limited.

    Simon’s brother Niki is a decorated officer in the Royal Marines Corps. After graduating from school in 1999, Niki joined the service as an Army.

    Nikil is the second son of the Cavill Family
    Niki has served on 7 operational tours, which include 3 in Afghanistan.

    The youngest one Charlie is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur.

    Growing Up The Cavill Brothers Lived On The Edge Of Survival

    Henry often mentions in his interviews that growing up with 4 brothers used to be full of fights. In an interview, he explained with a pinch of humor how a rule was made between the Cavill brothers that punching on the face was off the cards.

    Likewise, Henry mentioned in The Graham Norton Show how intense it was for the Cavill brothers growing up. In fact, in his appearance in LiveKellyandRyan, he sarcastically mentioned that he is thankful, as none of the brothers gave each other any stitches.

    So imagine, how rough it must have been.

    However,  keeping all the sarcasm aside, it is beautiful to witness the love these 5 brothers share with each other, even after all of these years.  Henry is found speaking highly of his brothers and appreciating them, as often he can.

    What We Know About Henry Cavill?

    As mentioned above, Henry is one of the most loved actors in the entertainment world. He is the recipient of an MTV movie award and has garnished several nominations for this outstanding work.

    Unlike most of his brothers, who started their career serving in the Army, Henry was certain about his calling from his early days. Hence, the entertainer began his career in acting in 2001 as a teenager, appearing in numerous TV shows such as Laguna (2001), Goodbye,  Mr. Chips (2002), Tristan and Isolde (2o06), etc.

    Furthermore, Henry’s note-worthy works include Man of Steel (2013), The Witcher (2019), Enola Holmes (2020), etc.

    What is Simon Cavill’s Net Worth?

    Unlike his famous brother Henry, Simon’s life is not completely out there in the public eye. Hence, not much can be ascertained about his net worth.

    However, coming from a business and finance background., it is safe to assume that Simon has good earnings to afford a luxurious life for himself and his family.

    What is His Social Media Presence?

    Simon is yet to active on any social media platform. It seems to be a given, as the corporate world can be hectic. Especially, in comparison to his famous brother, it is safe to say that Simon has almost no social media presence.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Simon Granville Dalgliesh Cavill
    Popular Name Simon Cavill
    Birth Place Saint Helier, Jersey
    Birthday September 1979
    Age 44 years
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity English
    Father Colin Cavill
    Mother Marianne Cavill
    Siblings Henry Cavill, Charlie Cavill, Piers Cavill, and Niki Cavill
    Profession Finance
    Height 5"10
    Weight 194 lbs
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Victoria Pendlebury Cavill